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Grey’s, Lost and Ugly Betty all come back tonight. And I don’t know about you, but after so many months of lackluster, strike-riddled TV, the prospect of this much goodness on the small screen is...comforting.

Anyhoo, since Grey’s is making its triumphant return and since we have missed our friends at Seattle Grace so dearly, I thought it’d be fun to share a sneak peek of tonight’s episode with the clips below.

Also, on the off chance you find it interesting, here’s a rundown of what I’ve heard from sources about what lies ahead, which you may or may not have heard. I’ll have more to share with you after you see tonight’s ep in the coming weeks. (Some stuff is a little too early to tell.)

Click in to find out what I'm hearing...

• Someone gets pregnant before the end of the season. (My money’s on Rebecca/Ava/Jane Doe, but I have no confirmation. Guesses?)

• Meredith will start going to a therapist (Amy Madigan) to work out her issues. A source says, “Not much happens there during her first three sessions, but it will.” And if you’ve seen the cover of this week’s TV Guide, you can guess where that leads to...Mer-Der! Drama-free! Woot! Woot!

• There are no real developments with Izzie and George. The writers seem to have abandoned that storyline, at least as far as any romance is concerned.

Katherine Heigl is sticking around...She signed off on an extra (seventh) year when she received a pay raise, and according to inside sources, ABC isn’t letting her out of her contract. I’m told Katherine’s been working about three days a week out of six on the series.

• Rose confesses to Lexie that she loves Derek.

• Rose has a big part in the next few episodes but is phased out by the end of the season.

• Ava/Rebecca is sticking around through the end of the season, and she'll have much to do with Alex—and a “surprise” for him. (See theory above!)

• Six weeks will have passed when you see your Seattle Grace friends tonight.

Welcome back Grey's Anatomy!

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