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Paul in Philadelphia: File this under "This can't be happening, can it?!" Your frenemy Ausiello reported Wednesday that Kristen Bell is still not signed on for season three of Heroes? Whiskey-tango-foxtrot (wtf) is Tim Kring waiting for? Thanks.
I have it on good authority that Elle is very much a part of the writers' grand plan for season three. (Fear not: Kring loves her just as much as we do!) So, if there is a holdup, I assure you it is more on the business (rather than creative) side of things, and there is still time to get this worked out before they go back into production. Oh, and by the by, we might not see much of Claire-bear in the first episode or two. Hayden P told us at her Candies soiree that production is "gearing up in April and I’ll be joining them in May when I come back from shooting I Love You, Beth Cooper in Vancouver."

Kara in Providence, Rhode Island: I watched the Dirt premiere last night. Too crazy! Please tell me life in Hollywood isn't really like that.
For what it's worth, Courteney says they have consulted with actual paparazzi for tricks of the trade so their storylines are accurate. But yes, much of it is creative license. By the way (mild spoiler alert), I'm told that Courteney Cox's hubby, Mr. David Arquette, directed the fifth episode of the season, an episode in which she just so happens to have a serious makeout scene. Word is, poor David couldn't handle watching his wife with another guy and literally left the set mid-smooch! Awww....Kinda sweet, isn't it?

Claire in Paramus, New Jersey: So, what's the deal? Do Gossip Girls' Serena and Blair hate each other in real life or what?
Ah, the rumor mill. All I can tell you is that both Leighton Meester (Blair) and Blake Lively (Serena) showed up to an event for the Reebok Freestyle World Campaign last week and certainly seemed very friendly! (No catfights—poo!) As for what's next on GG, Blake said, "I don’t know if they’re going to pick right up from the episode where we left off, or if they are going to act like a few months happened." And Leighton said Blair "should kind of claw her way back up to the top. She’s kind of an outsider right now. As we left it. Just a little tease for you!" And we all love a good tease! (Well, except maybe Chuck Bass.)

Mandy in Westchester, New York: My friend was sitting a couple of rows behind you at Good Medicine, the Grey's Anatomy crew benefit show at UCLA. It would be supercool if you could do a little recap—I am so jealous I couldn't be there!

Eric Dane

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I wish you were! And I will gladly recap. Paul Adelstein (Agent Kellerman!) was adorable with his guitar and his scruffy hair, crooning "Slip Sliding Away"; Chris Lowell wore a hat and played the harmonica; Tim Daly played the gee-tar; James Pickens dressed up like James Brown and lip-synced (until his TV wife Loretta Devine shut him down and his real-life wife Gina took the stage for an intense blues number); and Sara Ramirez and Audra McDonald brought the house down with their Tony-worthy pipes. Both received standing O's. But the part that made Jen, Korbi and me erupt in a three-way squee? The nonmusical interludes, with the cast reading fan fiction and fan letters. Sandra Oh killed with her melodramatic delivery during a werewolf ep, there was some 19th century English Lord George and Governess Izzie fanfic, and Eric Dane busted up the crowd with a "fan letter" begging for more McSteamy in less clothing ("Maybe the air conditioner could break?), which turned out to be written by Eric Dane. Good. Freaking. Times.

Jessie in Culver City, California: How amazing was Sara Ramirez in Good Medicine on Friday? I'll never watch Grey's again without thinking of the immense talent hiding inside Callie's scrubs.
Um, that sounds dirty. But I hear you! I used to want Shonda to write some sort of singing storyline so Sara could sing a little, but now I realize Sara doesn't just sing a little, and there is no way anyone would ever believe this random Seattle orthopedic surgeon was also a part-time rafter-shaking chanteuse. Sara was amazing, as was Audra McDonald. In fact, I completely teared up at Audra's rendition of "Aunt Lizzie."

Joshua Jackson

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Trudy in St. Louis, Missouri: Is there any chance Josh Jackson might end up coming onto Grey's?
He's fully engaged with Fringe, J.J. Abrams' new show up in Toronto (which sounds all kinds of amazing...J.J. and J.J., are you kidding me? Too good!). However, I've been told that no recasting has been started yet on Josh's Grey's role (as Cristina's love interest), so maybe this is just my own wishful thinking, but I'm personally holding out hope...and booking a flight to Toronto.

Regan in Chicago: I can't believe Kim walked out of Top Model! What happened?
Korbi just chatted with Atalya, who said that the entire cast was just as shocked—no one saw it coming. As for her own departure, Atalya said she was just as stunned. She didn't feel she even belonged in the bottom two, citing that "both Allison and Amis' critiques were worse than mine!" Atalya bounced another theory over on Yo on E!, our XM and Sirius radio show: "Maybe I was too nice. I was trying to be nice, because Tyra always says that there is the black bitch, and I didn't want to be like that...[Tyra] always says she doesn’t want that for her show, but I guess not."

Lynnie in Syracuse, New York: I read that the ratings for my favorite show, Men in Trees, were not good last week. I'm so sad! What can I do?! I can't be left hanging on another awesome series!
It's true that MIT's ratings weren't so hot when it repremiered last Wednesday. But you have 10 more episodes to get the word out. Start telling your friends to watch! And don't worry about being left hanging. Creator Jenny Bicks said they've already shot two season finales: One, in the event that they are picked up for another year, and another, in the event that they're not. She assures us that both are very effective endings.

Damian Lewis, Life

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Charles in Red Lion, Pennsylvania: What's happening to Life on NBC?
I am over the moon to tell you it's coming back. Yay! I just talked to Life boss Rand Ravich, and he tells me that shooting on season two begins in May and that the series should be back on the air sometime in the fall. As for what you can expect for Charlie, Dani and the rest, he tells me, "Season one was a journey into darkness, and I think in season two we're going to start a little lighter and move back into the darkness as we go through." Sweetheart, I'll take my Damian Lewis in any light, thank you very much.

Barb in Germany: Please consider giving our campaign to Save Women's Murder Club a mention. It would be a crime for ABC to cancel it. The Kiss-Me-Not-Killer storyline is about someone who silences women—we can't let ABC silence the club now.
Good point: Save WMC

Ginny in Fort Dix, New Jersey:  I'm a huge fan of Las Vegas, and I am so sad and mad at the network for canceling the show. There is an online petition that I just signed. Can you tell people about the link on your page? Thanks!
So many shows to save, so little time. So sad. Good luck, Las Vegans...

PCM311: Does the new Judy Greer show Miss/Guided deserve a coveted spot on my TiVo season pass list? The previews look hilarious, and I love Judy Greer...I just don't want to start watching something not worth my time!
Paging Dr. Spaceman! Paging Dr. Spaceman! First off, yay, because this show has Judy Greer and Chris Parnell. I just saw the pilot, and it's kind of like the life and times of Tami Taylor, if Tami were always breaking the fourth wall and was waaay more awkward. It's genuinely sweet and cute. In the illustrious words of Dumb & Dumber: I like it. A lahwt.

Battlestar Galactica

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M in Vancouver Island, British Columbia: Regarding Battlestar Galactica, just wanted to let you know my friend who is a stand-in has been told to be back to work on Mar. 24. Woo-hoo!
You said it. (Woo-hoo!) 

Eileen in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: Are you going to announce a winner of the Great Jate vs. Skate Debate? Why vote in these shipper polls if no one is going to be declared the winner and the poll just disappears onto page three and is quietly forgotten?
Hey now! We're like the Cylons. We have a plan. Sort of...Anyway, we honestly felt that the poll results would speak for themselves, but since so many of you have asked, by our count Skate won out over Jate by a two-to-one margin. Since many of you didn't hate the debate idea, we're going to try it again, and this time we'll tackle the many loves of Clark Kent. Should he be with Lana, Chloe or Lois? Submit your 500-words-or-less statements in favor of your team to, and we'll post the best and most interesting arguments in a couple of weeks.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Ryan in New York City: Anything on Entourage?
Did you catch Adrian Grenier's documentary on his real-life reunion with his father last year? Well, I'm hearing that Entourage producers have discussed the possibility of Vince going through the same sort of experience, and Adrian is reportedly on board.  

Jenny in Adelaide, Australia: Lost! Gimme!
Huh? Whosey whatsy show? Oh, that one with the people on the weird island? I guess I can talk about it. Episode nine is gonna feature some richy-rich types who live in a doorman building—the show is now casting for a French-speaking African desk clerk and a "distinguished" doorman. Methinks we're going back to Tunisia...Holler! (Can't stop saying that since Rebecca Mader's hilarious delivery. Why can't I be from Cambridge?)

Thomas in Columbus, Ohio: As a fellow Lost enthusiast, I wanted to send you my theory about the connection between Oceanic Six and the sky turning purple. What do you think? Am I crazy? Wait, don't answer that...
I think it's kind of brilliant. Spoilerphobes, don't click in until later this season, as there are spoilers herein about the identities of the remaining two of the Oceanic Six.

Brothers and Sisters: Emily VanCamp


Brandon in Aurora, Colorado: Please tell me it is not possible that Ken Olin's character, David, on Brothers & Sisters could be Rebecca's father.
Well, it seems that Rebecca still has her suspicions. In an upcoming episode, she and Justin visit a genetics laboratory so they can have their DNA compared and can find out once and for all if Rebecca is, in fact, a biological Walker...

Lizzie in St. Louis, Missouri: Brothers & Sisters is coming back. Happy, happy!
Damn straight, happy, happy. And episode 13 is going to be a big one for those of you who have been underwhelmed by the McCallister presidential campaign storyline and had been hoping for more of a focus on the Walker family... 

Katie in Farmington, Michigan: Thank you so much for the Dexter info! Can you tell me if Rita and Dex will be together in season three? Please say it is so!
It is so! Show runner Clyde Phillips said their relationship will "deepen and mature." Do I hear wedding bells?

Corinna from Orange, California: Can you tease anything for this week's Men in Trees episode? I would be forever grateful to know that Jack is still alive and kicking!
Well, the title "Sonata in Three Parts" is a clear indication for what is going to happen with this episode. See, the three parts of a sonata include a lively beginning, i.e., Anne Heche's Marin is Martha Stewart-ing up a storm hiding her true feelings over Jack's disappearance; the second part is the dark and murky section, which is the aftermath of the search for Jack. And finally, the third section always brings it back to the beginning. Let's hope it's all adagio soon. Next week: Aspects of ostinato in How I Met Your Mother

Katherine from Chicago: I love your TV scoop, but I am a little concerned with the fate of Jack on Men in Trees. What's going to happen to our sailor friend? Your insight on this show would be great!
Do you really think they'd kill off the hot male lead? I do have to say though, someone may or may not be dying, and it's definitely not who you think! 

Jenny in Mexico City: I haven't heard a word about Medium this season. Please tell me what's going on!
Kathy Baker's coming back! She's returning in an episode called "Burn, Baby, Burn" to mess with Allison's head once more. Ah, mothers-in-law...can't live with 'em, no point in killin' 'em if you frequently hear from the dead. Oh, and in other Medium news, Devalos won't be working out of that sad little office for long. Later this season, he's running for his old job as Phoenix D.A., and he'll have a little help from Allison sniffing out a political mole.

One Tree Hill, Chad Michael Murray

The CW

Teddy in New York: Thank you so much for all your recent One Tree Hill love! I hate to say it, but I sorta liked Michaela McManus in your latest show. She was so pretty and so sweet! Still, I remain a Peyton fan. Any word on that wedding?
I'm told Peyton busts it all up—and that, um, may or may not be a dream. Get ready for big stuff to go down in the 100th ep, which you may or may not want to watch in a padded room surrounded by friends. I think many of you die-hards will be laughing and gasping and yelling at your TV. The season is only getting better!

Francesca in Ohio: Any word on One Tree Hill?
Yes. A big one that starts with a d that I don't like one bit. (Post your guesses in Comments.)

Annie in Chamberlain, South Dakota: Why am I hearing rumors about the CW turning Supernatural into a reality show?! What are its chances of coming back for another season (the way it is)?
I suspect the rumors you speak of have come about because of an upcoming storyline in episode 13, where the boys encounter a group of reality-show ghost hunters. But fear not, Jared and Jensen are not moving into a house to hot tub with other ridiculously smokin' CW stars (though I'd watch that, too). And the show will most definitely be back next season!

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin
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