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Hey, tubers! It's that time of the week again: chat time! We've got intel on a brand spankin' new superhero, not to mention a major Grey's hookup. Plus, a little Lost dirt, straight from a producer's lips. There's also Office gossip to be shared and Ugly Betty secrets to spill, so let's get started!

From Josey: How about some good scoop on Heroes?
Yes! It is mildly spoilery, but not full-blown spoilery, so I'm going to put it right up top here for the whole world to see. Thanks to a rock-solid source, I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that...a new hero is joining the cast! My source tells me exclusively that the new hero is making his debut in the Jan. 22 episode and has an ability not yet seen on the show. Apparently, this hero has been around a lot longer than all the others, so presumably he can teach those heroes we already know a thing or two. Pretty fantastic, no?

From Heather: Yay! Studio 60 was picked up! Congrats on the exclusive scoop. I'm so happy, but I want to know: Is it true the people working on the show didn't want it to be picked up?
Sadly, that is pretty much what I've heard—many of the people who work on the show were hoping it wouldn't survive. Such a shame, 'cause the show has gotten so good! I'm also told that NBC would pay a massive penalty for canceling the show, so it would actually cost the same amount to halt production as it would to keep making it.

From Mark: What's the status of Weeds? Has it been picked up for season three? It better be.
Couldn't agree more. I just caught up with Justin Kirk (aka Andy Botwin, aka the man I could not love more), and here's what he told me: "It's being discussed that we might be getting two seasons back-to-back now, because there's a writers' strike possibly on the horizon. I don't know if it's going to happen or not, but I know they are interested in that. They say we're picked up, but we have not received the official details or word yet." You can bet my fingers and toes (and eyeballs) are crossed!

From Jason: Lost! Got any goods on what will happen when it returns? I loved the fall finale.
We've got a long wait, which, personally, is killing me! But to ease the pain, I did just meet up with Jorge Garcia and executive producer Bryan Burk, who were promoting the new Lost action figures. First, I gotta tell you, these dolls are incredible (the Hatch one is just about the coolest toy ever, in my humble and always right opinion). But here are the subjects we touched on and what they said (which are not spoilery enough to go in the spoiler section):

Will the Penny and Desmond storyline return?
B.B.: We hope so. Penny's pretty significant in Desmond's life. I want a Penny action figure.

What about those Portuguese-speaking guys?
B.B.: Their actions will definitely come back into play. God, I gotta say everything so cryptically.

Will we see another Hurley flashback?
J.G.: Um, definitely this season.

B.B.: It's coming up. I think it's episode 10.

The Others—are they good or evil?
B.B.: "There is no purely good or evil. What evil people think they're evil?"

What about those numbers?
J.G.: "A lot of people give me the lottery tickets to sign with the numbers on them. I get those a lot."

From roygbiv: I'm still not over "I Do" yet—but even so, I don't know if I can last 13 weeks to the next Lost ep. Do you have any news to tide us over?
Dr. Anna Graham is here with a little hope and a little mystery: "Hi tubers! Just wanted to let you know that ABC is doing right by us fans over the hiatus. During Daybreak, ABC is going to air never-before-seen clips from the spring season. The clips are 30 seconds each, one each over 12 episodes—for a total of six minutes. No word on how many different episodes will be previewed or if they are complete scenes or edited previews. If you're not in the United States, you can grab them after the ep airs on ABC.com. Now, that's the good news. The mystery is the case of the missing mobisodes. Over the summer ,Carlton Cuse said, 'Our goal is to try to get [the mobisodes] done so that they will fall in the period between our two pods of new episodes.' That time is now, but ABC tells me they haven't announced a premiere date, so I'm guessing we won't see them this winter."

From hailey: Where are all the Veronica Mars spoilers? The season's finally getting good, and you're giving us nothing.
I gots your Kristen Bell right here, though: The Fanboys trailer is now online! Also, a word from Sheriff Lamb: Michael Muhney did a chat on Fanforum last week and said, "We've been picked up for 16 episodes, which completes the first two season mysteries...I'm pretty sure we'll get those last six episodes. I'm close to certain that we will. Now, if you ask me about a season four, I don't know, and my concern grows exponentially for a season four versus a pickup for a full season three, but what do I know?" Does the thought of losing Veronica make anyone else want to drink (heavily)?

From Nicole: I wanted Anchal to win America's Next Top Model! What gives? I can't believe the other girls thought she was heavy. She has the best body!
I agree, but sadly, that's the modeling industry for you. I actually chatted with Anchal on the phone this week, and she's doing very well. Despite suffering from low self-esteem while on the show, she seems to have gained a little perspective and confidence as well. "I'm a totally different person. My dad noticed the change. I don't care what people say about me anymore. If they want to say something negative, that's their problem. I fell in love with modeling when I was 15, and nothing is going to stop me from going forward with it." She admitted that being around the other girls and listening to people in wardrobe call her "Miami thick" and "Bollywood Beyoncé" hurt her, but she now thinks that real models should look like the Victoria's Secret girls with curves, so she's happy with herself. And as for the Top Model winner, she's totally pulling for CariDee: "Oh, God, please let her win! She wants it the most. She would do anything. Go CariDee!"

From Andrea: Woah! What was up with The O.C.-Grey's overlap last night?! Is Summer's dad really transferring to Seattle Grace?
Yes, he is really going to work at Seattle Grace, but the actor will not show up on Grey's Anatomy. That was just a fun little tongue-in-cheek joke courtesy of Josh Schwartz. I thought it was hilarious.

From Mike: I'm superconfused about when The O.C. airs. Is it on Wednesdays or Thursdays going forward?
From what I understand, last week's Wednesday airing was a bit of an experiment by Fox. They were hoping The O.C. would do well enough to make a permanent move. Unfortunately, there was no improvement on Wednesday, so our Newport friends return on Thursday this week.


From Teresa: Last week, we got nothing on Grey's Anatomy. What gives? You have to give us something good to make up for it, missy!
Okay, but only because you twisted my arm and I had absolutely no chance in the matter! (Are you listening, Shonda Rhimes?) I do have some deliciously dishy scoop that might actually force your heart to pop right out of your chest, so read at your own risk. A reliable source has just confirmed to me that: “Addison and Alex. It is on.” Yee!

From Looloo: Anything on The Office?
It is my favorite episode of the season so far because...drumroll, please...Jim and Pam are back together! Honestly, you’ll realize how terrible it was that they were apart when you see them reunited. Though, of course, I should mention that it’s only a corporate-restructuring reunion at this point, and they’ve got a long way to go (and a certain other love interest to kill) before becoming a couple.

From sillygirlh11: I am loving Ed Helms. Tell me he’s sticking around.
He definitely is. I’m told the writers and producers all love him, and this week, when the two teams merge, you will see a hilarious new dynamic between his character and Dwight. Honestly, by the end of this week’s episode, I’m pretty convinced that Ed Helms is my new favorite on that show. He is fanfreakingtastic. Such a kiss-ass. And such a fitting new nemesis for Dwight.

From Mel: Office scoop!
I hear someone is quitting this week. Someone is also getting fired.

From Barry: Anything on Studio 60? Does Tom get out of jail in time for the show tonight?
He does! But, bad news for Harriet and Jordan: Both ladies are making a few enemies, and it’s going to get a little sticky.

From TennisFan: Is Wayne Brady really playing Neil Patrick Harris’ brother on HIMYM? How can that be?
The episode is hilarious. One of the best ever! I was on set for it, which you can see in the latest Vine show, and in it, we learn that Barney and Neil consider themselves brothers, from the same mother and father, even though it’s obvious their mother must have had some sort of secret fling. Regardless, Wayne is fantastic in it, and you’ll learn that Barney’s brother is gay and black, but that is not his big secret. He’s a monogamist, which will send Barney on a downward spiral!

From Margaret: Where has Justin been in Ugly Betty? He is my favorite part about that show, and my household was sorry to not see him in the show at all two weeks ago and then only making that one little comment about Martha Stewart in this last episode. Has the network told them to tone him down? I hope not, he's hilarious!
Fear not! I was just on set on Friday, and Justin was very much in the mix. He actually has some really big stuff coming up with his father coming back into the picture. It’s chillingly good. And speaking of Martha, you know she’s making a cameo appearance this Thursday for Thanksgiving, right? Justin must be beside himself.

From Jeff: I love Ugly Betty, and I want scoop!
Mode is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, but Amanda and Marc are breaking in, because, well, no one in their families likes them enough to hang with them for the holiday. Sad but true. However, the two outcasts make the most of it. All I’ll say is musical number! Woo-hoo!

From lacey3: Can we start the Scrubs countdown yet?
How ‘bout the countdown to Carla’s due date? I’ve seen the sonogram, and it’s a girl! A beautiful baby girl named Isabella.

From requiem4adream: I'm so excited Medium is finally back!
'Tis good news, no? The two-hour season premiere of Medium (this Wednesday on NBC) features not just a guest appearance by Thomas Jane (aka Mr. Patricia Arquette) as the ghost of a man from Alison's past, but four hand-drawn animation segments featuring the most fabulous Monkeyhead gang! It's a fantastic cartoon original to the show, albeit one in which the adorable Monkeyheads come to a rather unfor...well, you should watch. Also in season three (don't read if you don't want to know!), you can expect the hospitalization of District Attorney Devalos, the return of Texas Ranger Capt. Push (yay!), the apparent return of the psychotic phantom Dr. Charles Walker (boo!) and the revelation that the littlest DuBois (baby Marie) might also have the gift.

From daddylonglegs: Do you have any Medium spoilers?
Well, I can tell you that in the season premiere, Det. Scanlon gets it on with a hot blonde.

From geology: What’s up with Earl this week?
Poor Randy does some weird drugs that cause him to hallucinate (in Claymation!). Also, I hear Earl is going all Greenpeace on us.

That's all for today, folks. But we’ll have more scoop for you next week—same time, same place. And if you‘ve got a burning question, don‘t forget to click on the Ask Kristin button to your left!

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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