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All right, kiddies, Korbi back with more from the suits at two of our favorite cable nets, FX and HBO. These bites are certainly worth sharing:

The FXings

Sunny Future:  My friends from Philadelphia, Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day, will return to the small screen Sept. 13, kicking off a 15-episode third season of It's Always Sunny.

Daring Rescue:  Good news for Rescue Me. The numbers are actually up this season, contrary to reports last month. After the DVR playback numbers came in, execs at FX were pleased to see a 2 percent increase in the 18-49 demo, and a 1 percent increase in total viewers overall.


Extra ExtrasOur boy Ricky Gervais will be coming through for us fans with a one-hour Extras special to conclude the series. HBO is also in talks with him for a stand-up special!

How the West Was...Not?  Regarding the pair of two-hour Deadwood TV movies, which fans were promised last year, don’t get your hopes up just yet. HBO suits Michael Lombardo and Richard Plepler didn’t seem all that convinced they’ll actually come to fruition, saying creator David Milch is exhausted, having just finished John from Cincinnati.

Furthermore, if HBO were to pick John up for a second season—which they may, because it’s apparently pulling 4.5 million viewers cumulatively—Milch will have to begin writing it immediately.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that HBO no longer has a hold on any of the Deadwood actors, so it could turn into a scheduling nightmare with them as well. Having said all that, Lombardo insists they’ve always had the intention of getting it done, but they’ll have to sit down with Milch at the end of the summer to reopen the discussion.

Simply Awesome:  The Wire will return first quarter of 2008.

More Sex, Please:  As for the Sex and the City feature film, HBO has been very much involved in getting the ball rolling and putting the script together. Lombardo said it will continue the story of the four women into their forties and pushing 50. Plepler said no fan will be disappointed.

Fade to Whack:  Finally, a little Sopranos fodder for you: Plepler was sent an advanced copy of the series finale three weeks before air. When his screen went to black in the final moments, he made a couple angry phone calls, wondering why they were keeping the ending a secret from him!

His take on it? “David was trying to say that you reap what you sow. [Tony] will always be looking over his shoulder, never sure of his or his family’s safety. [It raises the question of whether or not] it’s all worth it.” They were kind enough to tell us that Mr. Chase is currently still in France, but they spoke with him recently and insist that HBO’s door is always open to him...

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