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We hit the "Evening with Dexter" event last night, which was hosted by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences at their Leonard H. Goldenson Theater in North Hollywood, California, to see the cast and crew chat about the show and take in a preview screening of "That Night, a Forest Grew," the next episode (which includes a scene between Dexter and Doakes that will make you jump out of your seat shouting, "Holy s--t!"), but we unexpectedly came away with some excellent news!

When the panel moderator, Us Weekly critic and friend of WWK John Griffiths, asked the assembled actors and producers about the likelihood of a pickup for season three, they immediately turned to the crowd and punted the question to one particularly influential audience member: Showtime president Robert Greenblatt. Greenblatt, bless him, immediately shouted his response with absolutely no hesitation and lots of enthusiasm: "Yes!" Woo-hoo!

Other tidbits:

  • Michael C. Hall believes Dexter's greatest strength is "his incredible capacity for stress management." Ha!
  • When the writers created the character of Frank Lundy, they knew only that they wanted him to hook up with...well, you'll see. It wasn't until Keith Carradine was cast that Lundy's studied cool became the character's hallmark. They even rewrote scenes from episodes one and two to accommodate the character refinements.
  • Jennifer Carpenter thinks she's as tough as Deb, and we totally agree. Meanwhile, Erik King doesn't think Doakes can ever be counted out...Stay tuned.
  • The writers have a very yin and yang vision of Deb and Dexter: She is all emotion, he is no emotion.
  • Last but not least, despite the huge response the show has received from the horror-fan crowd, Dexter's brother ain't ever comin' back, not as a vampire or a zombie or nothin'...unless, said Michael C. Hall, it comes to "Season 14: The Return of Rudy."

We'll see you all there! In the meantime, check back for Monday's chat for more Dextery goodness!

Dexter Painting


—Reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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