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This week, by popular demand, we get back to a weekly, scoopy, spoilery installment in which I answer your burning TV questions and give exclusive scoop on the hottest shows.

 Wheee! While it might not be live, it is live-ly!

So, what's the latest on the Lost death rumors? And who's kissing whom on Grey's Anatomy and The Office? Read on to find out!

From hellboy82: Need. Lost. And especially any info on that rumored death!
Awesome exclusive alert!! I just sat down for a one-on-one interview with the love of my TV-loving life, the one and only Mr. JJ Abrams. (You know, the guy behind Felicity, Lost, Alias, Six Degrees, What About Brian and pretty much all that is awesome on the small screen.) JJ did a little press to promote the release of Mission: Impossible III on DVD—which came out today—but naturally, I couldn't not  talk about Lost and the rumors of that big death! You can read that interview (and see the video clip) in this story. And I'll give you exclusive dish about the rumors of the Lost death—and wedding!—in the spoiler section.

From Shannon: Lost  me, baby!
In case you missed it, I have to point out that Damon and Carlton (the big Lost cheeses) just did about the scoopiest official podcast ever! They revealed/confirmed that (a) Jae Lee (Sun's lover) killed himself and was not murdered by Sun or anyone else; (b) baby Clementine is quite possibly real and really Sawyer's daughter—and they further implied that the little cutie might reappear in a future flashback; (c) Kate loves Sawyer (I tried to slip that one in here real fast so you Jaters won't have a heart attack); (d) there's a pretty good chance that one of the characters is gay (my money's on Tom); (e) Scott's dead, but the Scott-Steve actors argued over which one plays Scott; and (f) Turbine Man from the pilot episode was, in fact, Bad Twin author Gary Troup. Whew!

From Jonathan: What the frak?! You've been seriously slacking on Battlestar Galactica scoop. Give it up, girlfriend!
Gladly! I actually just caught up with Katee Sackhoff and will give you some scoop in the spoiler section, but here I can tell you that she almost guest starred on The Office! How fanfreakingtastic would that be? Katee told me that Dwight Schrute's hilarious BSG-Lost crossover blog led to serious talk of her doing a guest spot over at Dunder Mifflin. And though it didn't work out at the time, my NBC moles tell me producers are dead set on getting her on at some point. Another interesting note: Katee loves Lost and Josh Holloway as much as we do. "We have the same agent, and I love him, and he has the coolest wife ever, Yessica—she's awesome." Katee says, "I think that when Battlestar finds Earth, we should land on Lost."  

From tvlvr11: Happy Diwali! Any scoop on this week's Office episode?
Happy Diwali to you, too! I just watched it this morning and nearly fell off the treadmill laughing. This Thursday's episode is written by Mindy Kaling (Kelly); it centers around the Hindu holiday Diwali (which Michael, in all his cultural sensitivity, describes as the Hindu Halloween), and I think you'll all be more than a little surprised at what goes down in it. Funny, funny, stuff. Mindy's real-life parents are hilarious as her TV parents, and most importantly, Pam wears her hair down!

From the Marianas: We might be the only ones, but our family loves Numb3rs. Thanks for the recent information about Charlie and Amita. Can you tell us anything else about that show?
I can tell you that David Krumholtz is an absolute sweetheart. Recently, after working a 12-hour day and then doing a two-hour event, he stayed behind for another hour talking to fans, taking pictures and signing autographs for everyone who asked, which I'm pretty sure qualifies him for TV-star sainthood. While the Vatican had me on hold, I asked him what he thought of Charlie's relationship with Amita. "I would like to see them get along—they've been on kind of a bumpy road,” David told me. “They can't quite get together, but they want to, really badly. They've just misconstrued each other, and work gets in the way, but you will see them get together. That's a guarantee. But without giving too much away, something gets in the way—somebody gets in the way." It is someone he's related to? Is it someone she's related to? Is it a serial killer?! David saved me from my own paranoid fantasies with a tip: "There's a clue in the pilot. Someone who was supposed to come will finally come. Check out the pilot." So, who do you guys think it is? Post your ideas in the comments below—I'd love to hear your theories!

From Teddy33: How about a little scoop on Jericho? That show has been so good lately!
I just hit the set and will be giving you a full report very soon! But for now I can tell you that this is what Skeet Ulrich says is ahead (which is mildly spoilery): “We will at some point start venturing out more. In episode eight, we go out a little bit, and I imagine we will start finding some other places that probably have other survivors, and we'll see how they're living. I don't know. We certainly can't give away the whole deal! But we get pieces here and there of what's happening outside, and we start to connect them together.”


If you don't want to know upcoming plot points on some of the hottest TV shows, then skip to the next story, or for the love of the small screen, avert your eyes!

From tvqueen222: Okay. Lost death. Spill it! I saw that Jorge Garcia would be doing the Top 10 on David Letterman next Tuesday, and that makes me wonder if he's dust! Please, say it ain't so!
Gladly. I have been able to dig up a few facts regarding this so-called death. And they are:

  • It's not Hurley. I'm told by my Letterman mole that he's actually promoting his mole and by ABC sources that episode 10 will be a Hurley flashback, courtesy of a very much alive Hurley.
  • If you've seen the new Entertainment Weekly, you also know that Juliet apparently shoots someone in a group on the beach that includes Sawyer, Kate and the Others. She does it with two bullets from a Sig Sauer (the same model of gun that the Marshall carried).
  • According to sources, it's not Jack, Sawyer, Sun, Kate or Locke.
From Scott: I cannot wait to see that episode of Lost with Kate's wedding! How gorgeous was Evie in that dress?! Any scoop?
I'm told the wedding takes place in “Miami” (per usual, actually Honolulu). And that Kate's name is not Kate. (I'll pause while you digest that.) And that someone from the Lost island may make an appearance there. Any guesses? Comment below!

 From Terry: More on The Office!
Someone's going to try to kiss someone this week. And you will squeal! I nearly fell off my couch.

From Charlie; Grey's Anatomy scoop! Bring it!
Callie's going to think that Meredith told George about Callie's sexual encounter with McSteamy, and it's gonna get ugly between the two ladies. Also, the steammmyyy bathtub scene I told you about—which, mind you, does not include McSteamy, so I'll just call it hot—airs around episode nine. It's a couple who are not currently together.   

From bsgfan4ever1: Do you know anything more about the flashbacks to Starbuck's home life on Battlestar Galactica?
I know that the appearance of Starbuck's mom, Socrata Thrace, was as rough on Katee Sackhoff as it was on Kara herself. Katee told me that after days of shooting agonizing scenes on a closed set, while her onscreen mother smoked 50 or 60 cigarettes—"which was like me smoking 50 or 60 cigarettes"—she lit up again for the first time in a year and a half. With her younger fans in mind, she quit again after a week, but she tells me that the events of episode 16 will "shock the s--t out of everybody." Hide your lighters where you can't find them, people!

From Louis: When do we get our beautiful Jamie Bamber back?
I don't know about the fate of the fat suit, but I can tell you Kara's longer locks are gone by the end of episode six.

From Tammi: On The O.C., do you think they'll bring back Teresa to be with Ryan now that Marissa's dead?
Navi Rawat herself has no idea if Teresa is running off with Benjamin McKenzie again any time soon, saying of another stint on The O.C.: "Honestly, I have no idea. I haven't heard. They kind of always contact me on a season-by-season basis, and this time I haven't heard from them." And that may be because Ryan's moving on with another girl. (Eee! Did I say that out loud? Whoopsie!)

From Mihee: On Gilmore Girls, I love Rory's new friends, Lucy and Olivia. It's about time she started talking to someone other than Paris!
Yes, and I love that Lucy is Gia from the last season of Veronica Mars!  And did you hear how Rory's old pal Marty is going to come back into her life? He's Lucy's boyfriend. Très perfecto.

From Jason Hanlon: Is Claire's dad evil on Heroes?
Not really, no. His role is much more complicated than you think! Also, speaking of Claire, her buddy Zach is gay, and he'll be coming out of the closet over the course of the season.  

From Kate: Angela Bower from Who's the Boss is Daniel's mom on Ugly Betty! Any scoop?
Just that we will see Judith Light again! Also, I'm hearing episode ten is titled "Lose the Boss"! Although I'm not sure it has anything to do with Angela Bower. I believe it's due to the fact that Daniel disappears in that ep, leaving Betty in charge of an important photo shoot, which could become a serious disaster.

 From Joe: I was watching the 1998 movie Dead Man on Campus last night and realized that both Lilly (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel) from How I Met Your Mother are in the movie. Any news on the show?
Funny. My first b-f, Greg Woodhill, was also in that movie. Small world! As for HIMYM, as I told you a little while ago, Marshall and Lily are getting back together, but I'm hearing Marshall will start dating a new girl before their reconciliation. All together now: Booo! (Not the Halloween kind.) 

From Francesca: Earl has been rocking this season! Any scoop?
I hear Catalina's getting deported back to her hometown village in Mexico. We will meet her sisters, who also work as maids, and so will Randy and Earl 'cause they're going down to Mexico, too!

From almondjoi: Are they ever going to do an Arrested Development movie?
Sigh. Only the good shows die young. No word on an AD movie, but Lucille Austero lives! Liza Minnelli is back on TV this week in a completely creepy episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The ep, "Masquerade," is loosely based on the John Mark Karr turn in the JonBenet Ramsey case, and Liza plays the twitchy, super-eccentric mother of the victim. But is she also the murderer? You'll have to see! Also, speaking of AD, a special congrats to Michael Bluth, aka Jason Bateman, who just had a baby girl! Francesca Nora Bateman was born on Saturday.

From Klinta: I miss Big Love! Any scoop?
I'm starting to hear spoilers about the upcoming season, and I'm getting so freaking excited. I'm told a big scandal erupts when manipulative, young Rhonda runs away from the compound and moves in with the Tuttles—aka Heather (Tina Majorino of Veronica Mars) and her parents! So, we definitely see much more of Tina this season. The Tuttles are LDS and antipolygamy and feel they're doing Rhonda a great service by letting her live with them. But, of course, there's a twist: Rhonda's got a little something up her sleeve. 

From Jolene: Is the rapist on Veronica Mars a female?
I wouldn't be surprised. In other Veronica news, I'm also told that Piz is going to be asking Veronica out on a date very soon. But LoVe fans, not to worry! Veronica won't even know it's a date.

Okay, guys, that's all for today. Feel free to comment on anything you've read in today's chat in the comments section, and check back next Tuesday for the next Live-ly Chat! You can ask a question for this feature at any time by clicking on the Ask Kristin button at left. And please email me at to let me know if you like this new-old format of answering questions. Thanks!

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