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Who picks what music contestants dance to on Dancing With the Stars? Is it selected by the professional? My friend says they are told what song to dance to—I think no way! Help!

The pros can request certain songs, but in the end, it's the producers' call, an ABC spokeswoman tells me. "Most of the time," she says, "the song is selected by the producers, and the dancers don't know what their next song will be until after the Tuesday results show." Got it? Now, let's get on with this. Next!

What's really going on between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson?

Who knows? But consider:

  • If you believe Gawker and other reports, LiLo has an alias on Facebook. That alleged alias: Lindsay Ronson.
  • The New York Post reports that Lohan and Ronson maintain separate residences, but Ronson recently "spends every night at Lindsay's." In efforts to keep her out of trouble, though, right? Right.
  • The actress and the DJ reportedly spend much of their weekends and vacations together. Recently they have been spotted having fun all over the place, from the Beatrice Inn in New York to Le Parker Méridien in Palm Springs.
  • Lindsay seems to pay very close attention to who speaks to Ronson. According to People and other outlets, when Mary-Kate Olsen struck up a conversation with Ronson at the Beatrice Inn earlier this month, Lohan screamed, "Get your 15-year-old Full House a-- away from my girlfriend."
  • Even the shambling graybeards at People magazine have begun to wonder about the relationship. Its May 5 issue does its best to analyze the pair, noting that "neither woman has commented publicly on the nature of their relationship."
  • Lindsay's mom, Dina Lohan, told E! News this week she isn't happy with how the friendship is being covered: "It is sad," she said. "Lindsay is being so good."

Hey! Tell me, do reality TV contestants get paid? It seems to me they would need some way to pay their bills while they're off shooting for weeks and weeks.
—Ramonda, Earth City, Mo.

Yep, it's official. There's a massive echo in here.

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