America Idol Top 6

Michael Becker/FOX

Forget poor song choice, tonight was all about poor genre choice—as nearly every member of Idol's final six struggled with the musical stylings of one Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Yes, the guy's a legend. And yes, his musical-theater talents are vast and humbling. But musical theater does not a mainstream, contemporary superstar make! And so tonight was just like a Michael Scott-Jan Levinson dinner party: Awwwkward, with a side of indigestion.

Still, the remaining half-dozen did their best with the style at hand, and the final three—David Archuleta, Carly Smithson and David Cook—proved they have the kind of pure, raw talent that can make even the most ridonkulous song choice actually work (as well as can be expected, anyway). I'd say the same for Jason Castro, but it's clear his piercing blue eyes and laid-back charm have worked some kind of hoodoo-voodoo on me, so I can't be trusted.

So who is next to go? I'm guessing Syesha. Or Brooke. (God bless her, I love her so, but forgetting the words and then stopping and starting over may make it hard to bounce back.)

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