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The HIMYM news just keeps coming.

Sources who work on How I Met Your Mother tell me Alicia Silverstone has opted out of appearing in the 14th episode of the season, which has another guest star you may have heard of...the name Britney Spears ring any bells?

I'm told Alicia is a big fan of HIMYM and wants to take part in another role at a later date—just not while Britney is there since, according to sources, it may be too "chaotic." (Hmmm...that word also ring a bell?)

Inside sources also confirm what my frenemy Michael Ausiello just reported over at TV Guide: that Scrubs' Sarah Chalke is now in line to replace Alicia in the role. Not too shabby, right? Clearly, the girl's got comedy chops and knows her way around a doctor's office...

The role that was Alicia's and now is looking like Sarah's is that of Stella, a hot doctor that Ted (Josh Radnor) has a serious crush on—and goes to ridiculous lengths to impress. As we reported yesterday, Britney is playing "Abby," the "Michael Cera-esque" receptionist for Stella. So Sarah and Britney will share some screen time (and I'm guessing Josh will be pinching himself at the surreal sandwich in which he will find himself on set!).

If you ask me, this is all a win-win-win for HIMYM. All the brouhaha over Britney should bring more attention to this fantastic show we fans are already ape-dookie over, and now we get to have Sarah Chalke (love) and still look forward to Alicia Silverstone (fingers crossed) appearing later on. Plus, you know, all the regulars and stellar writing we've already come to love.

Oh, BTW, I'm starting to develop a serious girl crush on Miss Silverstone because, clearly, the girl has impeccable taste in television. Not only is she a HIMYM fan, but Connie Britton told me Alicia once screeched to a halt and almost caused a car accident just so she could pull over to the side of the road and tell Connie how much she adores Friday Night Lights.

Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother

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Honestly, that's just legen...wait for it....dary! (As the illustrious Barnito Supreme might say.)

So what do you all think of all these HIMYM developments? Dying to know, so please, post below!

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