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Hey, TV loverboys and lovergirls! I'm so glad to be back here on the West Side and have much to spill, being it is TV finale week and all. So, let's tackle your Q's!

Gansiger in Dallas: Is Isaiah Washington leaving Grey's Anatomy?
I've now heard from various reliable sources that Isaiah has been taking meetings in New York and Los Angeles in search of a new job that would take place during the coming TV season, so it certainly appears that Isaiah's Grey's days are over. Insiders at ABC tell me "not everyone will be coming back" to Grey's this fall, and although T.R. Knight's fate was also left hanging in the balance after the season finale, I'm hearing he's gonna be back (gotta wrap up that love triangle, not to mention his betrothed is the new chief resident!) but like I said, Isaiah looks to be a goner. (Kinda makes that scene of Cristina ripping the shackle off her neck while sobbing "I'm free" and the Chief's lecture to Burke that he's "disappointed" in him this year all the more poignant, no?)

Bonnie in Seattle: I don't know if you've had a chance to watch the Grey's Anatomy finale yet, but it was so depressing and illogical that I'm not watching anymore, I'm done. Shonda promised things in her blogs, podcasts and interviews that never came to fruition.
I was DVRless in NYC and could not wait to get home because (a) Grey’s was waiting for me and (b) so was my b-f (yes, my priorities are straight!), and I have to admit, I, too, was disappointed. Mer-Der drama = nonsensical. Burke-Tina shenanigans = weird. Even the Gizzie scenes made me cringe, and I love those two! Still, I am keeping the faith Grey’s turns it around next season. Chyler Leigh as Mer’s sis could be good, no?...Yes?...What do you think? Post your comment below!

Dee in San Diego: Is Shane West off of ER?
Yep. Inside sources tell me the producers wanted to "clean house" a bit—which apparently is a euphemism for "chop his character's legs off at the knee"—so Shane's no longer a series regular, although he may return for guest spots. Shane shot a pilot called Supreme Courtships, a comedy for Fox, but sadly, it was not picked up.

Brandon in Omaha: I cannot wait for the Lost finale!
I cannot wait to show you the Lost finale exclusive we scored! As I’ve been mentioning for a while now, the finale is nuts—there is at least one death and also that big “game changer”—and... big news! On Wednesday night, after the finale airs on the West Coast, right in this very spot, I will have an exclusive, sit-down, on-camera interview with the deceased Lostie (get ready to weep), plus, a Q&A with show runner Damon Lindelof to try and get to the bottom of what it all means. Make sure you check back Wednesday night or first thing Thursday morning.

Russell in Lake Wales, Florida: You are a trooper! Granted I hate that the advertising director for the company I work with gets to go the upfronts and I don't ! (She is sooo not a TV person.) I really am so grateful with the constant and timely updates you gave us while you were there! So, did you accept a limo ride from a certain Mr. Daly?
I'll have you know this good little bride-to-be continued her walk down 62nd Street solo, thank you very much, but not before making a total ass of myself in what I like to call an "I carried a watermelon" moment (Dirty Dancing), and blathering on to him about his chemistry with Kate Walsh. As for our upfront coverage, thank you! It was a fun (hellish) and exciting (bizarro) week and, in case you missed it, here's a quick upfront rundown:

  • Morning Alerts: pickups, cancellations, schedules and other news of the TV world for ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC
  • Berry Blasts: my CrackBerry-powered liveblogs from inside the presentations for ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC
  • Upfrontery Video Clips: CBS, CW, Fox, NBC, no ABC red carpet so no ABC clip—sorry! 
  • Our First-Ever Photoblog!

By the by, I know many of you have lingering upfront-related Q's, so I'm taking a page from our question-answering sister in scoop, the Answer B!tch (plagiarism is fun, whee!) and zapping all your post-upfront questions at once! Here goes:

  • Kelley in Dallas: Is What About Brian on ABC really over? Yes. Barry Watson and Sarah Lancaster already have bona fide new TV projects. Sorry!
  • Teri in Chicago: I just heard a rumor that Jericho is not coming back! They left us right in the middle of battle! They can't do that to us—can they? They can. (Bastards.) If you want to express your support for the show, you can participate in the Nuts campaign, check out or sign the Save Jericho on CBS petition.
  • Gabrielle in Vancouver: You mentioned One Tree Hill will live on next season, but I don't see it in the CW's fall schedule. What's the real scoop? It returns in spring with the much discussed leap-four-years-ahead storyline.
  • Amanda in Fort Collins, Colorado: Do you know if ABC is bringing back Men in Trees? I loved that show. It's back in the fall in its original Friday, 8 p.m. slot, with a supersize amount of episodes. (Next fall you'll get the usual number of episodes, plus all the ones from this season that they bumped to showcase new series like October Road instead.) Side note: I watched Anne Heche and her TV and real-life squeeze being cute and cuddly together at the EW party and their chemistry is still on fi-yah! (Oops, sorry. That answer wasn't lightning-y.)
  • Elliot in Manchester, New Hampshire: Is October Road coming back? Yes.
  • Lauren in New York: When is Studio 60 back and for how long? NBC begins airing the final six episodes this Thurs., May 24, at 10 p.m. And that's all Matt Albee wrote. Sorry…
  • Julie in Charleston, South Carolina: I haven't seen anything on renewal or cancellation of Crossing Jordan. It's been canceled. NBC peacock-in-chief Jeff Zucker told me it was time to "refresh the schedule." (Upside: Jerry O'Connell's new ABC show Carpoolers looks funny.)
  • Adam Cuoto: Any Christine news? Picked up for next year, with a midseason premiere.
  • Kelly in Rock Island, Illinois: The Class on CBS was comical and the chemistry between the characters was great. Will it be back on the air? Sadly, no.
  • Isabelle in Portugal: Will sending you scores of emails with giant handmade "Save Gilmore Girls" graphics attached help me save my favorite show? (See previous answer.)
  • Yolanda in the Bronx, New York: Can you ask Wentworth Miller to marry me? Yes, just sign this "I Wish 4 Wentworth" list right here...I believe there's a slot for you on line 23,162.

Daisy in Gulfport, Mississippi: What does the pickup of her pilot K-Ville mean for Tawny Cypress' future on Heroes?
I asked her that very thing a couple of weeks ago at the Paddle Jam charity event for St. Jude Hospital, and she told me, "Heroes is always close to my heart, and they'll always get me, no matter what, but K-Ville is a great project, and I get to play somebody very, very different than Simone. Her name is Ginger Lebeau, and she's the only girl on a SWAT team. She's a tough chick, one of the guys—tougher than the guys. She's the only girl, and she can hold her own." Can't wait!

Alexandra: Just wanted to commiserate about the sad, sad Veronica news. Thanks for all the work on the show's behalf—the fans really appreciate it! In memory of the show, I've made a donation to Invisible Children, which was highlighted in the episode "I Know What You'll Do Next Summer." Some good should come out of this sad state of affairs.
I think that's a wonderful idea, and I know everyone involved with the show would be honored by any donations made to Invisible Children in the name of our late, great girl detective…I honestly still can't say much about it because I'm livid. In a state of shock.

Carita in Frederick, Maryland: Does Laguna Beach have a fourth season coming up? If there is, when will it start? And what about The Hills, my favorite MTV show?
Yes, The Hills has indeed been renewed for a third season. But Laguna Beach is a bit of a different story. The show is coming back...sort of. Let's just say they're currently filming, however, this next season has a lot of new characters and is a departure from what we're used to.

Marisol from Culver City, California: I want new episodes of Monk right now! Can you tell me anything to tide over?
How about some guest stars? This season on Monk, I gots ya Sarah Silverman (adore her), a Snoop Dogg episode (wherein Monk tries to learn Izzle—hee!), and in the best news of the week so far: Angela Kinsey from The Office! Squee! She shoots her role in a few weeks.

Tina: If you see Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, can you get some insight on Booth and Bones' relationship for season three?
Done! Tune in later this week for a Bones bonus clip where they discuss what they think might be in store next season (romance-wise) for their characters.

Tessa from Atlanta, Georgia: I can’t believe Melinda Doolittle was voted off American Idol! Any idea what type of sound her album will be?
Sounds like soul. Melinda told reporters during a conference call: "The only way that I know to describe it is just soul music. You know, anything from the heart. I love a groove; I love anything where I can tell a story. And so, to me, I just kind of describe that as soul music. I hope to have just a great soul album."

Sally in Los Angeles:  I am dying to know when Project Runway comes back. I miss Tim Gunn. Any news would be appreciated!
I hear fall…too far away, yes? In the meantime, if you need a Project Runway fix, check out the most excellent TIm Gunn interview in E! Online's Cool Stuff blog! 

Special Note: Hey…what's this—a breaking news alert from our technology elves?! Ladies and gennelmen, I'm being told we have a new RSS widget! It's an easy way to add E! headlines—like the ones from this column, say—to your sites. Would you please check out our tools page, test it out and email me with feedback? The elves and I would be much, much obliged!

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here!

Gisella in Uruguay: Do you have any good Heroes dish?
Do I! Sources tell me that the cliffhanger for this season, which is exactly what I've been hinting at all along and answers the reason why Nathan is moving toward Peter when everyone else is moving away as he starts to explode, leaves two characters' fates (I wonder who!) hanging in the balance, and also sets up some crazy character shifts for next season. I'll tell you more about it in tonight's Heroes Redux. (Check back!)

Randall in Berkeley: Is the bomb Peter? Does he survive?
The more important question is whether he can swim! 

Allison in Tallahassee: How many boxes of Depends will we need when watching the finale of Lost?!
If you haven’t been reading spoilers (and for your sakes, I really hope you all haven’t!), I’d hit up Costco and bring a truckload of 'em. The format of the show is a-changin'…Yeee! I'm also hearing that one of the three main actors might not be in every episode next season. I'll let you know more as I hear it.

James in Kentucky: I hate to admit it, but I was a little underwhelmed by The Office finale. I thought Jan would be pregnant and Jim and Pam would kiss!
Hey, well, not all's said and done yet. I'm guessing we could be getting just that next season based on Jan's insane “mood swings.” I personally thought the ep was hilarious, but yeah, it wasn't so off the charts on the shocker scale.

Thomasina in Atlanta: Will Rashida Jones be back on The Office next season?
The plan is to bring her back for an episode or two if she can work it out with her new show. My guess is that Karen sees the Jam gooeyness and bolts for the door...running all the way to Fox's The Rules for Starting Over, where she'll be a woman rebounding from a relationship and getting back into the dating world. Sorta fitting, right? Maybe John K. can guest star? (By the way, Rashida's show looks very silly-funny.)

Mary Elizabeth Jones: Is it all over for Skate? Not just this season, but for good? Thanks for your wonderful and in-depth coverage of Lost. I never miss your Vine show!
Sawyer and Kate? Oh yeah, that's over...I'm told they spend season four in separate tents playing solitaire and whittling woodland animals out of peach pits. Kidding! There's a great deal left to be told about the relationship between Sawyer and Kate. Although I do also hear that Jack does most def profess his love to someone who is of the brunette beauty variety. 

From Evangelia in Galveston, Texas: I loved your Hollywood scoop on Nip/Tuck's new episodes! I can't wait for it to come back!
Me neither! And you'll be excited to hear that the show is really taking a new turn in season five. Not only are Christian and Sean dipping their toes into showbiz, the entire series is diving into the world of Hollyweird. I'm just now hearing about a major recurring character who plays a hit TV show runner (à la Damon Lindelof or Tim Kring)! They're also bringing in a powerful studio exec, who lives a bit of an alternative lifestyle on the down low. And I'm told the editor of Us Weekly makes a cameo too...but it's not Janice Min—just the show's interpretation of her!

Matt in Lake Ozark, Missouri: Is the president on 24 going to die or what?
Given the fact that D.B. Woodside, who plays President Palmer, has joined the cast of CBS's new musical series Viva Laughlin!, I'm thinking we may indeed by stuck with the annoying and corrupt VP Noah Daniels as leader of the free world in season seven...

Maria in Somerville, Massachusetts: Any Weeds dirt? It's my favorite show! So excited it's coming back soon!
I'm hearing that Silas has a new girlfriend named Tara by midseason. She's a goody-two-shoes type whom you wouldn't necessarily pair up with Nancy's eldest son...However, this is cable, so of course she's got a wild side that eventually comes out.

Bari in Longwood, Florida: Any Dexter news?
Actually, I just heard they're recasting the role of Rita's son, Cody, possibly because her kids play a larger role this season. Also, season two's first storyline has something to do with gang violence. 

Musafa in London: The Tudors? I know we all know what happens in the grand scheme of things, but what about on the Showtime show?
Children, put on your earmuffs! Now, adults...our beloved Leslie Gornstein has seen the finale, and apparently, the last episode is bookended by shots of His Highness' royal seed (and yes, I mean his baby-making batter). Ew, I know. Just...ew. And the following people die: a female, a male, Protestants. 

Nicole in Wilmington, Ohio: The Closer is coming back this summer! Can you divulge any scoop? Any storylines?
I am hearing something about a California serial killer who's murdering women and dropping their bodies along the Pacific Coast Highway. Brenda, of course, is on the case.

Alyssa in Lombard, Illinois: Is The 4400 coming back?
Yep, The 4400 returns to USA for a fourth season on June 17. I'm told Isabelle is getting kidnapped by her father and is forced to swallow a drug that age-regresses her. So, we see her as a young girl, although still has much of her adult memory.

April in Edmonton: Any news on TNT's My Boys? I miss my boys!
Crazy Chenowith alert! Jeremy Sisto, aka Six Feet Under's bat-poop Billy Chenowith, is doing a guest spot.

Janice in Rhode Island: Any word on One Tree Hill? I'm so glad it's coming back!
Hilarie Burton told me she's "making out with Chad [Michael Murray] for the whole rest of the season." Relationship preferences aside, it's about time she got some nonstalkerish lovin', right?!

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin and Michael Berner

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