The Office: Rain Wilson, Angela Kinsey

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Hey, tubers! Thanks for all your TV-licious Q's this week. Let's dig right in, starting with the Official possibility of a bun in the oven...Yeee!

Cris in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada: Angela's pregnant! Please tell me the one good thing about the strike is that once it's over, they can write the pregnancy in as Dwight's baby! Dwight as a dad = hilarious!
(1) Congratulations, real-life Angela! (2) Did you know that Office boss Greg Daniels, Angela Kinsey (Angela) and Paul Lieberstein (Toby) are all related via Liebersteiniosity? Remind me to make friends with Paul's mama, 'cause I wanna have Christmas dinner at that house! (3) She better be pregnant on the show, and it better be Dwight's (not—horrors!—some kind of Andyspawn), because, seriously, she's due in May and that is sweeps, so this is a gimme. (4) I would give up one of my own ovaries to hear Dwight Schrute's theories on pregnancy, birth and childrearing. Can you imagine?!

G in Chicago: "Lost Without Lost: A Haiku"

Where are my people?
Sandy beaches, shirtless men
Die, hiatus, die!

(Please, please tell me you have some tiny little morsel of info to share on Lost? I’m dying here!)
Ha!...Or make that Ha-lle-freaking-lujah! I do! Check out the spoiler section below, mon cheri!

Heidi Klum

Kevin Mazur/

Jer in McAllen, Texas: Your new photo is sooo Top Model! Any scoop on that dramafest? How about Project Runway?
Wow, I guess all my ANTM viewing finally paid off! Thank you. [Blush.] Okay, regarding PR: Heidi Klum is coming to town! (She sees you when you're sloppy, she sees all your mistakes, she knows if you dress bad or good, so dress good for goodness' sake!) Heidi is starring in the Paley Center for Media roundtable about Project Runway next Tues., Dec. 4, and I'm moderating. Yay! If you have any Q's about Runway, seasons one through now, email me at, and I'll get you A's!

Chrissy in Oak Park, Illinois: So, I'm assuming Michael Vartan's show got canceled, since it hasn't been on for weeks. I'm pissed!
Actually, ABC put Big Shots on hiatus for November sweeps, but it's back this Thursday and has a few eps in the hopper—including the one guest starring Charisma Carpenter. Said ep airs Dec.13!

Jennifer in Toluca Lake: Do you have any scoop on The Hills? I'm sorry, but it's the best show on TV. Do you think Heidi and Spencer will actually get married?
Sources tell me their plans are still in the works, though they've settled down regarding the casting of people in the wedding (perhaps because they were outed...hmmm?). And by the way, am I the only one who thinks Whitney's new squeeze Jarrett is kinda adorable? He gave her free personal training, picked her up for a date, treated her with respect and paid the bill. This just might be the best guy ever on The Hills! Still, spoiler alert! I just so happen to know it didn't work out between the two of them, because Whitney apparently moved on and started dating someone here at E! (no, not Korbi, not Moondust, not Teddy C...).

Sharon in Gainesville, Florida: I loooove The Hills, and I am totally Team L.C.!  I'm even gonna buy L.C. designs for all my female family members this Christmas.
Go for the handbags. Lauren just released a new line that includes a clutch, a coin purse and a tote. FYI, don't miss tonight's installment of the show, because Spencer's sister makes her debut, and she confronts your girl quite aggressively. It's a cannot-miss ep.

Diana in San Diego: I miss Logan's partner from last year on Criminal Intent—the redhead with the pixie haircut, not the new redhead. What happened to her? Is she ever coming back?
A L&O: CI show rep assures me that Julianne Nicholson (the pixie redhead, Det. Megan Wheeler) is returning to the show next year. She's been on maternity leave, with Alicia Witt (the new redhead) filling her shoes in the meantime as Det. Nola Falacci. Alicia shot six eps of the show, and her last installment airs when the show returns from winter hiatus. (Nicholson was great, wasn't she? It took me a while to get used to her, but I think Julianne's chemistry with Chris Noth is the best of anyone's since Jerry Orbach. Can't wait until she's back on the cases!)

Danielle in Van Nuys, California: I can't escape the billboards for that Tin Man movie. Is it any good?
Granted, I'm a wee bit biased because I have a Wizard of Oz collection the size of Jack Donaghy's cookie jar collection (seriously), but I think it's divine! It's a reimagining of The Wizard of Oz, and if Sci Fi were lame (like me), the tagline should be something like, "Everything you think you know about the land of Oz is wrong (but cooler than you ever imagined)." The cast is top-drawer, the writing is even better, and if you like Lost, Battlestar or Pushing Daisies, plan to love it, because it's something like a mashup of all three (plus, Zooey Deschanel from Weeds). I foresee Pirates of the Caribbean/Harry Potter/Wicked-scale fandom erupting after y'all have seen it. And if not, I'll be starting a one-woman fan club.

Jenny in Sherman Oaks, California: I went to the So You Think You Can Dance show in L.A. this week, and it was awesome! Any scoop on the cast?
Sí! Korbi went backstage after the show and said the kids were in very good spirits, getting ready to drive up to San Fran for a big Thanksgiving dinner together (and their next performance). Kameron told her they're just trying to really enjoy these last couple weeks of the tour, because it's quickly coming to a close. The posttour plan? He's moving to New York with season-two finalists Ivan and Travis, while B-girl Sara's hitting L.A. And Neil has already booked a movie, which everyone's psyched about! By the way, guess who else she spotted backstage: Karen Darling! Turns out the very sweet Natalie Zea is a huge fan of SYTYCD and was totally thrilled to be meeting the dancers. I knew I liked her.

Chris in Syracuse, New York: I'm a big fan of Wonderfalls. Any chance of Bryan Fuller and Lee Pace reuniting with any of the cast on Pushing Daisies? Also, rumor has it Veronica Mars' Rob Thomas is resurrecting Cupid—true?
Sadly, we heard through the grapevine last year that the cancellation of Wonderfalls just about broke Caroline Dhavernas' heart—so much so that she can't bear to take on another American series full-time. But...maybe a guest stint? Cross your fingers! (Speaking of Pushing Daisies, Mike White and Molly Shannon costar in the next ep as Hansel and Gretel types—a brother and sister duo with a predilection for candy. Love it!) As for Cupid, yes, it's true! Jeremy Piven won't be involved, but Rob is working up a new version for ABC! Don't forget. More R.T. in the world = more smiles.

Maria in Chicago: Why did October Road premiere on Thanksgiving? It couldn't have done very well in the ratings—most of my friends had no idea it was back.
True dat. Even the brand-new Seth Green-graced episode of Grey's Anatomy hit a ratings low with barely 14 million total viewers. Road aired after that, and lost more than half the audience, averaging about 6 million. The good news is it settles into its regular time slot (10 p.m. on Mondays) tonight, and the Weeds season is over, so we can all watch OR if we so desire. (Personally, I'm having a hard time getting into it. Can you diehards help me? I wanna love it!)

Melissa in Hammond, Indiana: I was just wondering if and/or when there are going to be new episodes of The Girls Next Door?
Season four premieres Sun., Dec. 9 at 10 p.m. Look for 12 eps total this season. Jen is already parked in front of the TV with her popcorn and a bottle of gin. (Take a shot every time Kendra is tardy, Bridget talks to Winnie like she's a person and/or Holly mentions her stint at Hooters!)

Eric in Santa Barbara, California: I missed Battlestar Galactica: Razor! Will it ever be re-aired, or is there someplace on the Internet where I can find it?
Direct to DVD, baby! Razor comes out on DVD Dec. 4, 2007. And Christmas stockings around the nation open wide...Speaking of which, we've seen the season-four preview from the bonus features—check the spoiler section for more.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Heather in Miami: My sincerest condolences that your Hawaii trip was canceled. Is there no justice in the time of the strike?! Anyway, why don't you make it up to yourself by telling us some Lost scoop.
Thanks, Heather. Anyone wanna help me drown my sorrows with some mai tais? As you may know, the Lost production office is an impenetrable fortress of secrecy these days, but I was able to dig up a little scoop that I certainly found fascinating! Sources tell me the series most definitely flashes backward and forward in this season—and until the series ends...yeee! I'm also hearing we get quite a few new characters courtesy of Marsha Thomason's character, Naomi. Word is, Naomi summoned them via walkie-talkie before Locke busted that knife in her back. So, newbies are a-comin'!

Tanya in Chino, California: Only two episodes left of Heroes! Any scoop on what happens? Are the eps good?
I've heard of what happens but haven't seen them yet, and I can tell you this: I'm highly alarmed by the body count at the end of next week's episode. If one death in particular isn't a fake-out (that is, if he or she doesn't come back when the show returns), I will be asking you to join me for the rioting, looting and hissy-fitting that is only appropriate with a death of this kind of fan favorite.

Yuley in Germany: I cannot stand Rose on Grey's Anatomy! Please tell me she will take her sicky paws off Patrick Dempsey.
Hey now! I'm not saying I like Rose and McDreamy together (jury's still out, if you ask me), but I have to tell you that Lauren Stamile, who plays Thorny, is quite a lovely person—inside and out—so let's not go crazy with the hate, 'kay? That said, you'll have plenty of reason to put a fist through your TV in the next couple of episodes if you are not a fan of the McThorny pairing, 'cause, well, there's a little lip-on-lip action on the way! Yep, you heard me. McDreamy is puckering up to Miss Prickly. Good thing or bad? Comment below!

Harrison in Rhode Island: The last episode of Grey's was fantastic! So many lives hanging in the balance. Any word on who'll survive?
I know Nurse Rose "saves the day" when it comes to McDreamy's computer-gremlin-riddled surgery, so I'd bet good money on that patient surviving...and on the experience making Derek swoon.

Tori in Sonoma, California: Brothers & Sisters is so good. Please spill!
Gladly. Stand by for lots of exclusive Brothers & Sisters video clips from my time hanging out on set with the Walkers! Those are coming later this week. Meanwhile, the romances are heating up, no?! Last night's episode had me all swoony with that Lyle Lovett serenade at the Hollywood Bowl for Kitty...(not that my hubby doesn't do things like that all the time, but jeesh!). Anyway, look for Saul to finally begin accepting his homosexuality when he goes on a date with a man named Evan, and for Nora to cozy up to Danny Glover's character, Isaac. (Poor Chevy!)

Grace in Asheville, North Carolina: I love Friday Night Lights, but I feel like there's an element of romance missing. Last season, we had Lyla and Jason, Lyla and Tim, Tim and the neighbor, Julie and Matt, Smash and Waverly and, of course, the coach and Tami to tide us over. This year, not so much.
Take heart! There is love (and lust) in the Dillon air, and you'll bear witness to it very soon. First of all, Matt Saracen has a couple of balls in the air...and I ain't talking 'bout his football game. As you know, the cheerleader has sunk her claws into him, but the heat between Matt and Nurse Carlotta keeps him from making a commitment to either of 'em! Also, Jason's got a date or two in the near future: One goes south fast, while another may turn into something long term. Of course, Julie's got forbidden teacher love on the brain, and stay tuned for some good Smash action as well.

Erin in Reston, Virginia: Any updates on my old fave ER?
In an upcoming ep, Sam and Gates...flirt?! Say whaaa? It's subtle, but it's there, and it's kind of freaking me out! What do you guys think of that pairing? Post in the Comments below!

Brenna: OMG! This Tuesday is the big Bones kiss! I am so looking forward to it! But I need to know, is anything good gonna happen for them after it? Love you, Kristin!
All I can say is that in the last scene of the last episode before Bones goes off the air (because of the strike), there's an event that's much, much bigger for Bones and Booth than a li'l ol' kiss...and not in a good way. Gaaah! (Oh, and thanks for the love, my dear.)

Kathie in West Haven, Connecticut: I love Gossip Girl, and I need a gossip fix! Can you tell me if Serena's mom and Chuck's dad are still together? They never made it clear whether she forgave him or not.
She did. Lily van der Woodsen and Bart Bass (or should I say L&B) are sooo on, and word is Serena is quite surprised when she finds out. XOXO, TV Gossip Girl.
Zachary Levi, Chuck

Dean Hendler/NBC

James in Chicago: Chuck?
Most important, there's another great heart-to-heart moment coming up between Sarah and Chuck (how toe-tingly was that kiss?!). Also, Chuck's cover is finally exposed, causing him to leave town and go under permanent security, and at Buy More, Big Mike's giant marlin is stolen and the cops believe it's an inside job.

Stephanie in West Chester, Ohio: Do you have any idea about what happens on the Psych holiday episode?
Well, Gus' dad kills an old guy...Kidding, that's just the title, but an old guy does die, Corbin Bernsen keeps the boys in check by being his usual hilarious self, and "Lassie" becomes a holiday pet of Juliet's family. Sort of. In other exciting Psych news, people who know things tell us that creator Steve Franks is directing the season finale. Yays!

Christopher in Concord, California: What's coming up on Dirty Sexy Money?
The Darling family secrets do not stay hidden forever. I'm hearing we'll finally know the truth about which Darling kid is Nick's half-sibling this Wednesday! Word is, more info about Dutch and Letitia's affair is learned as well.

Jessica in Orlando, Florida: Anything on Aliens in America? Will Justin ever go on a date?
Yes, Justin is finally getting a girlfriend! In an upcoming episode. He dates an unpopular girl named Donna, who informs him that his French-kissing skills need fine-tuning. Also, Raja gets some lovin' as well from a girl named Sadika.

Janelle in Austin, Texas: October Road! October Road!
Nick's mother, who passed away years ago, had a secret her son soon uncovers.

Kristen in Winter Park, Florida: Can you give us any news about Law & Order: Criminal Intent? I'm a total junkie when it comes to that show...
Ben Vereen stars in the final episode of the fall as a minister entangled in the murder of four college boys. Word on the street says his performance is a major standout. Also, over on L&O: SVU, an upcoming case focuses on a secluded Orthodox Jewish community called Kiryas Joel after several children are raped by a 14-year-old classmate. Can you feel my goosebumps of creep from there?

Linda: Loved Razor. However, I could not hear what the old man in the tub said! Grrr...please tell me what I waited nearly two hours to hear and then miss. Thank you so say we all.
He said, "Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end." I say, "The end and the beginning are always the same thing," but that's just me. As for the season-four preview, Tricia Helfer spills that there is going to be a new Six, who goes by the name of Natalie; Jamie Bamber says the first 10 eps are all about the secret Cylons; and Ronald D. Moore promises we meet the final Cylon before the end of season four. There's also a season-four trailer that includes one particularly intriguing shot: Kara lying on the floor of a Galactica hallway screaming, "We're going the wrong way!" Mmmm...

Kara in Fort Lee, New Jersey: Can you please tell me why the actress playing Nathan Fillion's ex-lover from Chicago looks so familiar? I've been trying to figure it out since she unexpectedly showed up at his door last night on Desperate Housewives!
Her name is Melora Walters, and you know her because she is crazy Wanda Henrickson from Big Love! You know, Joey's weirdo wife who has a penchant for poisoning people?! Turns out she'll be playing a loon on Desperate Housewives, too, and sources are saying Tom Scavo is her next victim! Do you remember when we reported back in October that Tom would be seen having dinner with an annoying hussy? Turns out that hussy is the same lady who wreaked havoc on Adam and Katherine Mayfair's marriage back in Chi-town.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Korbi Ghosh and Michael Berner

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