Lost: Naveen Andrews

Mario Perez/ABC

Okay, honestly, what is up with all the kooky animals on Lost island?

First Sawyer's boar, then Kate's horse and now Sayid's puddy tat.


Is this show really just one big ode to Animal Farm? Are the little critters gonna revolt and start wearing human clothes? These are the places my mind wandered to during last night's episode, which seems to have blown away everyone—and, of course, the flame station and the Lostaways' only link to the outside world. Bummer.

Here's what we learned:

  • Sayid is still on the show—yay! (Am I the only one who'd kinda forgotten about poor Naveen Andrews until he was shown last week, seemingly out of the cold blue ether?) 
  • Mrs. Klugh is dead. And actually, she shoulda been dead a long time ago (she was originally killed off in the first couple of episodes, but I hear the producers changed it to Colleen when they realized they had to kill off Eko). Still, as we know, the universe (and producers) has a way of "course correcting," and last night, Mrs. Klugh was murdered. With a revolver. In the conservatory. By Professor Patch.
  • Sing it with me now: That cuddly, cute and cursed kid sure plays a mean Ping-Pong! (And I for one was happy to see more Hurley action.)
  • Locke needs to be hit upside the head. Am I the only one who misses the days when we thought Locke was some sort of secret-keeping, chess-playing mastermind who was in cahoots with the island and pulling all the strings? I want my smart Locke back. And for him to stay away from the number 7 key, thank you very much—'cause otherwise P.Dessy (Desmond and Penny) will never reunite. Hmph.

Factoids: Mikhail Bakunin is also the name of Russian philosopher, who, per Wikipedia, was the father of modern anarchism. Okay then. Mrs. Klugh's Russian dialogue with Mickey was something to the effect of, "No, seriously, shoot me." The papers on Mickey's desk were some sort of memoir about Afghanistan. Now, a question for you Grand Masters out there: Were there any notable chess moves used in Locke's game versus the machine? P.S. I'm pretty sure that Mickey knew of what he spoke: That computer totally cheats.

Here's what lies ahead:

  • Two castaways are connected! The promo tells us that two of the castaways have a "surprising connection." Well, if you came to the last chat, you know all about that! And I can't wait.
  • Next week is Claire's flashback, and she's gonna go all brunette and dark and gothy, 'cause, well, hello, just ask Cameron Diaz: Brown hair is all the rage these days. (Further proof, along with her oh-so-2007 skinny jeans, that these people totally are actually traveling through time.) And speaking of time travel...

Wacky (Or Is It?) Theory of the Week: This one came via email from a reader named Hunter, and it gave me an Oprah-like "Aha!" moment, so I have to share. Hunter writes: "In Desmond's episode of Lost, we saw him and Penny take the 'infamous' picture in front of the marina backdrop. Now in the [Desmond flashback] episode, Penny keeps the picture; however, we know Desmond has had the picture on the island with him. Are we to assume that because Penny still had a picture in the season-two finale scene that Desmond did in fact really go back in time and alter reality, thus allowing two pictures to exist in the same world? This could be the key to how the show will end."

Is this genius? Silly? Just plain wrong? You tell me in the comments section below! 'Cause I for one am dying to know whether these people actually are time traveling, and if so, who has the flux capacitor to get them off that dang island.

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