The wild Walker family is back today to talk about Brothers & Sisters feuds, power plays, baby-making, kissin' siblings and, of course, weddings! Press play above to get the dish from the red carpet, and then click in to see what the cast and producers spilled at the event held at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Sally Field

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• The moderator asked Sally Field if the role was pitched as that of a matriarch, in the vein of Dallas' Miss Ellie. Field replied, "Gosh, no, no one used the word matriarch." Executive producer Ken Olin: "I think we said Nora was a hot mom." Indeed.

Calista Flockhart quipped, "There are actually Republicans who are very sensitive, nice people." However, per Olin, Kitty is not based on Ann Coulter, because, as he said, "We didn't want to create a character who was insane." Hee.

Matthew Rhys said that Kevin has found, "Nirvana in the form of a chef." Awww...

• While discussing how much fan opinion should change the course of a show, Rachel Griffiths said, "There's a difference between fans and fans who've got all day to blog." Zing!

• In real life, Rachel Griffiths has an Australian accent, so sometimes Ken Olin hollers, "A dingo ate my baby!" before a take, just to loosen her up. Matthew Rhys has a heavy Welsh accent and is teased relentlessly about Wales being a backwater of the Commonwealth. There were several mentions of goats. Last but not least, Ken Olin says that New York State-born Dave Annable of all people also has an accent, but that his just sounds something like, "Eh..."

• When someone said that everyone in the cast could headline their own show, Ken Olin shot back, "Not Dave!" Apparently Dave Annable is off the Olin family Christmas card list after mentioning to Ken backstage that thirtysomething "was, like, 50 years ago." D'oh!

• When Emily VanCamp joined the cast, Ken Olin says that Greg Berlanti suddenly turned into a New Jersey Italian mafia-enforcer type and took Olin's son Cliff Olin, a writer on the show, aside to say, "If you touch her, I will kill you." Berlanti defended himself—not that he needs to—by pointing out, "I've know her since she was 15 years old!" Just when I thought I couldn't love Berlanti more...

Matthew Rhys, Brothers and Sisters



• Nora. Holly. Smackdown. Season-two finale. Reserve your front-row seats now. They are friends at the moment, but Patricia Wettig warns, "It won't always be that way."

• According to executive producer Monica Owusu-Breen, season three will about taking the characters outside of their familial comfort zones and seeing them branch out in their careers and relationships. For example, joked Matthew Rhys, "Scotty and I go to a straight bar." Luke McFarlane chimed in that they not only go to a straight bar, but "We bring someone home." Good times.

• Greg Berlanti says there will be a couple of major cliffhangers in the finale, including a huge reveal...(Gah?! Is William Walker secretly alive or something?! What could it be?)


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