Chris Cagle, Mugshot

Nashville Police Department

If there's one thing Chris Cagle oughta know, chicks don't dig a guy who takes a swing at his gal.

The country star was arrested in Nashville in the wee hours this morning after getting into a drunken brawl with girlfriend Jennifer Tant, per the Davidson County Sheriff Department.

According to affidavits filed by the county prosecutor, deputies responding to a domestic disturbance call arrived at Chez Cagle to find the "Chicks Dig It" singer and Tant both apparently intoxicated following an evening of drinking at the local watering hole.

The combative couple's verbal spat escalated when they returned home, with the entertainer accusing Tant of hitting him in the head with an umbrella and Tant claiming he whacked her with her purse.

"Both parties struck each other resulting in visible marks," the criminal complaint states. "The defendant had a raised area on the right side of his head while the victim had a scrape on her upper left hip and a sore/red left upper arm."

Cagle told Tant to "get out of [his] life" and insisted he wasn't leaving, since he owned the property, per the police; she told the cops she'd rather go to jail then leave.

Unable to determine exactly who was the primary aggressor, deputies took them both into custody around 4:40 a.m.

The sparring partners were taken to Davidson County Jail and booked on misdemeanor domestic assault charges. Officials say that given the charges, they're expected to remain in lockup for a minimum of 12 hours before being allowed to post separate $1,500 bonds.

We're just hoping they're not sharing a cell.

This isn't the first criminal dustup for Cagle. The crooner is due to stand trial on one count of misdemeanor assault stemming from a fight he got into outside a Tucson, Ariz., nightclub last December.

Cagle released his fourth studio album, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Country Album Charts, in February.

The oh-so-apropos title: My Life's Been a Country Song.

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