Penn Badgley, Blake Lively

Ah, if only this weren't for the CW cameras, right?

Despite ongoing rumors that Penn Badgley and Blake Lively may be romantically linked in real life and despite this smoking-hot, sucky-face photo that just leaked out of the Hamptons (hot!), a source who works on Gossip Girl tells us (spoiler alert): "I'm pretty sure that's for the show. They do kiss in the first episode."

Regardless, the eye candy above should sweeten your day if you're a fan, because not only does it mean Dan and Serena might not be totally over, it also comes with this news from the same insider: "The Hamptons episodes look amazing." Did you hear that? Episodes. Turns out, Gossip Girl will be in the Hamptons for episodes one and two for the upcoming season.

Get more scoop on what's in store for the show in the Watch With Kristin TV column.

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