Eli Stone


You like it. You really like it. And you're hoping the bubble (aneurysm?) doesn't burst.

As messages pour in about the fate of ABC's fantastic new dramedy Eli Stone—which airs its season finale tomorrow night—it becomes clear how deeply this series has touched its fan base. And for good reason: This story about an impassioned lawyer with a brain aneurysm—who may or may not be a prophet—is one of the most inspiring TV newcomers we've seen in a long while.

So where do things stand as far as a pickup for season two for Eli? Well, I just checked in with executive producer Greg Berlanti, and he sends out this message to you fans:
Greg Berlanti

Kevin Parry/WireImage.com

"Unfortunately we don't know anything. But I can tell you this: Marc Guggenheim and I—as well as the cast, crew and other writers—are insanely proud of the show. Like any show, there was a learning curve, and our best episodes are clearly the last four or five.

"We just hope anyone who wants the show to come back will let that be known to ABC. And thanks so much to you and to all the fans who have reached out. It's a great show, and it's been immensely rewarding to have put something so unique and, hopefully, inspiring on the air."

You know what that means, right? You gotta have faith. (Cue George Michael!) It also wouldn't hurt if you told your friends (especially those with Nielsen boxes) to tune in to Eli Stone tomorrow night and give the show some much deserved season-finale ratings love. 

You can grab a sneak peek and catch up on what you've missed here. And please take a moment to holler at ABC by posting your support for Eli in the comments below...



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