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I was wondering how to become part of a Hollywood type's entourage?
—Brandon Wyatt, Northern Arizona

Sure, sure. Brad and Angie are bound to discover Arizona as their next home. Any day now. You just go ahead and wait until they chopper in, billion-dollar children in tow, seeking out a local just like you to, you know, hang out with. Maybe do a little mannying on the side.

Or you head straight to Los Angeles and get a job as some sort of celeb minion—lawyering, or fetching air lattes for Victoria Beckham. Because most of the time, a star's entourage is made up of paid lackeys

So who do you think rolls the deepest: Alicia Keys, Jessica Alba, Pete 'n' Ashlee or Janet Jackson? I've got info on each of their nightlife posses, but only if you follow me to the jump.

If you want to hang with celebrities, it's best if you work for one first, I am told.

"Get a job doing a celebrity's hair," says Mike Romer of the Room Service Club. Or try a fitness training or some other cosmetic-related field.

"Derek Jeter is basically always rolling with his trainer," says Alan Philips of the SKY Group, which does event planning and celebrity wrangling for hot clubs, hotels and other venues. "Vanessa Minnillo is always out with her makeup and hairstylists."

Some more examples of celebrity posses and their contents, courtesy of Philips and Romer:

  • When Alba showed up at a VMA-awards-related style lounge last year, she arrived only with her agent.
  • Ashlee and Pete recently traveled to the Hamptons for a SKY event and brought about 8 to 10 people. (Per Philips, the average posse for a single celebrity these days: five to seven people.)
  • Janet Jackson once appeared at one of Romer's clubs with 10 to 15 people; then again, on another night, she arrived with only Jermaine Dupri and her driver, Romer says.
  • Keys visited one of Romer's places with about 10 of her backup dancers.

I myself usually roll about 15 deep, not including my ego, who requires his own car and security.

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