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Yes, that's right—holy freaking, amazingly, explosively, incredible episode! Now that you've seen tonight's Lost installment for yourself, you understand just what all my earlier blubbering was about. What did we learn? What didn't we learn?!

And don't forget, we're about to learn even more, because I am bringing you exclusive scoop from deep inside Lost headquarters—from the big bosses, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse--this Monday in my new Vine show. So, mark your calendars!

That said, before we go any further, I want to put a BIG, FAT WARNING right here, lest there be any confusion...

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET SEEN TONIGHT'S LOST, DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE! This redux is a discussion to be held among fans who have already watched the latest episode (the one with Desmond's flashback)—and are trying to pick our brains off the floor.

Now, let's digest what we've learned...

Only Fools Are Enslaved by Time and Space:  If this episode is the Lost  fulcrum that I think it is—the episode on which everything balances and tips—let it be said that is nothing less than a brilliant stroke on the part of the writers and producers. More than any other single element of the show (sans the island location itself), the flashbacks have always been the key to Lost. After this episode, it would seem that the flashbacks are not merely narrative devices or key memories of the characters but actualities, because, well, only fools are enslaved by time and space. Touché, Damon and Carlton. Touché!

I personally think it's an amazing twist. And here's an interesting tidbit: At Comic-Con last year, one of our trusty WWK interns asked Lindelof about Lost  time, and he responded by autographing her trading card with "Time is on your side," promising this little adage would be fully explained in season three. So, I ask you, what if all along, when Kate walked into a flashback, she was literally jumped into the past, and then later jumped back, when the action picked up on the island? What if our Losties were in control every time they flashed back?! Every match cut, every crossover, every Easter egg that appears in both the past and present—what if they are linked into one really real reality that surrounds each of our survivors? And does this mean that when the Losties all figure it out, they can go back and right the wrongs from their past?

Blap. (That's the sound of my brain further exploding and another piece falling on the floor.)

And Desmond—who seemingly has been granted access to the past, present and future—might be the only one who can connect the dots...Great Scot, indeed. 

See You in Another Life, Brotha:  Holy frak! Is Charlie done for? Is there any reality in which Dominic Monaghan could be killed off this show? Can the Losties change what appears to be his preordained smushing at the hands of fate?

In the "He'll live!" column, I think we can put Charlie's love affair with Claire, Monaghan's Hawaii-based love affair with Evie, the fans' love affair with Dom, the writers' love affair with The Lord of the Rings and Charlie's fabulously dark sense of humor. In the "He's dead!" column goes his off-putting possessiveness of Claire, the absence of a "role" for him in the Island community (has-been back in the world, never-was on the beach) and his tendency to act without thinking.

The good news for Charlie fans is that there's no new Chuckback in the immediate future, so if the show stays true to form, he's safe for the time being. On the other hand, Carlton once said the only rule about flashbacks is that there are no rules, so he could arguably be knocked off in, say, the Claireback scheduled for Mar. 14. 

Don't Mistake Coincidence for Fate:  Anybody else think the antique-store lady exists on the island, as well as in Desmond's head? Initial speculation had Fionnula Flanagan playing Desmond's mom—but what if she's Benry's mom?! (Just speculating here. Don't sue if she's never heard from again!) 

Um, Are The Characters Show-Hopping?!: OMG! Did anyone notice that Desmond's professor friend is also Mohinder Suresh's friend on Heroes?! Could this be a crossover?! We all know Hiro can time travel. Plus, in the last ep of Heroes, they showed a pamplet for Gannon Rent-a-Car, which is totally a fictional company from the Lost world! Also, some of the Heroes writers came from the Lost camp. I smell a conspiracy. A really nerdy yet cool conspiracy! Will Peter's bomb blast the Heroes to Lost island? Just a crazy thought!

Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do:  Charles Widmore is at least the third bad dad whose hot daughter has been courted by one of our beloved Lostaways. Charlie had the Xerox salesman, Jin had Mr. Paik and now Desmond has Penny's papa. Why so much with the cock-block? Is it just coincidence?

Run Like the Devil's Chasing You:  Charlie's going to need to run exactly that fast when Sawyer finds out he took his porn and gave Desmond the rightfully stolen 60-year Scotch. I'm just sayin'. Actually, we've been told that Charlie's season-two attack on Sun will be exposed. Could that be Sawyer's doing? Hmmm…

(P.S. Love the porn continuity! Remember waaaay back in the beginning of season one? Jack: "What's in the bag?" Sawyer: "Booze, smokes, couple of Playboys. What's in yours?" Jack: "Medicine." Sawyer: "Well, that about sums it up, don't it?" Ha!) 

Now, some questions for you screencappers, Photoshop mavens and Lostpedians: Anything telling on Widmore's model boat? What book was Hurley paging through outside Sawyer's tent? And what, oh, what, is the significance of McCutcheon brand Scotch? 

And most important, what did you think of this episode, the "game-changer"? I'm dying to know your thoughts (once you've picked up your frontal lobe again). So, please, comment away below (or weigh in on the poll on the main page of this section).

And do not forget to check back Monday for exclusive scoop with Damon and Carlton

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Korbi Ghosh

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