Bra Boys

Berkela Films

Usually in Beat Ben, the game that's driving the Internet nuts, we break down the biggest movie of the weekend, which is more often than not, not the best movie. Well this week, I want to switch it up.

Bra Boys is the biggest non-IMAX documentary in the history of Australia. Produced by Daily 10's own Sal Masekela and his partner in Berkela Films, Jason Bergh, it's the story of a surfing gang from Down Under. It's incredibly powerful and extremely well done. It opens here in the states this weekend and is narrated by Oscar winner Russell Crowe.

While it won't be No. 1—slasher flick Prom Night unfortunately is on way more screens—it will have the weekend's highest PTA (that's Per Theater Average, people). The film will be sold out everywhere it plays. It's that good.

My call? Look for Bra Boys to have a PTA of $10,000, and when it expands to a city near you, please do check it out.

Elsewhere this weekend, the Sundance favorite Smart People features Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker and a post-Juno Ellen Page. But is it brainy or a bust? Check the clip below to see what I think.

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