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Otis in Miami: Brothers & Sisters has been blowing me away. Anything new to report? It's coming back next year, right?
And how! In fact, the cast has already starting work on the new (third) season, so they are going straight through until July without a hiatus. As for what's ahead...I've just caught word of what we'll get in the final two episodes, and I have to say, the season finale might just be the best of anything we've gotten all summer long. A lot happens. Check the spoiler section below. Oh! And also, I'm going to a Brothers & Sisters event tonight with the whole cast, so email me any questions, please: tvdiva@eonline.com.

Brendan in Maui: Is Jennie Garth signed on to 90210 yet?
Not yet. Jennie says she's heard all the same rumors about her being attached to the remake, but says nothing has moved forward so far. She also said she's keen on the idea of chillin' at the Peach Pit again: “I’ve always said that 90210 opened a lot of doors for me, and I would never turn my back on that show, so I’m open to conversations.” Converse away, CW. Converse.

Thomas in Rhode Island: Any word on the fate of Eli Stone? I might die a little if that show doesn't survive.
Inside sources at ABC say a pickup is "likely but not certain." Unless Steve McPherson loves each and every single one of this year's pilots (unlikely), it will get a season two. Fingers crossed.

Alison in Arcadia, Calif.: I’m so happy Desperate Housewives is back. Got any finale scoop?

James Denton, Desperate Housewives

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James Denton let it slip that they've already said goodbye to a few actors who shot their final scenes the other day. Said James: “Nobody’s safe unless you’re one of the big four, me included!”

Reynold in Omaha, Neb.: First off, thanks for getting back on the One Tree Hill bandwagon this season. We are happy to hear you're liking the show. Any scoop on what's coming up? Maybe something on Peyton and Lucas?
I do. But how about something far more shocking? Like, oh, I don't know...someone who's dying? Check out the spoiler section below for dish on both! 

Carrie in Pittsburgh: I thought you said the Psych producers were looking for an Academy Award winner for the part of Shawn's mom. Last I checked, Cybill Shepherd has no such brass.
You are correct. Their first pick was an Academy Award winner, but she was unavailable, having already booked a pilot. Come on, I know you psychic detectives can do the math...No? How about another tip? She's even more Amazonian than I am.

Nick in Los Angeles: I can’t believe Project Runway is moving to Lifetime! Have they started filming next season?
The Runway will stay put for one more season before moving on to Lifetime. Heidi Klum told us: “We’ve just cast all the designers, and we start filming in New York June 9." Fierce!

Jelly in Phoenix:  Did you see that Nathan Fillion was cast in a pilot, Castle?
Yes, I actually heard that early last week, and it was killing me not to tell you, but contrary to popular belief, I can keep a secret. In other Castle news, I'm hearing great things about the script (witty and quick and therefore perfect for Nathan Fillion), and they're currently casting for the twentysomething female lead, a pretty, brassy detective. I'm rooting for Lizzy Caplan, Sprague Grayden or Kiele Sanchez. Your thoughts?

Kim in Santa Barbara, Calif.: As a big Lost fan, I wanted to make sure you saw this If the World Were a Sandwich page. Basically, if the world were a squashed-flat sandwich and you pushed a toothpick through Tunisia, the pointy end would come out in the South Pacific, just east of Australia. Coincidence?
I think not! (I freaking love Lost.)

Johnny: Is Charles Widmore Ben's constant? Is that why he can't kill him?
Let's ask Michael Emerson, shall we? Said Benry himself: "Wow. That's a new notion to me. Clearly, because of what they know about each other, somehow Widmore is privy to Ben's comings and going. There's something symbiotic there. I don't know if it's physical or temporal or just...I don't know. But that's getting down to the nub of what's going on in the show. I don't know! That's a wonderful notion though." I also asked Michael how long Benjamin and Charles have been acquainted, and he told me, "I mean...sky's the limit on that question. Are they conventionally human?! You might ask. [Or] is there a quality of things being on a loop here? That's the thing that comes up to me every so often." Head. Hurts.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Marcos in Chino, Calif.: I'm ashamed to admit I can't stop watching Gossip Girl. Any scoop on Blair and Chuck?
Do not despair! The show's charms are bigger than all of us. Blair and Chuck continue to dance around each other, and things get complicated in the season finale...But not as complicated as things get for Lily! Let's just say she isn't done with Rufus, but she will also be walking down the aisle to Bart.

Fabrizio in New Orleans: More Gossip Girl! I love that show.
Serena goes on a downward spiral and Nate, Chuck and Blair team up to help her.

Nancy Jo in Owatonna, Minn.: Oooh! Juicy scoop about Eric van der Woodsen hooking up with Jenny's new boyfriend. Thanks for that, Kristin! How will Jenny take it?
Not well. And it will knock her out of the Queen B circle for the time being. 

Sasha in Charleston, Ill.: I'm in desperate need of some Heroes scoop. The wait until new episodes is killing me!
Look for a new villain named Joy. Her power is superspeed—she's lightning-fast, like the Flash. Hiro meets her in a museum. He asks her if she has powers and if she is trying to steal some art. She convinces him she's on the up-and-up...and then makes off with a bunch of paintings. She's described as a nymph-like character with the speed of a cheetah on, er, speed.

Helen in San Diego: What's up for Brothers & Sisters?! Anything juicy?
I think you'll have a hard time finding a moment that isn't juicy in the final two episodes. There's an outing, a wedding, an arrest, a kiss (big kiss), a corporate shakeup with major repercussions for the whole family and most importantly, a huge, shocking reveal that will leave at least one Walker shaking and sobbing at the end of season two. I cannot wait for you to see all this so we can discuss! It's the kind of TV that will give you chills...

Hilarie Burton, One Tree Hill

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Marie in Jackson Hole, Wyo.: OTH! Dish!
I'm hearing that one of the main characters, someone who's been on the show since the very beginning, is dying, and we'll find out who it is within the next few weeks. This person is someone who has been loved...and hated. And he or she has about six months to live. Any guesses? Comment below!

Tessa in Lihue, Hawaii: Please, Kristin! I can't stand this Peyton and Lucas drought much longer. Will he wise up and go for her?
There is a tiny glimmer of hope in upcoming episodes. Peyton will read Lucas' book.

Amber in Jacksonville, Fla.: Got any news on my fave guys from Supernatural?
I just caught a couple of sneak peeks at this week's episode, and I'm with Sam: Daddy-voice or no, Dean is sooo walking into a trap.

Lost, Episode 4: Eggtown


Magali in Columbus, Ohio: What's coming up for Sawyer in these last remaining episodes of Lost?
All I know is I'm hearing there's a supersecret Sawyer scene in the finale. I don't know anything about it, but I do suspect/believe it's the game changer that leads to the prophesized end of the time-jumpy flashes on Lost

Barry in Austin, Texas: As a fellow Keamy hater, I just wanted you to know that he survives until at least the first part of the Lost finale!
Grrr...well, in that case, I hope Michael Emerson/Ben gets his wish and is allowed to pull the trigger on that rat bastard!

Nelson in Atlanta: Any word on Lost?
I'm hearing Charlotte has a big, crazy night scene in the next episode with someone interesting.

Minnie in Appleton, Wis.: Any word on Army Wives?
I am horrified to report that Denise may be getting a love interest. They are now casting for a sexy doctor with whom Denise shares some flirty moments and an interest in motorcycles.

Tricia Helfer, Battlestar Galactica

Justin Stephens/Sci Fi Channel

Deb in San Jose, Calif.: Got any Burn Notice info?
Hearing that, in addition to the recent casting of Tricia Helfer as Carla, they're also looking to cast a pretty Latina in the vein of Mía Maestro. I suspect that Fiona is not going to be a fan of either Carla or this new girl.

Katie in Portland, Maine: What's coming up on ER?
The season 15 premiere is called "Life After Death." It's a metaphor, see, for the unexpected resurrection of the show!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, The Tudors

Jonathan Hession/Showtime

Mina in Detroit: The Tudors is getting sooo good. It's my favorite guilty pleasure on TV right now. What's coming next?
Um, let's see: rape, naked Jonathan Rhys Meyers, disemboweling the queen, witchcraft, the dissolution of the monasteries, book burning, premium-cable pornography, child murder and, at long last, the death of Katherine of Aragon, just in time for Anne Boleyn to get pregnant again as one last attempt to retain the King's affection and attention. Just another day at Hampton Court! Whee!

Justin in Tallahassee, Fla.: Grey's was so good! The show seems back on track. Anything to report?
Meredith's bear-attack brain-tumor guy will bring her back together with Derek as they work the case together.

Elie in Lincoln, Neb.: You moderated the Paley panel on Moonlight, and I'm stuck in Nebraska, so I count on you to give me the dish! Spill.
I thought the most interesting info was the writers saying that by the middle of season two, CBS willing, we would love Eric Winter's character, even though he was introduced as a third party in the Mick-Beth relationship. And he's not what he seems to be at first, but he's also not a vampire. Hmmm...

Peter in Cardiff, Wales: What's this scoop about a Dollhouse location shoot that you buried in the Lost Redux?
Oh, what? That? You guys don't care about Dollhouse, do you? Hee. Late last week, there was a two-day-long shoot at a Spanish Mission Revival-style duplex in L.A.'s Miracle Mile area—mostly night shots, I believe—and if I had to bet money, I'd say it was serving as Paul's (Tahmoh Penikett) apartment, where Echo and Paul have their meet-cute/meet-complicated and their very first fight scene. Awww...

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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