Lost:: The Beginning of the End


Oi, amigos! Welcome to the first chat of 2008. Say it with me now: Whooo. I have returned from the other land down under, Brazil, where all women look like Gisele Bündchen (someone get me a paper bag) and all men worship Jack Bauer (who, no joke, is still on billboards all over town endorsing cars—guess they didn't hear about the DUI?). Anyhow, I'm muito excited to be back from Brazil and ready to jump into your Q's.

Melissa in Montreal: All I care about is Lost. Please spill!
You aren't the only one! Everyone and their mother's brother's dog's manicurist has been asking about the new season of Lost, which is only a few short weeks away—hooray! So, in the Spoiler Section below, I'll answer as much as I can without someone siccing the smoke monster on me, coolio?

Wendy in Chicago: Did you hear that Oceanic Airlines is back in the skies?
I know! For those of you who haven't heard, Oceanic Airlines announced that after a long shutdown, it is back in business, and their new destinations just happen to be a guided tour of Lostie homelands (for example, Portland, Oregon, and Seoul, Korea). In addition to wicked cool real-life Oceanic Airlines billboards that are popping up around the world, the company launched flyoceanicair.com, which was shortly thereafter hacked by the folks behind find815.com, who are still a little cranky about the disappearance of their loved ones. As the find815.com folks investigate, we get to play along and share the clues to the mystery. I was out of town for the launch of this, so I'm a little behind, but hopefully I can crib from the summaries at docarzt.com if there's a pop quiz. Don't tell Damon! 

Char in Troy, Michigan: I'm so sad Dexter's finale is already over. Any show scoop?
First off, if you have not yet seen Dexter, set your freaking DVR now, por favor. CBS announced it is airing the first season starting Sun., Feb. 17 at 10 p.m. The episodes will be cleaned up and possibly not quite as good, but still totally worth your time! As for the third season, well, the writers' strike is still on, so it's a little too early. But I have a little giddy-good real-life scoop: On Christmas Eve, a couple of very good friends spotted Michael C. Hall (Dexter himself) and his TV sis, Ms. Jennifer Carpenter (Deb!), exiting the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, together. Turns out Ms. Carpenter is a Louisville native, and Mr. Hall went home for the holidays to hang with her fam!

Courtney in Framingham, Massachusetts: I may be one of the few, but I loved Karen Filippelli on The Office. Can you tell me when her new show starts?
Fox has Unhitched scheduled to premiere Mar. 2. And if you're a fan of Office exes, you'll be happy to hear David Denman (aka Roy) has been cast as the lead in a Fox drama pilot that Zach Braff is directing and executive producing! Interesting, no? Production is scheduled to begin pretty soon, and it's an action-packed one-hour drama about a family guy who has a Jerry Maguire kind of moment, quits his job and decides to go work as an EMT, because he wants to make a difference in the world.

Jamie in Augusta, Georgia: Any news on CSI: Miami? I love Calleigh & Co.
Just that our boy Michael Muhney (Neptune, California's late, great Sheriff Lamb) guests on the first ep back, which airs Jan. 14. Michael's wife also just had an adorable little baby, so he's on a roll!

Kristen Bell, Heroes

Chris Haston/NBC

Jeff in Long Beach, California: Please remind your loyal readers that although Heroes is off the air, the story is continuing at nbc.com in the online graphic novel. I mean, who knew that Elle's first assignment was spying on Claire in high school in Texas?
What now? That's crazy! Okay, sign me up. The bad thing's still a-runnin', and I gotta get my Petrelli-Bennet-Nakamura fix somehow! Oh, and P.S.: I have a smidge of scoop on one Hero who isn't likely to return when the show does in that Spoiler Section down yonder.

Jer in McAllen, Texas: Any scoop on Project Runway?
I just ran into Sweet P, and she is rightly named—totally adorable and sweet. She tells me the entire cast is going back to New York in February to shoot the finale and the reunion show. She also tells me she has stayed very tight with Kit, and that their significant others love hanging out together, too. Aw, Project Runway double date. So cute!

Amanda in Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Any chance we'll see the return of the Hump Day Stumper in the new year? I've missed it this fall season.
In case you didn't catch it, we did a little thing on Friday called Frakked-Up Fairy Tales, which is pretty much Stumper Storytime. Did you guys love it or hate it? Want more, or want to burn the image of it from your retinas? Email me at tvdiva@eonline.com, and your wish is my command.

Lou in Brooklyn, New York: Any Brothers & Sisters dish? I miss my show!
Dave Annable was just spotted shopping at the Manhattan J.Crew. If you hurry, maybe you can catch him. And tackle him. Also spotted: A "John Mayer-looking" Penn Badgley recently hit the streets of New York in the company of a blond babe. Think I may have to consider a relocation to the Big Apple...

Jason in Ohio: Did you see you are winning the Who Shot Michael Ausiello? Poll over on TV Guide?
I did. And for the record, I am not the dangerous one. Did I ever tell you Ausiello once mailed me the not so thinly veiled threat of a box of knives? True story! They were cleverly disguised as a wedding gift, but still. My money's on Shonda Rhimes. Or Jon Robin Baitz.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Lost::The Beginning of the End


Lauren in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, England: I'm absolutely dying for any news about Jack and Kate on Lost! Will the "because I love you" be addressed?
Yes. More than once even.

Kelynn in Baltimore, Maryland: I was hoping you might have some news on what's happening with Lost, specifically Jack and Juliet (my new fave Lost relationship!).
Zzzzzz...What?! Oh, sorry, I was just tracking Jack and Juliet's romantic progress in the first four eps of Lost. Must have fallen asleep there for a sec.

Gina in Italy: Can you confirm that the fourth season premiere of Lost is a Hurley episode?
Confirmed. And Hurley's flash-forward includes cameos by two regular characters (one living, one dead) and a flashback character from season two.

Lost: Michael Emerson

Bob D'Amico/ABC

Thomas in Ventura, California: What can you tell me about Ben-Henry this season on Lost? Michael Emerson owns that show.
Yes, he often does. And I think it's fair to say that this season Ben reminds me a little of Boss Tweed or Don Corleone in his heyday. He's on the wrong side of the law, but he has rock-solid relationships with grand pooh-bahs, with little people and with everyone in between, and as such, his influence extends to places you'd never imagine.

Emily in Emerald Isle, North Carolina: Any news on Lost? It's been 24 days and counting! I think the whole fandom's going insane from lack of spoilers. What's going on with our two favorite doctors? How about our two favorite convicts?
Honestly, everything I've heard so far is so fantastic and surprising, I'm reluctant to go there, but I'll throw you a few more bones to chew on:

(1) Trust in the words of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: "Don't panic."

(2) Shows like Lost, Damages, Battlestar Galactica, Mad Men and Dexter are grandmaster chess. The writers are Kasparov, and we are...not. In short, we're getting played (and it feels so good).

(3) Just because we're getting flash-forwards does not mean we learn now how it all turns out. Being at the "beginning of the end" means we're actually smack in the middle of the story. All the happily (n)ever afters for our Losties are not going to be revealed in this here second act of the story, so y'all just simmer down now! There's still plenty at stake.

Lourdes in Paris: Thanks for the great interview with Lauren Stamile. She's adorable. Can we start a petition now for her to stay on the show?
You bet. FYI, I'm told the original plan for Lauren was for about seven episodes, possibly more if the Der-Rose chemistry was "humming." When you see this week's ep, I think you'll know which way producers are heading. (Hint: They dig her.) So, Lourdes, mon petit fromage, I think you'll get your wish, and we'll get much more of Rose when the show returns (whenever that may be).

Grey's Anatomy, Chandra Wilson

ABC/Karen Neal

Daniel in Atlanta: You said something bad happens to Bailey in the next Grey's. She's not getting sick or dying, is she?
Hell, no. She's alive and kickin'. In fact, she'll exhibit some of that superhuman strength that often happens when, say, a mother needs to lift a car off her baby. And yes, that's an intentional comparison. It will be heart wrenching—and the last ep we'll get till the bad thing ends...so, enjoy. (And bring a hanky.)

Samantha in Eugene, Oregon: Any scoop on Heroes? Is Niki coming back?
If you threatened to electrocute me with your lightning powers, I'd say...no. But I'd also tell you that doesn't mean we've seen the last of Ali Larter. I'm hearing that the plan as of the last time the writers met up (prestrike) was for Niki to be dead—but for an alter ego to take over. Not Jessica, not the whipped-cream chick from Varsity Blues, and that leaves...come on, you can guess it! It's someone we've seen before. Of course, all that is subject to change due to the current holding pattern.

Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl

Eric Liebowitz /The CW

Michelle in Mammoth, California: OMG, I cannot wait for this week's Gossip Girl! Is Blair pregnant?
Do you really want to know? Of course you do. Let's just say Ms. Waldorf won't be in the market for any maternity clothes this season. However, tongues will be wagging all over town. And Blair isn't the only Upper East Side It girl whom people think is prego. In fact, S is going to give Dan quite a scare. Elsewhere, Rufus will rebound from Lily's rejection quite nicely with more than one pretty brunette. Dan will finally tell Serena those three important little words, and she'll respond with a blank stare. Blair's queen bee status will be stripped away as her friends and lovers all abandon her, one by one.

Kris in Oak Park, Illinois: Is this Wednesday's Gossip Girl the last episode ever?

Heck, no! The CW picked this show up for a full season, so whenever the writers' strike ends, the GG crew will return to work. This Wednesday's ep is simply the last one they were able to complete before picketing began and production halted. And by the way, if I had to predict the theme of the episodes to come, I'd say it has a lot to do with a certain Waldorf gal seeking revenge.

Anna Friel

ABC/Justin Stephens

Marshall in New York: The winter finale for Pushing Daisies was wondrous. Can we have it back now?
Yes, please? We'll have to wait for more Daisies until the strike is over, but I do have a smidgen of scoop to tide you over: I hear the original plan was to bring back Chuck's father, but that likely will be changed, because a few somebodies didn't like the idea. Still, Chuck will have a parent back in her life. We'll see.

Randy in Austin: I'm so confused by the reveal that Aunt Lily (Swoosie Kurtz) is Chuck's mom. Why didn't she tell Chuck?
From what I understand, Lily got preggers right as her Mermaid career was taking off, and she decided to give the baby to her sister because she couldn't bring it on the road—though I'm sure there's much more to that story. The bigger mystery to me: What's under Lily's eye patch?! You know it's gotta be something kooky and divine.

Alex O'Loughlin, Moonlight

Joel David Warren/Warner Bros

Angi in Chowchilla, California: Moonlight got some love on your TV Throwdown. So, how about showing the Moonlight fans some love by some ever-needed scoop?
I'm all caught up now, and I can tell you the ep airing Friday, Jan. 11, is the best since the one in the desert. It's an adrenaline roller coaster. No Josef or Coraline, sadly, but lots of heavy stuff between Mick and Beth—including Mick contemplating his "mortal feelings" for her. Also, shirtless Mick. For that reason and several others, it's worth tuning in.

Karolina in Red Bank, New Jersey: When is Scrubs coming back?
Jan. 24! And it looks like there are three new eps in the can. The final one will be Zach's baby (he directed it), the homage to The Princess Bride. You know how, every season, Scrubs tries to do one very special ep? Well, this is it for the final season. It's a huge half-hour fairy tale with costumes and locations. Apparently, the janitor's a giant, and J.D.'s the village idiot. I'm told it's amazing. Zach says they put a lot of work into it—with all the special effects and things they've never incorporated before, it's easily the most ambitious episode they've ever done.

Gayle in West Hollywood, California: I spotted Donald Faison out and about over Christmas, and I almost cried 'cause I was so excited. Can you give me some scoop on him? Is he single?
He ain't married, but he ain't single either, hon. He's still playing devoted boyfriend to Cacee Cobb (you know, Jessica Simpson's ex-assistant). Sorry, girl. The good news is, you can get your Donald fix on Scrubs when it returns later this month. I recently talked to the big D, who told me a lot of things happen in these upcoming episodes, because they knew the strike was coming and were trying to get as much in as possible. He shared that Turk and Carla will be making some big decisions, and their marriage will go in a new direction. I asked if they were contemplating a swinger lifestyle, and he said, "Swingers would be nice. For Turk. Until he sees somebody banging his wife, and then he'd get pissed off." P.S.: If guys that speak a second language turn you on, Turk's got a surprise in store for you...

Dule Hill

Alan Zenuk/ USA Network

Kate in Atlanta, Georgia: Don't forget that Psych is coming back in January! I love me some James Roday and Dulé Hill!
Yay! More Psych! The first ep back airs this Friday, and it's called "There's Something About Mira." The facts are these: (1) Dulé's real-life old friend Kerry Washington guests as a complicated woman from Gus' past. (2) Anything that starts with "Let's try Goldschläger!" will not end well. (3) The first ep is very Gus-centric (yay), but that means almost no Shawn-Juliet (boo).

Lindsey in Baltimore, Maryland: Psych! Any news about Shawn and Juliet when new episodes return Jan. 11?!
Sad news, tubers. I asked James Roday about Shawn and Juliet this morning, and he told me, "I think it's possible that we created some anticipation with that last moment in the first half of the season that we might not be able to deliver on. So, don't get too excited—there's still plenty of sexual tension there, but I'd be lying if I said we take another step in that direction."

Ted in Seattle, Washington: Wasn't last night's premiere of The Wire awesome? I'm so glad it's back and finally feeling the love. What's coming up?
Me, too! I'm hearing next week's ep features the return of Avon Barksdale (Wood Harris), the original drug lord from the series' first seasons, who will be having a little business meeting with current kingpin Marlo. And speaking of feeling the love, check out this guy's Wire-crush.

Taylor Kitsch, Friday Night Lights

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Mackenzie in Kettering, Ohio: Friday Night Lights!
The last few minutes of the next episode will make your heart grow three sizes (that's good, people!). But leading up to that is a lot of college-football bargaining for Smash and some ginormous stupidity on the part of Tim Riggins. Remember how we told you it wasn't over between him and the Meth Ferret? Well, that starts this Friday. Shudder. Also, in the next ep, there is once again no sign of Jason Street. Is it just me, or is writers-room Darwinism not working in his favor? Is the idea of a Streetless FNL crazy talk, or is it the natural course of things? Post your thoughts in the Comments—I'm very curious to hear what you think.

And that's it for today! Thanks for playing.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Korbi Ghosh
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