Desperate Housewives

ABC/Danny Feld

Ask and ye shall receive.

Don't you love it when that happens?

Well, I've received so many questions in the past three days about Desperate Housewives' insane tornado episode that aired on Sunday, I've done a little digging to get some scoop for ya.

Not only was it hands down the best DH episode of the season (I think I'm back in), but it left us all screaming at our televisions: Whose house is gone?! Who is dead?! Let me try and answer...

The episode ended with Lynette (Felicity Huffman) and Mrs. McCluskey, who had been hiding in a neighbor's house during the storm, walking outside to see a destroyed house and a wide shot of Wisteria Lane completely in shambles. (Here's hoping these folks have good insurance like Nancy Botwin over on Weeds!)

There was much debate as to whether the leveled house was the Scavos' or Mrs. McCluskey's, where an elderly neighbor, Ida, was hiding out in the basement (and which would mean Lynette's husband, Tom, and the kiddies might be in jeopardy).

Bottom line: ABC wants to keep you guessing. Sources tell me Marc Cherry & Co. have already shot the next episode, but they are holding it until after the strike ends to keep fans guessing and make sure they return to the show when it's back on the airwaves.

In the meantime—spoiler alert!—here's what I can tell you after talking to reliable insiders close to Wisteria Line: Three people die in the tornado.

Now, it would seem two of those deaths (Sylvia and Victor) were already shown on the last episode, so that would leave only one more death. Which should mean—phew!—Tom and the kids should be safe and the house we saw was not the Scavos'. (In fact, I'd put good money on the kids and Tom returning!)

But the question remains, who will be the third death? Is it Ida? Someone bigger? Someone smaller (if it's just the cat, I'll scream)...Got guesses? Post 'em below!

Sadly, we have plenty of time to figure this one out...How about an end to that writers' strike now, please?!

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