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Hey tubers! And welcome to a very special chat, in which it will take everything within me not to tell you what happens in the last two episodes of Dexter. I watched the final two eps of the season last night and just about freaking died. They are so good, this is one of those rare cases where honestly, you do not want to be'!! Gaaaaaaah! We'll see what happens.

Josh in Fairfield, Ohio: Dexter has been nothing short of amazing and has now become my most anticipated show of the week. Any news to hold me over?
It's a little-known fact, but Dexter Morgan's middle name is actually Nail-Biting Suspense. The final two episodes will have you throwing yourself off the couch every five minutes as you freak out about what's going to happen next. Must...resist...spoilers...Let's just say the only predictable storyline is Deb and Lundy. Everything else? Crazy and crazy-good.

Peter Berg

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Andra from Ojai, California: Oh my god! I just became obsessed with Friday Night Lights! Did I sense some tension between Tami and Coach last Friday?
Mild spoiler alert: Sources tell me Tami Taylor is getting a love interest. Horrifying, I know. Oh, and guess who's playing him? FNL's executive producer (and former evil lover of Sydney Bristow) Peter Berg. You wanna gouge his eyes out or shall I? I mean, he helped create one of the best shows on television, but hands off Tami, you creep! The Taylors need to stay together!

Jacqueline in Atlanta: Thanks for the great news that Sarah Michelle Gellar might be coming back to TV! Any update?
I'm hearing some buzz that she might be considering doing a new Darren Star project. SJP and now SMG? Yes, please!

Susy in Portland, Oregon: I got a panicked call from my daughter's boyfriend today saying the geek blogs are full of stories that Battlestar Galactica has been canceled. Any truth to it?

That rumor puts the BS in BSG. In fact, Sci Fi Channel programming chief Mark Stern just told me they are planning to launch season four at the end of March '08. Yay!

Orson in Indian Wells, California: What can you tell me about the deaths in tonight's Heroes finale?
(Check below.) Also, I can tell you we'll have one "Dead Man Talking" right here in this section after tonight's episode airs. I caught up with him or her—oh, what the hey, it's a him—over the weekend to ask the all-important question: Are you dead for good? I can tell you (mild spoiler alert) my hunch is that two of the deaths from tonight's episode will not stick, but that the third is the end of a certain series regular who has been a part of the series since day one. So, check back!

Erin in San Marino, California: This season of The Hills seems to have been on foreeever! Not that I'm complaining. Will they keep running new eps because of the writers' strike?
Ha! Nice thought, but no such luck, my friend. The Hills season-three finale airs next Monday, so we've only got two new eps to look forward to. What's going down? Well, I'm hearing the season ender finds Lauren trying to figure out what's really up with her and Brody, while Whitney gets a job offer in Paris and Heidi and Spencer continue to fight over their wedding. P.S.: Heidi could be moving out of their shared abode. She was filmed this past Saturday packing up her convertible out front and driving away, no Spencer in sight. Trouble in paradise? Or prewedding restraint? Either way: scandal!

Kate in Cape Coral, Florida: Hills scoop! I'm dying!
I'm told that during the season finale after-show next week, Lauren and Audrina are making a major Hills announcement, so don't forget to stay awake for that. And just in case you need more, the previous night L.C. narrates a two-hour retrospective of her love life, from Stephen Colletti in Laguna to Jason and Brody in L.A. By the way, if you want to spend an evening hanging with L.C. in the flesh, she's currently up for auction, so have at her! 

Anonymous in Los Angeles: You're most likely right about Journeyman not coming back. My friend works on the show, and she says that while they don't know anything for sure yet, it's not looking good, since their episode scheduled for next Monday has been pulled to air an episode of Life. No one on the production side thinks they'll be back after the hiatus.
So sad! I really heart Kevin McKidd. I know: Rome reunion!

in Sacramento, California: Anything on Smallville?
Only that Lex Luthor wants your phone number. The Smallville show runners are offering you a phone call from Michael Rosenbaum himself if you participate in the Pencils to Moguls program in the name of Smallville. You can also get your hands on Jamie Bamber's towel (try not to embarrass yourselves, kids) thanks to the BSG peeps and/or get goodies from the creators of Lost (Matthew Fox wrapped in a bow!), Army Wives and Eureka.

Jeannine in North Hollywood, California: Please give us some Life scoop! This show completely surprised me right out of the gate—what a gem!
If you like Life, you know should know (as mentioned above) that it airs at a special time tonight at 10 (after Heroes), and then returns with a second new ep in its regular time slot this Wednesday (also at 10). These two eps (especially Wednesday's) are full of conspiracy answers, so be sure to tune in!  

Sarah in Port Richey, Florida: You've mentioned a couple of times that Life is one of your favorite new shows of the season. Well, it's one of mine, too—and not just because Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi are so fun to look at!. Any scoop?
Aren't they delish? Did you know Sarah Shahi is (a) a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and (b) the descendant of a 19th-century Persian ruler? Meanwhile, Damian (swoon) recently told us this about the good Detective Crews: "Life is a question of day to day for him, the small pieces of happiness that he can get, I think he savors. And he savors them like a piece of fruit, more than the average person, who might have become complacent or smug about their lives. Charlie Crews is not complacent or smug. He's living every moment intensely."


Lara in Machias, Maine: Anything on ER?
Kari Matchett tells me of her incoming character, "I'm playing a doctor who goes into a variety of hospitals and works until she makes enough money to go surfing, and then she moves on to the next fantastic place. But then it's ER, so a couple of twists and turns happen—romantic and in the workplace." Expect her to appear in about four eps...

mizzouflygirl in Kansas City, Missouri: Any new developments on the writers' strike? I totally support them, but to the powers that be: Please give the writers what they deserve and let's move on, before we are all forced to endure Dancing While Surviving Rehab with Big Brother Watching.
It's funny because it's true. Anyway, here's the deal: The writers and the producers are still in negotiations, which can only be a good thing. Initial bloggery declared it "a done deal," but after talks ended on this past Thursday with no progress, it seemed like things might be going south again. However, we got our hands on an email from a major show runner/TV movie writer who says the initial it's-already-over reports were leaks from the studio side designed to soften up the writers, but added, "We're still in good shape to make a fair deal." So, cross your fingers. Because if it's not finished by this Friday or next, we're pretty much all...screwed. Meaning, it's unlikely we'll get more TV produced this season of our favorite shows, and pilot season also is in danger...and I'll be crying myself to sleep.

Emma in New Canaan, Connecticut: Okay, what the hell am I supposed to watch if this strike continues?
Early in January, we'll give you the full rundown on the new and continuing shows you can expected for midseason, but for now, we're hearing particularly good things about the new USA series In Plain Sight, starring Mary McCormack as a federal marshal. 

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Jen in Jefferson City, Missouri: Wasn't Grey's supposed to be a new ep last week? What happened?
It's called rationing, my dear. The TV drought, it's a-comin'! There are only two episodes left of Grey's, and ABC decided to air the last one in '08, so we got a rerun last week. This week is called "Crash into Me," and we get to see what happens to all the characters whose lives were left hanging in the balance. As I mentioned, there's a kiss coming, thanks to Nurse Rose saving the day. And as for Seth Green's character and Lexie, well, let's just say the whole thing smacks of Meredith and bomb-squad guy (aka Coach Taylor)…not to mention Denny and Izzie, and there are so rarely happy endings on this show! 

Trudy in Manhattan: I want Alex with Lexie! Any hope?
Really? I thought you were all pulling for Alex and Ava? She's sticking around, at least for a while. But then again, Lexie (Chyler Leigh) is a series regular…and pretty adorable, no? Who do you want Alex to be with? Comment below!

Trudy in Kansas City: Please tell me Dexter and Rita end up together. I can't stand that Lila trollop!
Gaaah! Stop asking me! I'm too weak! Let me just say that as far as Lila goes, you ain't seen nothin' yet! The evil of the "pale titty vampire" knows no bounds, and as you saw last night, Batista is her next prey. 

Francisco in New Orleans: Are there any main characters from this season who won't be back on Dexter next year?
I must. I can't. I shouldn't...but...I count three main characters MIA by season's end—by death, dismemberment or relocation. 

Jeff in Orange County, California: Okay, I'm calling it now...At the end of the season, everyone is gonna think Lila is the Bay Harbor Butcher.
Don’t make me say it. Okay...No.

Kristen Bell, Heroes

Chris Haston/NBC

Ruth in Kentucky: Anything big happening tonight on Heroes?
Aside from the three deaths, we finally see Kristen Bell and Zachary Quinto together onscreen (in case you haven't heard, there is quite the fan faction for these two), and sparks fly! Also, this episode is something of a coming-out episode...All the Heroes suddenly seem to want to tell the world about what they can do, and what the Company has done, and obviously, that would be a big game-changer for the series.

Vicki from New York City: Is it just me, or does Private Practice actually seem to be improving? Paul Adelstein is turning out to be the best character, but they totally seem to be ignoring Chris Lowell.
I know! That was a nice curveball at the end of the last episode, with Cooper hooking up with the good Dr. Charlotte King rather than the predictable pairing with Violet. (Major fun-in-dysfunction action coming up between Charlotte and Cooper, by the way.) Also, it seems like big things are coming up for Chris Lowell's Dell. The last episode filmed before the strike is titled "In Which Dell Finds His Fight," and it's all about our favorite male midwife. Does this mean we get to see Chris Lowell naked again?

Jessica from Lyon, France: Where was Jason Street in last week's episode of Friday Night Lights? Anything exciting coming up for him and Lyla?
Jason looks for romance via the Webs. While he might not hit it off on the first try, he quite possibly could meet a very special person along the way. (Which should leave Lyla open for Tim and/or Jesus Christ. Woot!)

MickyKat in Alvin, Texas: I don't get it. Which friend died on Desperate Housewives last night? Mary Alice said all the ladies would lose a friend. Did I miss something?
Nope. It hasn't been made clear just yet. But all signs point to their feline-loving friend Ida Greenberg.

Magali in Toulouse, France: Last week you talked about the end of episode 12 of Bones...You've been worrying us! What else can you tell us that is going to happen? Is it about Gormogon? The Gravedigger? Is Sully back? Please tell us more! Lots of love from French Bones fans!
I'm sworn to secrecy, but I can tell you it's a surprise of the bad kind. Sniffle. 

Carole in Woonsocket, Rhode Island: When does Dirt come back, and what's happening this season?
Dirt returns in January and picks up where it left off, with Lucy surveying the damage her tabloid reign has done. And as you know, not even Ms. Spiller is immune to the insanity. She certainly suffers a bit this season, and experiences loss. I'm hearing her mother passes away.

Casey in Buffalo, New York: I loved the first night of Tin Man! Can you dish on what's coming up next?
Okay, let's play the name game. (1) Ahamo, an important person on DG's journey, is Omaha backward, (2) Toto is a nickname, (3) Azkadellia is just the witch's stage name, and (4) the Gray Gale is not a place, it's a person. Oh, and you should know: Someone's best friend bites it in the next installment...

Cari in Elgin, Texas: I just noticed there is no new episode of How I Met Your Mother tonight. Does that mean we've seen our last ep till after the strike ends?
Actually, no. The last prestrike episode of Mother airs next Monday. I got a sneak peek at it, and it looks like Marshall and Lily are making friends with the neighbors, while Robin's dating her coworker at the news station.

Mil in Beaufort, South Carolina: Brothers & Sisters was so good last night! But I'm worried about the senator. Will the truth about his military heroism come out and ruin his campaign?
I'm hearing the details of that particular mission become public knowledge in the next new episode, which airs in January. And yes, the campaign takes a hit, much to Kitty's dismay.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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