WGA Strike Signs

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The blows just keep coming. 

Yesterday, the news broke that four TV studios (the biggies) have axed deals with producers and writers on their payroll, citing the WGA strike as the reason.

This came on the heels of the news on Friday that ABC Studios made a similar move.  

And you TV fans are officially freaking the frak out. “Does this mean the TV season is over? Is there any hope of getting new eps of Heroes or Grey's or Pushing Daisies this season?” writes Terrence in Nebraska. “Please help!” 

Since so many of you are so worried about the fate of your favorite shows (and I am right there with you), I checked in with one of the show runners most deeply affected by the strike—Mr. Bryan Fuller of this season’s beloved breakout hit Pushing Daisies—to get his take on the likelihood of more episodes this season.

Bryan Fuller


“I don't think the TV season as we know it is over just yet,” he tells me. “If the strike is resolved in the next three weeks, there is a slim chance that shows could come back and produce four or five additional episodes to wrap up their seasons. Any less than that, and networks will scuttle. But that's if the strike is resolved quickly. If it isn't resolved by mid-February, then, yes, that's pretty much it for the 2007-08 season.” 

And, yes, I will be upping my Xanax and learning to read. Still, Fuller says he’s trying to remain cautiously optimistic.

“I have a little hope that between the DGA negotiations and the desire to save the Oscar telecast, we may have a chance. I'm not giving up hope for a few more weeks! Or until I'm told it's done.” 

So, take a moment to say a prayer—on behalf of Pushing Daisies and 30 Rock and Lost and all the other shows we hold so dear—that the studios will do the right thing and go back to the table. Before it’s too late.

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