Matthew McConaughey

Looks like acting, naked bongo playing and taking his well-trained pet six pack surfing aren’t enough for Texas’ own Matthew McConaughey; the all-around grand guy has announced he's looking to start his own record label. His first signed act will be carnagebilly specialists Cannibal Corpse reggae artist Mishka, and we can't wait to see if he'll ask toked-up Matt to hunker down on his skins and slap along.

Bill Cosby

Rob Loud/

Mighty Matt isn’t the first thesp turned label mogul. Laugh master and pudding huckster Bill Cosby founded Tetragrammaton Records way back in the ‘60s. Never heard of it? Next time you’re dropping the needle on John and Yoko’s all-nude showstopper “Two Virgins,” thank the Cos. His label issued the record after Capitol Records begged off due to the Lennon’s in-the-raw cover shot. Another Tetragrammatoner, America's 3-million-year-old teenager Pat Boone threatened to take his talents elsewhere in shocked protest. Tasteful, groovy Bill also released the first three Deep Purple albums.

But beware, Mr. McConaughey: The record Biz is a tough Biz. Perhaps you should get some advice from Cosby, who might impart tips on how not to go bankrupt—like his label did.

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