Nicole Kidman, Vogue Magazine

Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

Nicole Kidman can't believe she's pregnant.

"When I first saw the baby on the ultrasound, I started crying," she says in the new issue of Vogue. "I didn't think I'd get to experience that in my lifetime...To feel life growing with you is something very, very special, and I'm going to embrace that completely. I don't believe in flittering around the edges of things. You're either going to walk through life and experience it fully or you're going to be a voyeur. And I'm not a voyeur."

And that means experiencing the good and the bad.

If you remember, Nic's husband, Keith Urban, checked himself into rehab shortly after they were married. Now, Vogue writer John Powers reports, she and Urban are never apart for more than five days at a time. "I'm so committed to this relationship, and so is he," Kidman says. "I don't have addiction problems, but love is a very powerful force in my life. It's my fatal flaw and my virtue."

Also powerful in her life? Work.

You can't accuse Ms. Kidman of not going all the way for a role.

In the upcoming Baz Luhrmann epic, Australia, they shot in some pretty far-flung locales Down Under.

"It's the roughest thing I ever had to go through," Kidman says. "The heat is debilitating. I was sitting on a horse once and I remember thinking, Gosh, this is what it feels like before you faint—and then I fainted."

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