Rodrigo Santoro and Kiele Sanchez

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Note: Do not read this if you haven't seen last night's episode. 

Spiders. And being buried alive.

Lost somehow managed to tackle both of my greatest phobias in one single episode, and to that I say: Damn you, Damon and Carlton. I couldn't sleep a wink last night. Grrr...

Still, it was an amazing, freakish twist, was it not? And also, all in all, perhaps the most bizarro episode ever of Lost. What was the point? I have no clue. But I still loved every minute of it.

While I was thrilled to see Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro (Oi, papi) finally get some sort of storyline, I was all the more excited to see the writers bitch-slap us for making fun of his previous line, which, at the time, seemed so ridiculously stupid: "The toilet still works." And there were diamonds in there?

My only major gripe? I'm actually going to miss Kiele (hot) and Rodrigo (caliente). Oh, and also, how could they not find a better wig for Maggie Grace?! Poor child looked like she'd been attacked by a mop.

Cheesecake Factory:  God love Kiele Sanchez and her fabulous body! I think the show was giving us a little hoochie to make up for Kate, Sun and Claire always wearing, you know, clothes. Also, where do I learn how to do that thing with the swinging around the pole? Is there some sort of class I can take?

Easter Eggs:

  • If Mr. LaShade, the good guy of Exposé, is really Cobra, the bad guy of Exposé, and we learn this in season four, do you think we can look forward to one of our  "good guys" being revealed as head Other bad guy Jacob in Lost's season four? (Shudder.)
  • On, Wisconsin! Ethan was wearing a University of Wisconsin sweatshirt, therefore extending the run of Big 10 schools on this show associated with eeevil. (The DeGroots went to University of Michigan, etc.)
  • A little birdie (okay, an email from a reader named Kevin) tells me that Locke was watching an episode of the show Exposé in his ep "The Man from Tallahassee," and that a promo for the show appeared on the TV in Desmond's ep "Flashes Before Your Eyes." Nice.
  • Eight hours of paralysis costs $8 million on Craphole Island, which is, of course, brought to you by the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42.

Christmas Is Coming!  If Thanksgiving was two weeks ago, Christmas is right around the corner. And I, for one, am not ashamed to admit I want to see a warm, fuzzy Christmas-around-the-campfire episode. Yes, I'm a big mushy girl. Sue me.

Zombies!  Anybody else think that when the zombie season rolls around, we'll all look back on this episode and go, Wow, there's a story basis for the zombies! We'll be all, Hey, remember when Nikki and Paolo were buried alive?! As writer-inner Russell from Lake Wales, Florida, says, "So, Nikki got herself buried, but is she dead? Hand out of the sand, anyone? And how did she keep a flippin' spider alive in a jar for 40-plus days anyway? She couldn't open it to feed it or poke holes in it for air because of the pheromones, etc. I love Sun, but I wish she had clocked Sawyer and not just slapped him. So, was last night's Lost just a fancy 'clip show', or was there anything important we were supposed to get out of it?" Zombies, Russell. I think we were supposed to get zombies out of it—if Nikki can keep a spider alive in a jar for 40-plus days, who knows, maybe the island can keep Nikki and Paolo undead for 40-plus days. See you next season, Corvette!

Next Week on Lost:  Wet T-shirt chick fight! Kate and Juliet fight over Jack in the jungle. Meow! And just to calm down those who flew through the roof because I didn't mention the Jack-and-Kate mushiness last week (yes, it was good, and old age is a bitch), let me just say that in my personal opinion, not as a "journalist" (don't laugh when I say that) but as a fan, I hope Kate takes Juliet down in a blaze of glory. There. I said it!

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin


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