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Welcome Andrew Genser to the Inside Jokes blogumentary as he gives us the lowdown on putting our Cheaters clips into the show.

Editing a clip from Cheaters is a dehumanizing process. It strips away all your faith in goodness and love and leaves you nothing but a steaming puddle of bile and hate. And that’s actually great if you’re about to engage in war or perhaps a satanic ritual, but usually you’re not, so it can be kind of a downer.

This week the Dark One smiled upon us twice and gave us two Cheaters clips. Well, it’s really just one story line broken up into two parts. As Tess Rafferty already explained, a scorned lover threatens to cut the balls off her cheating mate, and later she tries to show us she has some follow-through. As for the editing of said clips, what happens takes place on Wednesday nights; I and fellow Soup associate producer Jessie Gaskell sit in front of two very impressive Avid editing machines, and we...well, edit.

These clips were actually very easy to cut. Even you could’ve done it (but don’t, I need this job). The clips each have a very obvious beginning, and an equally obvious ending. After making the obvious edits and congratulating myself on a job amazingly well done, I move on to the other clips.

At the end of the night, Jessie (you remember her from paragraph two) and I call over the bosses to view all the clips. The bosses—executive producers Ed Boyd and K.P. Anderson—then make the difficult decision of which clips are glorious TV gold and which are shameful TV bronze. Depending on the category, they are then either lauded or cut from the show and never spoken of again. As I write this at 12:10 p.m. on Thursday May 22, both Cheaters clips are still in the show. Will they make it all the way through to the taping and onto your TV set, Friday night at 10? Will you remember to clear your schedule so you’re free to watch and find out? Will my leftover tuna salad sandwich still taste good for lunch today? No one knows yet.

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