Josh Holloway (Lost), Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies), Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy)


Hey, tuberinos! Christmas is coming early this season, because Lost's months-long radio silence appears to be lifting, and I got my hands on some deets on the upcoming season, which sounds incredible, by the way, and premieres in February. So yes, there will be something to watch in the new year—yay! First, though, let's tackle your nonspoilery Q's...

Deanna in Dexter, Michigan: Do you have any So You Think You Can Dance scoop?
This just in! Sources tell me the SYTYCD crew begins their cross-country travels to audition prospective contestants in January. As of right now, I know that they're for sure hitting Charleston, D.C., Milwaukee, L.A., Vegas and Dallas. So, if you're a dancer, start dusting off those ballroom and hip-hop shoes!

Dexter, Michael C. Hall

Christian Weber/Showtime

Trixie in Newport Beach: Please! Any scoop on the Dexter finale?
Just that you must watch this Sunday, because it's honestly the best thing on TV all freaking season long—trust me. Also, Erik King, aka Sgt. Doakes, will be in this very hizzy this week (yeees!), so if you have questions for him, please email them to me: Oh, and if you haven't been watching Dexter on Showtime, fear not! It's coming soon to CBS (edited but still über-good, I'm sure.)

Tala in Darnestown, Maryland: I'm hearing so many rumors! Was that the series finale of Weeds?
Not even close! Showtime has already picked up Weeds for a fourth season, and Indigo Nichols (Vaneeta) tells us that even though Agrestic/Majestic seems to have been burned all up, the show will go on. According to Indigo at the 5th Annual Young Hollywood Party, "Some fans watched it and saw it as closing things off, but a lot of other fans saw it as opening up doors for anything else possibly. So, I met with one of the writers the other day, and he couldn't give me too much information, and I promised I wouldn't tell, but there will be some movement." To another city like, oh, Shane's beloved Pittsburgh? "He didn't say Pittsburgh. Still in Cali, but outside of Agrestic." Hmmm...Laguna Beach? The Hills? (If anyone could whip those Hills girls into shape, it'd be Nancy Botwin, no?)

Yessie in Rhode Island: That Rose and McDreamy kiss took me by surprise, even though I sorta knew it was coming! Is she sticking around on Grey's? I think I want her to. But I'm not sure.

Grey's Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey

ABC/Vivian Zink

Well, then you and the Grey's producers have something in common. Thanks to the writers' strike, the fate of Rose (Lauren Stamile) has not been set in stone, but I'm hearing the producers do dig her, and chances are very good that she sticks around for a good long while whenever the show returns.

Bertie in San Francisco: OMG...I couldn't believe Dell kissed Naomi! Will we see things heating up between her and Dell, or will she rekindle her romance with Sam?
They're plumb out of Private Practice scripts, so it's totally up in the air, but seriously, that Dell-Naomi thing was totally OMG. And how lucky is Audra McDonald, getting to make out with Chris Lowell and Taye Diggs? Somewhere, Merrin Dungey is crying.

Kate in White Plains, New York: I heard the AMPTP offered the Writers Guild a new proposal last week. Do you know why the writers weren't happy with it?
Well, as studio head Roger A. Trivanti (who looks an awful lot like SNL's Fred Armisen) explains, it's all a big mystery. Watch as the poor executive works tirelessly in these trying times.

Kara in San Diego: I can't believe the writers' strike is still going strong. Is there anything we can do to support the crews of our favorite shows? Those guys don't make a lot of money and are affected the most!
You know how the cast of SNL put on a live show a couple weeks back to benefit their out-of-work crew? Well, Kat Foster from 'Til Death and Nick Kroll from Cavemen are following suit with a comedic variety performance they're calling The Strike Show at L.A.'s Steve Allen Theater on Wed., Dec. 12 and Fri., Dec. 14. Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane, The Office's Ed Helms, Bones' Emily Deschanel, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Glenn Howerton and Ugly Betty's Ana Ortiz are also participating, and I just know it's going to be hilarious. So, if you're in the area, be sure to purchase tickets via or by calling (800) 595-4849.


Paramount Pictures

Elijah in Pensacola, Florida: Do you know anything about the movie Cloverfield? It's produced by JJ Abrams and written by Lost writer Drew Goddard, so I was thinking you might know somebody who knows something?
Well, I can tell you that Carpoolers star T.J. Miller (Marmaduke!) is in it for three whole minutes. So, does that amount of screentime mean he gets munched by the mysterious monster? According to T.J. at a recent Junior Hollywood Radio and Television Society event, "I may or may not get eaten by the end of it. Then again, I may eat something. That actually happens for sure...I will tell you there's not a lot to say, we are not doing a lot of press, you've got to see it to believe it. I just saw a screening. It is an intense ride, and I have some fairly funny jokey jokes in it." I'm so there!

Carley in Fort Worth, Texas: Have you heard anything about if/when Sci Fi's Tin Man might be out on DVD? Thanks!
According to a page buried deep in the Amazon, Tin Man's out on DVD Mar. 11.

Girard in Warren, Rhode Island: You wrote: "Did you know Sarah Shahi is (a) a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and (b) the descendant of a 19th-century Persian ruler?" Well, you're forgetting one of the most important factoids about this actress. She played Jenny, Will's newspaper assistant, on season one of Alias!
Holy cow, you're right! How cool. Meanwhile, according to Sarah, she's loving Life, but any romantic future between Crews and Reese is a looong way off (a good thing, yes?), in part because "Dani has some maturing to do. I feel like that process is just beginning, and her being partnered with Charlie is a good thing. I think in the end she might eventually learn something from him, but I think for right now she just kind of wants to be in the moment."

Melinda in Bloomfield, Michigan: Do you know if the Laguna Beach spinoff, Newport Harbor, is ever coming back?
MTV has not announced the premiere date for a full second season, but I'm hearing they've got the green light. In fact, they're debuting Newport Harbor: Home for the Holidays this Wednesday at 10:30 p.m., and will air three additional new episodes in the coming weeks. We're gonna find out whether or not Chrissy and Clay are still together, now that she's a college freshman. As for Chase, word is he's dating one of Chrissy's sorority sisters! Sorry, Taylor.

Kevin McKidd, Journeyman

NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

Amy in Novato, California: Please help with Journeyman. The Save Journeyman site is doing a campaign to send Rice-A-Roni to NBC to hopefully stop them from canceling the show. Can you help us spread the word? Thanks! You are awesome!
No, you are awesome for helping keep Kevin McKidd on my TV.

C.G. in Arizona: Can I just say that I love Tina Fey? These past episodes of 30 Rock have made me giddy with joy. She is just...brilliant! I just needed to express this with someone who understands...I guess? Tina Fey makes me love life. (Okay...maybe it's smaller than that, but still!) Much love from someone who's way too into TV.
There is no guessing about it: We absolutely get the Tina Fey love. Tina Fey is pretty much the person Korbi, Jen and I all want to be when we grow up. We'll never achieve it, but by God, it's good to have goals.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Thomas in Idaho: The last two episodes of Grey's were fantastic. I think I'm liking this show again! Is the rest of the season any good?
I've actually heard the next episode (the last of this season if the strike doesn't go away) is the best one yet. It is Bailey-centric, and Chandra Wilson narrates it, all because something awful happens to someone she loves very much. Prepare to cry and howl. And yes, it is related to her home life and that marital ickiness that has been rearing its ugly head of late.

Justin in Malibu: I'm dying, dying, dying over your Pushing Daisies scoop from your last show! Chuck's father might be alive?! What about her mother? What can you tell me? That show is so good, it's just amazing.
Watch the Vine show if you haven't yet, and then let the guessing begin in the Comments section below: Could Chuck's mother be alive? Whom could she be? All I know is that this is certainly not the end of Ned and Chuck, but the rest of the season is about as bumpy as my skin was when I was 13. (Translation: Not pretty.) There's lots o' drama coming their way! And yes, the parental stuff is most certainly the biggest root of it.


Brothers and Sisters: Emily VanCamp


Allison in Bettendorf, Iowa: Who was that guy talking to Holly at the end of Brothers & Sisters?
That's movie director Mr. David Caplan (played by Patricia Wettig's real-life hubby Ken Olin), and he and Holly worked and played together, on and off, throughout the '80s. Feel free to do the math—Rebecca will certainly be doing a few back-of-the-envelope calculations about her birthday...

Anne in Auckland, New Zealand: This Lost hiatus is killing me! Got anything on Sawyer?
In the beginning of season four, Sawyer is...on Team Locke! I can tell you that there are two teams and that the other leader won't surprise you...but Kate's allegiance will. Got guesses on the two teams and the second leader? (His name may rhyme with "frak"...) Comment below! Oh and P.S. As far as I know, Jin and Sun aren't playing for either team. Suspicious? You bet!


Lost - Best Show of Skin

ABC/Mario Perez

Lyly in Tours, France: Can you tell me if you have something about Lost for the new season, please? Especially about Sawyer and Kate...
All I can say about Sawyer and Kate is this: "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was." I know it's cheesy, but I'm cheesy, dammit, and I believe that's what's going on with S&K this season... 

Sofia in Mexico: Any news from Lost?
You know how in that episode of Dexter, when Doakes cornered Dex, Dex head-butted him and informed him he'd always be one step ahead? Well, that's pretty much how Ben is with the rest of us. In season four, it seems like Ben still has everybody's number—including those on an incoming vessel. Boo-yah. I'm also hearing the show is currently casting fluent Franco-Tunisian voice actors for what must be episode seven or eight. Another hatchsicle? Oui ou non?

Mackenzie in Kettering, Ohio: Friday Night Lights!
The epic battle between the Light (Tim Riggins) and the Dark (Terrifying, Creepy, Meth-Lab-Running Ferret Man) is far from over. They've barely scratched the surface of that storyline. Also, good news: Look for an important supporting role played by, wait for it, big brudder Billy Riggins. Woo-hoo! Can't wait.
Friday Night Lights

Dan Hendler/NBC

Annie in Bend, Oregon: Can Tim Riggins move in with me? Please? Because he won't just have to sleep in my garage...
Hey, now! I have a feeling you may have to stand in line...While it might be a while before we see how this all plays out, my sources tell me Tim doesn't stay at the Taylors' for too long. Somebody else whose name rhymes with Schmulie just might have the same idea as you, and Coach Taylor won't be having that under his roof. 

Gianna in Louisville, Kentucky: I need to know, is Scrubs kicking Bob Kelso off the show or not?!
Kelso is, indeed, saying his Sacred Heart goodbyes early in the New Year, and therefore, will not be around for an episode or two. But I'm hearing we'll see him again after that, provided the strike ends before February, and the writers can pen the later eps. If not, Kelso's return may only be available on DVD. Word is Scrubs EP Bill Lawrence has promised the cast and crew that even if the strike marches on into the spring, they will film the final episodes, even if NBC doesn't air them.

Katie in Summit, New Jersey: How is Greek going to be affected by the strike? It's such a great show, and I can't wait to see what happens next!
They have eight episodes ready for air in '08, and according to Clark Duke (a cool nerd on the scale of Masi Oka) at the Junior Hollywood benefit for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's, "This season the parents come. And Dale, my character, sort of opens up a bit." Does that mean he's getting some action? "Here or on the show? I figure it will be easier than on the show." Love him.

Red in Midland, Michigan: Whatever happened to Sam's kid on ER? Are we ever going to see him again?
According to Linda Cardellini, over the next few eps, "We hear about him in dialogue, but we haven't seen his face yet." 

Sarah in Providence, Rhode Island: Anything on Notes from the Underbelly? That show's getting funnier and funnier.
According to Peter Cambor (Andrew), the gender of the baby remains a secret. But he says, "It's definitely not twins. I can tell you that much." Look for 15 episodes total of Underbelly; as they had 5 in the can from last season, and they were able to finish 10 episodes before the strike rolled into town.

Bones: David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel

Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

Brennan in Woonieville, Somewhere: So, I need Bones scoop! My absolute fave show!
Hey, I don't think Woonieville, Somewhere, is a real place...But since you have such an awesome name, I'll answer you. If I had to guess, I'd say that cliffhanger at the end of episode 12 is going to be more difficult emotionally for Brennan than for Booth. Someone's suffering physically as well...Anyone have it figured out?

Kristen in Orlando, Florida: Criminal Intent!
So good, right? Now, a warning: The victim point-of-view teaser for Thursday night's fall finale is cinematic and beautiful at first, and then becomes truly painful television, not because of the production values, but because of the utterly devastating story. If you're sensitive, fast-forward to act one, and one of the most gripping and truly intriguing L&Os since Cynthia Nixon's turn on SVU as a murder suspect. The fall finale is a great ep, and Chris Noth, in particular, turns in an outstanding performance.

Jenna from San Diego: All I want for Christmas is Sam and Dean under my tree. Can I at least have some Supernatural scoop to tide me over until then?
Sure, Virginia! Make way for Scoopy Claus. In "A Very Supernatural Christmas," Sam and Dean try to figure out what has been causing people to be kidnapped through their chimneys. Dean is also determined to have one final Christmas celebration, and we get flashbacks of how Sam and Dean used to spend their Christmastime. We learn who gave Dean his amulet, and for whom it was originally intended. Also, there is a hysterical scene in the next episode involving a "Santa," a huge bong and holiday-themed porn, which is possibly one of the most hilarious moments of the series so far. But there is also some decidedly unfunny torture that goes down in the same ep, which is not for the squeamish. And yes, the victim is one of the bros.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Korbi Ghosh and Marisa Roffman
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