The Bachelor

ABC/Mario Perez

We all want a happy ending with TV dating shows like The Bachelorette. But if it doesn't work out with the chosen one, can the star of these shows go back and date someone else from the show?

Well, now you've ticked off a former Bachelor. "Don't call them castoffs," he tells this B!tch, requesting we not name him. "They were really nice ladies." And, oh: Nothing in his contract prohibited him from dating a castoff.

Other reality shows do limit a star's dating for a short time after filming wraps, says Sheila Conlin, who cast the upcoming Secret Millionaire show for Fox. But either way, the star is free to date anyone, even a castoff, once the contract is up.

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Any idea as to when the new seasons of Big Love and Entourage are coming back? Even a ballpark month or year would be appreciated. Thanks!

Entourage: September. Big Love: January.

I was wondering why most of the pictures taken of the young celebrities seem to always have their legs crossed like they have to pee. Is this the "new" model pose, or do they have to pee? What gives?
—Beckie, Cincinnati

You speak of the "widdle," a pose championed by everyone from Mischa to Paris to Nicole. As I have said previously, the answer lies in science.

In their meager little minds, female stars can never be petite or skinny enough. Ever. But they can only starve themselves for so long before their internal organs start turning on each other in an acid-soaked feeding frenzy.

So when they have fasted as much as they can—or they realize that their Ketel One-and-air diets are no longer working—they turn desperately to strategic, shrinking poses.

The most popular of these is the widdle, which may include either crossed legs, knock-knees, pigeon toes, or some combination thereof. The pose also is thought to help mask large feet; Paris Hilton is known to have a pair of size 11 orcas to fill.

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