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Is it just me, or does Heroes get better with every episode?

Last night was fan-freakin-tastic! A little birdie I know (okay, it's me) has some scoop on next week's episode and can tell you this: It's going to be the most mind-blowing episode of any series anywhere on television this season. Big words, eh? Well, you just wait, and see how it lives up to 'em!

What We've Learned
• HRG is good! See, I told ya all along that Claire's father, aka Horn-Rimmed Glasses, isn't the baddie he seems. And last night, we learned his endgame is to save the cheerleader and—wait for it—save the world. (Sigh. That never gets old.)
• We also learned Eden is most certainly in cahoots with HRG, also well intentioned, and has the power of persuasion. (What she says, you must do—or in Isaac's case, shoot up.)
• Sylar the Sycho is one badass baddie, who steals the brains of the innocent. And oh, how his nastiness is only gonna get worse!
• Hiro has flashed back in time to try and save the waitress, and we won't see him for a while (more on that below).

What's Ahead
• In the next episode, Peter meets Claire! As you know from the photo on this page (which I revealed last week), Peter ends up in Texas following Future Hiro's strict orders to save the cheerleader and the world—and clearly, it gets bloody.
• As I've been hinting for a while now, someone close to Claire is doomed.
• Eden's powers come in very handy.
• Hiro stays stuck in the past, and he is the conduit for an upcoming episode that flashes back to show us where the characters were before we met them (including Claire's other suicide attempts caught on tape).
• And, oh yeah, did I mention Peter dies?

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