From what a past intimate partner of Paris has to say about her current crazy life to how the dudes, such as Leo 'n' Luke, do it out on the prowl, why, it's just another day in the life of the dogged Awful Truth!
Paris Hilton

Barry King/

Seems like you can't throw a Swarovski-encrusted Sidekick in Tinseltown without hitting one of Paris Hilton's ex-conquests. Tuesday night's Xbox 360 party for Halo 3 was no different. The first former fling I spotted was Matt Leinart, who dated P. last fall, before he became a papa and all that paternal biz. Of course, I was dying for his thoughts on Paris' (now reduced) slammer sentence.
Matt Leinart

Jean-Paul Aussenard/

"It's tough," the beefy quarterback offered. "I think she'll probably learn from her mistakes and come out a better person." I asked Matt, who said he isn't in touch with P., if he thought the time fit the crime, or if it's, like, totally unfair. 

"A lot of things aren't fair," he answered, in true newly domesticated fashion. "That's a pretty hard sentence for that, but what are you gonna do? It is what it is, so you just gotta deal with it and move on and learn from it."

Josh Henderson

Jean-Paul Aussenard/

Let's mosey on ourselves and hear from Paris' much more recent romancer: Josh Henderson. Although these two are no longer a couple, Josh told me he's still in contact with the chica. 

"We talked today, and I'm there for her," he said. "I feel for her, but I know that she's a strong girl. She'll come out on top. I know she'll be okay." 

Golly gaga drops, sure seems Paris is doing dandy enough, because—speak of the devil in a nothing dress—guess who rolled through said soiree just moments later? 

Yep, Ms. Hilton herself ducked in through a side door to the bash, where she actually avoided all cameras, according to Hollywood Party Girl.

Never thought you'd see the day when a press-hungry Hilton would turn down a photo op, did you?

Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio, grabbin' some grub at Blowfish in West Hollywood. Le-Di tried to keep it low-key in casual clothes and baseball cap, but that damn boy-band entourage he travels with gave him up! Soosh spies say Leo was "very nice to the help, nicer than he was to the other patrons." Another doable Blowfish diner was...
Chris Noth

Stephen Gendre/Visual/

Chris Noth, trading in his New Yawk steak for some H-town healthy fare Thursday night. Could be why Mr. B. appeared to be anything but! My man was lookin' slim 'n' trim, and more mattress-worthy than he has in some time. Also on the big front was...
Pamela Anderson

949/Most Wanted/

Pam Anderson, gettin' her caffeine fix at Starbucks in Malibu Wednesday ayem. Pam-doll was wearing "funky but not overly flattering sweats, no shoes and large black sunglasses," according to fellow java jonesers. We don't have another Britney on our hands do we, Pam-cakes? Also needin' a little perk-me-up was...
Luke Wilson

Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Luke Wilson, at Peet's Coffee on Montana Ave. The baby Wilson brother, dressed in tan pants and beige button-down shirt, was accompanied by a blond gal-pal, but "there was no canoodling between the two of them" insists my Java Jane. Guess he's not taking a PR cue from big bro Owen and his blond baby Kate, who've been increasingly more public with their affair, is he?
Brittany Snow

John Shearer/

Remember that Lyric Culture: Revolution blah blah blah event? Well, weirdo lyrics weren't the only thang comin' out of my hon Brittany Snow's mouth. Take a girlie gander:

"How come we don't see you falling-down drunk with the rest of young Hollywood?" I joked to the Hairspray star, seriously wanting to know.

"Well, it's funny, because I do!" was B-babe's candid response. "But no one is around to watch me. I'm 21, so there are definitely times when I've had my fair share of fun, and luckily there has been no one there—knock on wood. When I know I have to work the next day, I don't go out."

Lindsay Lohan

Dan Herrick/

What a ree-dick idea! I can hear Lindsay Lohan cackling to the hilt. You, too? And doesn't Snow-bunny know you can't distract people from the quality of your work if you're not facedown in a gutter somewhere?
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