Paris Hilton, Benji Madden

Elevation Photos/Photoshot / Zuma Press

Benji Madden is really loving Paris in the springtime.

Turns out the smitten Good Charlotte rocker has always thought of the platinum-haired hottie (of and the Nottie fame) to be a "great girl" and, as far as he's concerned, "wife material."

Or, at least, "serious girlfriend material," he told Yo on E!'s Michael Yo. And Madden couldn't even come up with one bad habit to peg on his newfound love.

So does that mean the couple will be engaged within six months?

"Wow, alright…Well, I'm not going to bet against you on that, but I don't know," Madden stammered, er, said. "We'll see. I'm very, very happy right now."

So we hear. With Good Charlotte releasing its first love song—"Where Would We Be Now," off the band's new album, Good Morning Revival—Madden thinks his relationship with Hilton has given the punk-pop group even more credibility because "people love Paris."

"[Our fan base] is like a big family," Madden said. "When someone comes in everyone's like, 'Welcome to the family.' And now our fans are even supporting her." (Which should come as good news to the makers of Repo! The Genetic Opera.)

"It's hard, because in my relationship, you just want to get on top of a mountain and go 'I'm in love!' but your fans would probably make fun of you. So you have to try to hold back as much as you can, but it's hard sometimes."

At least Madden has picked up a trick or two from brother Joel, who was supposed to be interviewed alongside his twin but had to report home for diaper duty, pronto.

"With Joel and Nicole, everybody wants to know, so I got a pretty good understanding on how to navigate interviews, and now I'm pretty relaxed and I'm not on edge, really."

And the bond built between the parents of Harlow Winter Kate Madden has also been good for Uncle Benji and would-be Aunt Paris.

"They're really rooting for us," Madden said. "Joel and Nicole have an amazing friendship. She is like a sister to me. So you have to be with someone who wants to be a part of the family. We¹re in probably the best situation anyone could ever be in right now."

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