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Levi in Paramus, New Jersey: When does Edie Falco guest star on 30 Rock?
She begins a three-episode stint as C.C., Alec Baldwin's new love interest, this Thursday! And this show just keeps getting better. We're told C.C. is a congresswoman who comes from "the other side of the tracks," and she and Mr. Donaghy don't always see eye to eye. Edie and Alec are another story, however. After shooting the episodes, Falco reports that Baldwin is crazy, crazy funny and totally nails the 30 Rock humor: "He makes it look so easy, which is a little daunting, but it's great." Falco also said she had never seen the show before being asked to do it, but they sent a bunch of episodes to her and she sat alone watching them and laughing her head off: "You know it's very hard to do stuff that's genuinely funny, and these guys just really got it, in my book. You see something really good and you want to be a part of it, so I'm totally game to try to fit into it in whatever way I can." I'm also told Donaghy gives us this pearl of wisdom this week: "Your hair is your head-suit." Words to live by!

Thomas in Idaho: Is it true that Grey's shut down production today?
I, too, heard that rumor, but sources on set assure me plans are moving forward to finish the 11th episode, which is supposed to wrap on Wednesday. That episode is scheduled to air the week before Christmas, and if the strike carries on longer, it will be the Grey's fourth-season finale. 

Valerie in Redwood City, California: Lost!
Just in case you haven't seen it yet, the first Lost minisode is up. It's Jack-tastic, starring Matthew Fox and John Terry doing a scene written by Carlton Cuse. There are 13 minisodes in total, to be released each Monday, and leading right up to the week of Feb. 5, 2008, which is almost certain to be the week Lost premieres. Am I the only one who's not sure whether I should laugh or cry?

Ruby in Chicago: What's coming up on My Name Is Earl?
You mean, My Name Is Earl, one of the smartest shows about dumb people ever? That show cracks us up, so we asked creator Greg Garcia what was coming up—and will Earl ever get out of jail? Garcia joked, "I don't know! I'm not there. I'll be curious to see. I can't wait to watch the show and find out if he got out. I'm on pins and needles. Who knows what could happen while I'm gone! He could finish the list while I'm gone, for all I know—it could all be over." Chortle. Sob. 

KP27 in Atlanta: What does the writers' strike mean for Battlestar Galactica? I became a fan via DVD this summer, and I can't wait for it to come back.
According to the man behind the curtain, executive producer Ronald D. Moore, "We have about the first half of the season in the can. That just happens to be where our break falls anyway, in terms of airdates. The network was going to broadcast just the first half of the season in April, and even before the strike, they were unclear when they were going to broadcast the second half, whether it was a break of a couple weeks or what. And now it's even more up in the air, because we haven't shot—clearly—the second half, so...all bets are off." Sigh. Still, in the meantime, BSG fans, you'll want to tune in to Sci Fi's Wizard of Oz remake, Tin Man, when it premieres Dec. 2. We've seen the first two hours, and it's nothing short of wonderful, like that old Wizard himself. Plus, it features your favorite boy Cylon, Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben on BSG). We'll bring you more Tin Man coverage in coming weeks. 

Kristy in Atlanta: I recently watched the pilot for Eli Stone, and I think it has potential. A little weird at first, but then I loved it. Plus, how can you go wrong with SpyDaddy?! Any info on when and where we'll see this on the air?
It's an ABC show from Brothers & Sisters and Everwood boss Greg Berlanti (whom you know we luuurve), and it will most likely premiere in February, give or take. They even have 13 episodes already completed, so at least there will be some new good stuff on TV!

Mary in Brookfield, Connecticut: I support the writers! How can I help their cause, even though I live in Connecticut?
Berlanti, who also executive produces Dirty Sexy Money (in addition to Brothers & Sisters) wants you loyal fans to first educate yourselves on the issues: “There’s a guy named Howard Rodman who wrote an online column called It’s the Money, Stupid, and I found it to be a great read, explaining what’s happening. I would encourage the fans to go on the Internet and read about the strike, so they understand what’s [at stake], so they don’t feel like, why are all these high-paid *&#%ers out here asking for more? It’s not about that. It’s also a strike for the 80 or 90 percent of the Guild that doesn’t make what the people in the top bracket make. It’s actually a very communal thing. And the lines have been drawn, so if they want to inform themselves about it, they should do the research online first, and then take whatever action they feel is appropriate.”

And if you feel like writing letters is the appropriate course of action, How I Met Your Mother cocreator Craig Thomas encourages you to act on that: “I think emails and letters to CBS and 20th Century Fox Television would be great. I feel like that would show the fan support for the creative side that brings them their shows. These shows and movies would not exist without the writers, and the more that Hollywood can feel that, the shorter the strike will probably be. Look what happened with shows like Jericho, when the fans came out in support of them. You never know.”

Matthew in Miami: I saw a picture of the How I Met Your Mother guys and Josh Schwartz together this week! Were they arguing about what people should be watching on Monday nights at 8?
Au contraire! Josh Schwartz and his new buddies, HIMYM cocreators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, were actually joking that the caption of that picture should be "Monday Night TV Block Unified"! Hey, who doesn’t have a double-tuner DVR to tape both Chuck and Mother? And if you don’t, you can always just download one of them on the Internet for free, right?!

On second thought, maybe you should refrain from doing that till after the strike is over. We spoke with Carter about what the biggest contract issue is for him, and he said, hands down, the Internet: “For our show, the Internet has been so crucial in how it’s been promoted. There are our Internet-only offerings, like the Robin Sparkles video, and things like that, and then of course, airing the shows themselves. Who knows how long DVD is going to be around? I haven’t bought a DVD in a long time, but I’ve bought TV shows on iTunes. The whole formula’s changing, so we need a contract that reflects that.”

Kelly in Canton, Michigan: I'm worried my favorite new shows like Dirty Sexy Money and Chuck are going to really suffer 'cause of this strike. Any idea what'll happen?
We spoke with Josh Schwartz about how Chuck and Gossip Girl (which both have a total of 13 scripts locked, by the way) will be affected: "I think when the strike ends, Chuck and Gossip Girl will be back. But that being said, the idea of running lots and lots of repeats at a time when the show could be building momentum and an audience is very, very damaging."

Greg Berlanti had this to say: "Each show could be affected differently, and you just don’t know. But I think Brothers & Sisters is going to be fine either way, that’s off the table. In terms of Dirty Sexy Money, who knows? Maybe during the strike, they do DSM week, and everybody who hadn’t seen it falls in love with it."

Kate in Paso Robles, California: I just heard FX is bringing Damages back for a second season! Is it true?
The plan is to bring it back for two 13-episode seasons, actually. Glenn Close, Tate Donovan and Rose Byrne have all signed on! 

Teesha in Milwaukee: Will Lincoln Heights on ABC Family be renewed for a third season?
Magic 8 Ball says...Signs point to yes. The ratings are great—it even does better than some CW shows—and it's creatively strong, so it should be all systems go!

Allison in Austin, Texas: I thought Stephen Fry was going to be in more episodes of Bones. But now you say "Sweets" has been made a permanent castmember—what gives? I have to admit I prefer the Brit.
As I understand it, Stephen Fry is so important to the United Kingdom that the Home Office refused to authorize a travel visa for him. The hope was to prevent his permanent defection to sunny Southern California and/or Hugh Laurie's loving arms. Kidding, but basically, Stephen Fry is incredibly important and busy over in the U.K., and it just couldn't be worked out to have him on board Bones this season. Sweets is fun, though, and there's still room for Gordon-Gordon to return at some point in the future.

Pat in Fort Worth, Texas: Last season on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith's father's daughter had a premature baby. Was that daughter Lexie or another daughter? Where did Lexie come from?
Lexie is that daughter's big sister, and the aunt of that premature baby. The existence of Lexie was mentioned to Meredith by the little sister/baby mama, but we didn't see her onscreen until the end of last season.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Victoria in Nashville, Tennessee: Are Maya and Sylar headed for a romance? Or will Sylar kill her? I hope not! Thanks!
Sylar and Maya are most definitely headed toward coupledom, with him using her and her abilities as a shiny new toy. While this sucks for her, it will mean a shirtless Zach Quinto scene very soon, and for that I say: God bless you, Tim Kring. As for your other question, it might not be an either/or situation. I'm just sayin', who's to say he can't do both?!

Jennifer in Lakewood, Ohio : I love Dexter—do you have any good scoop?
The next episode is out-freaking-rageous. Honestly. All you Lila haters are gonna positively swoon when you see Dexter, um, put his foot down. It seems Lila's gone a bit too far, and well, she's not going to like Dexter when he's angry. Still, we haven't seen the last of Lila, not by a long shot, but we do see she's given fair warning about further frakking with Dexter and his familiars. It's. So. Good. Oh, and by the way, did I mention Deb calls Lila a "pale titty vampire"? And that I love Deb? Also, Doakes finds something that makes me think he can't be long for this world...Yeah, it's that big.

Bonnie in Stillwater, Florida: Anything on Lost?
Episode eight, the last script completed before the strike, shoots today through the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and then that's all Damelton wrote. Episode eight includes two new characters, Gus and Noreen. Gus is an "inner-city, unruly character type. He's a sketchy business owner who preys on human weaknesses [and is] happy to exploit any opportunity he sees." Noreen is "very tough on the outside, nurturing on the inside. Confronted with something from her past, she defends herself well, despite the emotional toll."

Carrie in Detroit: On Samantha Who?, will Samantha and Todd get together?
Todd (as in, producer Don Todd, not the character) tells me: "We have great relationship episodes between Sam and Todd as they explore whether they should be together, and Sam decides that she should be with Todd and goes after that, but Todd has another girlfriend, so that's not going to be easy." That other woman is none other than Lost's beloved sacrificial spider victim, Kiele Sanchez. "Kiele plays a slightly unhinged new girlfriend. So, it's great for Christina to play off of."

Thomas in New Orleans: Will Jason McCallister come back to Brothers & Sisters before the strike kicks in? Please say yes!
Yes! Finally some good news in all this strike doom and gloom, eh? I'm told that Brothers & Sisters' writers worked around the clock to crank out episodes 11 and 12 before the strike took effect, and Eric Winter (Jason) will appear in both eps, in quite a few scenes. I'm also hearing Sarah and Kevin will hit a gay karaoke bar in ep 12—and they'll be singing! You gotta love that. And guess who Sarah will make out with soon? I'll give you a hint: He's a yummy little cracker.

Lynn from Lansing, Michigan: I adore Brothers & Sisters. Any dish?
Looks like some love will be coming Justin's way later this season. Also, Senator McCallister will be taking some heat from some Vietnam veterans when the truth comes out about his so-called heroic deed.

Lauren in Ringwood, New Jersey: You were right about Friday Night Lights. It's amazing. I watched season one in three days. Please tell me it's not still in danger of cancellation. I'm still recovering from Everwood being canceled. And if you have any scoop, I'd love to hear it.
The good news is that FNL will have 15 episodes on the books before the strike catches up with it, so it'll actually be out and about for quite a while after many other shows have gone to the mattresses. That can only be good, right? As for scoop, once this whole murder nonsense is dispensed with, Tyra and Landry go back to being friends, but...there's a new lady in Landry's life! Gaaah! Her name is Jean, and her thoughts on Norwegian power metal catch the attention of Crucifictorius' lead singer. Terrible, I know. But the good news? Tyra won't like it one little bit. Squee! 

Taylor in Amarillo, Texas: I absolutely love Friday Night Lights. This season has much more drama. I just got caught up from last season. Do you have any scoop?
Look for lots more with Landry and his dad in coming eps. We talked to Jesse Plemons, who told us, "Glenn [Morshower] is great. And it's almost freaky how much he looks like me. We've taken a few profile pictures, and he looks more like me than my real dad does. It's kind of weird...But they've done really good about slowly involving him more into the storyline."

Samantha in New Orleans: I live and die by Friday Night Lights these days. Any scoop?
Looks like the show is heading back to Tyra's sister's strip club! The show just put out a casting call for exotic dancers in Austin for a scene that "takes place at a strip club where one of our principal actor's character works as a dancer. In the scene, two of our 'star' high school football players skip school and hang out having drinks at the strip club." Nice. Now, who's ditching? Smash, Landry, Matt, Santiago or Riggs? Oddly enough, I think it might not be Riggins, because he has naked ladies aplenty in his life, and he'll be working so hard to get back on the straight and narrow...

Cat in New York: I like Paula Marshall as Sean's new girlfriend on Nip/Tuck! This seems like it could be a long-term thing, yes?!
Don't get too excited. We asked Dylan Walsh about Dr. McNamara's romantic life this season and he said this: "Sean has several new love interests. He is doing better in life, but I caution you not to get too enthusiastic because his love life, in contrast to Christian's, is still problematic." Walsh went on to tell us that there's a Jacuzzi scene in tonight's episode that's "hard to stomach," but the good doc will keep trying, and he's having some fun, so that's good.

Mitchell in Lanark, Illinois: I heard John Schneider from Smallville is going to be on Nip/Tuck this year. Do you know anything about his character?
Yes, we recently spoke with Mr. Schneider about the role: "I'm the world's most successful porn producer. Ridiculously wealthy. Controlling. And desperately protective of Kimber. He's not a bad guy. Treats everybody really well, but he knows what he wants, knows how to get it and get it right now, whether it's someone or something in regard to cinema." John also said to expect some racy love scenes from him that never would've made the cut on Smallville!

Tim in Billings, Montana: Chuck! Chuck!
We will finally get a glimpse into Casey's past when an ex-flame returns from the dead, but don't expect a happily ever after here. Unfortunately, Casey's ex is engaged to a Russian mobster. Also, look for Chuck and Sarah to crash a fancy wedding. 

Linda in Fresno, California: Anything Supernatural?
Katie Cassidy's character, Ruby, will attempt to conduct a spell requiring a human heart of someone of pure virtue.

Karen in East Lansing, Michigan: How great is Aliens in America? How come no one's watching it? Can you tell me if the guys are ever gonna get some? I feel like that would be really funny!
Actually, we're hearing Justin will have a short-lived relationship in the near future. She'll be an "ugly Betty" of sorts, except superannoying, too! As for why no one's watching, please tell your friends how great Aliens is! It seems that most of the country doesn't realize they get a channel called "the CW"—and therein lies the problem. 

Kate in Biltmore Forest, North Carolina: When does The Riches come back? Seems like it's been off the air forever.
The Riches is scheduled to return in March. They have been shooting for a few months already, so fingers crossed, the strike won't delay its premiere date. We're hearing that little Sam, the cross-dressing cutie, could have a girlfriend this season!

Krista in Red Bank, New Jersey: The return of October Road draws near! What's the word on Hannah and Nick? Any hope?
Well, there's always hope, but we're told Hannah will have an engagement ring on her finger by midseason, and Nick won't be the lucky guy. 

Karen in Orlando, Florida: Is Michael Michele staying on House?
We're hearing that it's just a two-episode arc. So, one down, one to go. 

Tanya in Orlando, Florida: I need some Bones scoop...Is it really moving to Friday?
Yep, sorry. As for scoop, you know that crazy stalker we told you about last week? She is exactly what she seems to be—i.e., crazy and a stalker. Look for a cliffhanger involving her.

Jen in Long Beach, California: What is going on with Shane on Weeds?
Wait, you mean, besides the fact that he's cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs? Over the next two episodes, Shane not only talks with his dead father, with seemingly absolute conviction that Judah's really there, but he manages to pull Nancy into the conversation as well, giving Mary-Louise Parker a chance to do some of her finest work ever, and that's saying something, since she's brilliant all the time anyway. 

Geraldine in Cleveland: Loving Women's Murder Club. That's a really smart show. Any scoop?
Someone close to Lindsay gets shot! 

Meghan in St. Cloud, Minnesota: I love, love, love Reaper, and I'm pretty sure I want to marry Bret Harrison. Any scoop?
Sam, Sock and Ben looove their new condo, except for the fact that their neighbors are a little...devilish.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin and Michael Berne

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