It’s President’s Day, tuberinos, and though there will be no spoiler chat today, we do have a fabulous installment of the Watch with Kristin Show all ready for you.

This week, we’re checkin’ in with Lost’s Matthew Fox, Terminator’s Summer Glau, Supernatural boss Eric Kripke and—wait for it, One Tree Hill fans—the one and only James Lafferty!

Yes, Nathan Scott stopped by to spend some quality in-studio time with me. Click on the video above to eavesdrop on our chitchat about little Jamie, nanny Carrie and you, the loyal OTH viewers.

And speaking of OTH, a bit of extra scoopity scoop for you: I’m hearing that come April, the residents of Tree Hill will be moving to Mondays at 9, leading out of all-new episodes of Gossip Girl!

Good news, no? Vote in the poll below...

One Tree Hill Moving to Mondays?
Relocating OTH to Mondays at 9, after Gossip Girl is...
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