Orlando Bloom

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What is Orlando Bloom doing these daysbesides spending money?
—Stephanie, Houston

Taking his model girlfriend to parties, I read. He has no new film projects announced.

Funny. I'm getting a lot of requests to track down missing persons. Check it out in a very special Answer B!tch Lightning Round.

Is Owen Wilson dead or alive?
—Debera, Maricopa, Ariz.

Alive, and still making middling movies.

Why has Eminem not been on the news lately? I would like info.
Samantha, Gadsden, Tenn.

You mean you haven't heard?

Every rapper from tha church to da palace is talking about Em's well nigh mythical upcoming fifth studio album. Aftermath didn't return our call, but Dr. Dre, Fiddy, Bizarre from D12 and others have all been buzzing about it for almost a year. No known release date for the tentatively titled King Mathers. That Marshall. Such a modest boy.

Is William Hung dead? I heard he died.
—Sarah, Los Angeles

If that child were to die of anything it would be overexposure.

Tara Reid: Alive, dead, deflated?
—Sara, Germany

Partying. She was seen earlier this month in Australia, at Diddy's WMC Battle of the DJs, where she, per the publication MX, "made the most of the free bar." She also has four films in her future. The next, Clean Break, is finished and is being released overseas later this month.

Is it true that Brandon Routh is out of the next Superman film? The Internets also say director Bryan Singer is definitely out of the project. Is this info reliable? Thank you Answer B!tch!
—Warnfried, Brussels, Belgium

Warner Brothers said last month that Singer is officially on board, at least as writer and producer. As for Routh, he isn't officially listed as the lead, though he was telling people as late as three months ago that he was in. An email to Warner Brothers wasn't immediately returned.

Yep, asking again, what is going on with Travis Fimmel, and does he have a girlfriend? Just gotta know.
—Natali, Brookfield, Wisc.

As soon as the onetime Tarzan shows up on The Hills or Dancing with the Stars, I'll be happy to care. 

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