Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel, Johnny Knoxville

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Let the record show that Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel and Johnny Knoxville are not perverters of other people's private parts.

An actor who claimed he was tricked into putting his penis in a mousetrap during a DVD promotional appearance on Carolla's syndicated morning radio show has dropped his negligence suit against the host and alleged accomplices Kimmel and Knoxville.

Perry Caravello filed the $10.5 million suit in Los Angeles Superior Court back in May 2007, claiming he was tricked into the self-harming incident back in September 2006. At the time, he was promoting Windy City Heat, a TV movie produced by Kimmel and costarring Knoxville, who was also a guest on Carolla's radio show the morning of the cringe-inducing incident.

Knoxville, Caravello claims, offered him $10 million for sticking his appendage in the snappy contraption, which he did, only to have the mousetrap unexpectedly go off. Adding insult to substantial injury, the turn of events was also captured on video without Caravello's permission and circulated online, per the suit.

While Kimmel was not present for the stunt gone awry, he was included in the negligence and fraud suit because Caravello claimed he had struck a deal with the late-night host to receive a cut from the film's DVD sales and to be involved in sequels for the film, neither of which has happened yet.

Caravello also claimed that while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in 2006, he was assaulted by Kimmel's warm-up comedian Don Barris, who was also named in the suit.

While the dismissal papers were signed in court Friday, it's unclear whether the suit is being dropped due to a settlement or for another reason.

The defendants, who had denied any wrongdoing, did not immediately comment on the case.

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