Battlestar Galactica, Jamie Bamber

Carole Segal/SCI FI Channel

I would like to make an announcement: The Watch with Kristin column will be ending in 2020.

Actually, that's a lie. (They're gonna have to tear my geriatric ass away from here with the jaws of life.) But did it make you want to read this column more? Of course it didn't! And I wish the TV powers that be would start to figure that out—that just because we know the end is coming doesn't make it suck any less when one of the best shows on television goes away.

Such is the case this ayem with Sci Fi's Battlestar Galactica, the show which, despite its hokey name, remains to be one of the best written and executed programs on the ol' telly. It's a show which, based on quality alone, deserves to be on the air longer than ER and Law & Order put together. 

But we're only getting one more season. (See how I buried the lead here, 'cause I'm still in that much denial?) 

Joining the recent news about Lost, Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars (is there no justice?!) Sci Fi Network announced this morning that Battlestar's upcoming fourth season will be its last. And the real kick in the crotch? According to the network, the decision to end the show was made by the show's producers, Ronald D. Moore and David Eick. So, we can't even spit obscenities at the network heads or flood their mailboxes with "Save Battlestar" tchotchkes. So, exactly whom can we destitute fans scream at for this TV tragedy?


I suppose the answer is nobody. 'Cause here's one of the things I've learned in my 87 years in this biz: Only the good shows die young. And though I hate to say it, that's a far better option than having something we love drag on through decades of mediocrity.

So, frak. I guess I'll back away from this ledge and just say to Moore and Eick: Thank you for this insanely good TV affair. It was mind-blowingly good while it lasted, and I will cherish every last episode of the coming fourth season.

In the meantime, I'll be talking with Moore and Eick very soon (most likely later today), and also, many of the castmembers this Wednesday at a BSG event, so feel free to email me any questions/rants/raves you have to

How do you feel about BSG's end? Comment below!

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