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Greetings, TVegans! It’s Monday, and you know what that means: It’s time for me to humbly bow before you and answer everything you want to know about TV. We are gearing up for finale time and have much to discuss, so let’s dig in!

Nikki in Baltimore: Please tell me Derek doesn’t cheat on Meredith with the barwhore!
I wish that I could! The truth is, I honestly don’t know whether McDreamy and McBarwhore will do the McNasty. However, I am very concerned after picking up this bit of scoop: Sources close to Grey’s Anatomy tell me that Chyler Leigh—the Reunion star who plays the bar hussy we saw in last week’s promo—has been offered a multiple-episode arc for next season. Booo! I mean, I love Chyler, but I sure hope her storyline has something to do with Cristina or Burke or Bailey or Callie or Izzie or—you get the idea—and not her sinking her slutty little paws into Mer’s man.

Dan in Santa Monica: Please, oh please! How about some good scoop on the Lost  finale? Who dies?!
Okay, guys, here’s the thing. What happens in the season finale is so big that I honestly would not only be banned from all ABC sets from here to eternity, but I’m not sure how I could ever look Damon Lindelof in the face again. And you know I love my D.L.! But I will reveal a smidge of info to tide you over (and hopefully prevent you from throwing rotten tomatoes at me) in the spoiler section below.

Jelinda in Miami: When will we know which shows have been picked up or canceled?
The announcements from the big networks start one week from today, Monday, May 14, and go through Thursday! I will be in New York City bringing you the news as it breaks and, naturally, stalking our favorite TV stars at all the parties, so please make sure to clear your calendar and check back to this section often next week. I promise, it will be worth your while.

Sallie: I know that you were as happy as I was to see Alias' Sark on ABC again! Too funny that he and Francie were in the same episode. Just thought I would share...
I loved it, but it was so distracting. All I could think of during those scenes was, "Ruuun, Francie, Run!...So I can have Sarkie all to myself..."

Juliana in Plattsburgh, New York: I heard a rumor that Mary J. Blige will be on this season of Entourage, but I searched the Internet and can't find it anywhere. Is it true?
The rumor probably got started because Mary J. and her hubby showed up at the season 3.5 premiere last month. However, I'm hearing Ms. Blige actually is appearing in season four!  As herself, of course. 

Maddie in Seattle: I just heard that your former Future Husband Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito broke up after four months of being married! Any gossip as to why?
My dream reason: Bradley is planning to storm my wedding, Graduate style. The real reason: totally freaking unknown! A friend just shot a pilot with Jennifer and said she was talking happily about the wedding and that this Brad and Jen seemed great. Not to mention I saw them with mine own eyes out on the town this winter, and they were inseparable and happy as, well, newlyweds. So, whatever it was, it went down fast.

Janice in Eugene, Oregon: Anything new on Veronica Mars coming back?
I'm hearing Rob Thomas' pitch was received well by the CW, and with Gilmore going away, the network has a bit more money to throw around. Whee! However, the downside is that they're also casting for Pussycat Dolls season two as we speak, and those girls are cheap, right?...I'm talking solely about how much it costs to make the show, of course

Bill in Altadena, California: October Road! Is it coming back?
I ran into Laura Prepon at the book signing for What the Other Mothers Know (coauthored by the mom from Mr. Belvedere, by the way—random but true!), and she said she thinks the creators already have a very good idea of its chances, but they're keeping the cast in the dark. "They will not tell us!" she said. "Because, here's the thing, they want the ideas to be solidified before [we start pestering them to] give us any clues. So they're just like, 'Don't worry about it.' I'm like, 'I'm in total mystery here! You gotta tell me what's gonna happen!' But they're not letting anything leak out yet. There are so many stories to play with though, so they're going to have so much fun."

Dana in West Nyack, New York: Do you have any inside info for the new season of Dexter? I can't wait for my killer cutie to come back!
It's six looong months before we get new episodes, but the good news is that the first season DVD comes out Aug. 21, so everyone can catch up! As for what's ahead, Erik King (Doakes) has told me this about a possible romance for his character and Deb: "She has gone through a lot of trauma already, but I don't know if she is ready for a relationship."

Kenny in Bradford, Pennsylvania: Please tell me Supernatural is coming back for another season! I hear it might be in trouble!
Well, nothing on the CW (except for Top Model and Smallville) is a sure thing at this point, but I can tell you that inside sources are whispering that Supernatural is safe! Word is execs are happy with it creatively and feel they should stick with their solid Thursday night lineup next season.

Helen in Springfield, Oregon: I wanted an all-female team to win The Amazing Race! Where did they all go wrong?!
Actually, I spoke to Charla and Mirna this morning, and they said they were incredibly disappointed to lose the large lead they'd acquired by jumping on an earlier flight to Hawaii. Apparently, they arrived at the helicopters an hour and a half before the other two teams showed. However, the helicopters did not begin running till everyone arrived, and that was a major setback. And more importantlee, mes cheris, I got the lowdown on their fake foreign accents. Apparently, it was an intentional move! Mirna explained that since neither she nor Charla are native speakers—they learned English as a second language—they found it was easier to communicate that way because people spoke more simply to them. She said they didn't want to come off as arrogant Americans, so it was all strategy.

Kaitlyn in Battle Creek, Michigan: I'm annoyed that Eric and Danielle said Danny and Oswald were the least trustworthy. I love those guys. I wish they had won the race.
According to Eric and Danielle, they made a deal with Danny and Oswald and Charla and Mirna off camera, in which all three teams agreed to yield Dustin and Kandice, putting them at a disadvantage, if given the opportunity. That's why Eric and Danielle were so hurt by Danny and Ossie's "backstabbing" deal with the blondes. Eric believes that D. and O. felt threatened by them and used their lack of funds as an excuse to stick it to 'em. They're just grateful they were able to overcome it. And FYI, update on the newest reality TV millionaires: Eric and Danielle are not together anymore. Eric said the race actually affected their relationship negatively and made them realize they're just not right for each other. They are still friends, though.

Maria in Chicago: Did you talk to Brittany from Top Model this week? What did she say about her temper tantrum? Tell me she had a great Brittany-esque excuse!
I did talk to Brit, and she owned up to her overreaction, but she also said the pressure of being stuck in that reality-TV world made everything seem far more important than it really was. Now that it's over, she's just eager to get her modeling career up and running. She's in L.A. visiting Jael at the moment, but she plans to move to New York this summer.

Melinda in St. Louis: My Life on the D-List is coming back! I'm so excited. Kathy Griffin is my sun and my moon. What do you know?!
I was just at an event with Kathy (yes, I'm D-List name-dropping!), and she dished, "In season three, I'm dating, and what I learned is that I married for love, like a fool, and now I only want to date men who can get me photographed in a tabloid. So, I have a date with Ron Jeremy. Perhaps you've heard of him. I have a date with Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. I'm sorry it's not Aaron. And I perform at a maximum-security prison and host the Gay Porn Awards. Yeah, they don't do that on Desperate Housewives or Heroes."

Jason in Kentucky: You're insane to think Blake's gonna win! Melinda all the way! Now how about a little AI scoop?
Random fun fact of the week: The American Idol contestants live in the exact same apartment building as Masi Oka from Heroes. He told me he first ran into them in his elevator and was invited to their place to come over and hang out. How cute is that? Hiro bonding with Melinda Doolittle? Only in L.A., my friends! Now, pardon me while I head on over to sign my lease in Casa de Masi e Idol.

SPOILER ZONE: Read at Your Own Risk!

I can't believe your Office scoop about Karen and the two endings! Aaah! Does this mean no one knows yet whether Pam and Jim get together?
Precisely. In one ending, they get together. In one, they don't. However, I can tell you Pam grows a spine and says some things she's been dying to say (are you not loving the new, ballsy, tire-changin' Pam?!) and Jim has to make a choice between them. Brian Baumgartner of Scrantonicity fame (they rule!) dishes: "Kevin plays a crucial role in determining: Pam or Karen?" Gaaah! Brian also confirms that they've shot "several endings," adding, "We honestly don't know for sure what will happen at the end. There's a job opening at corporate, and there are several people from the Scranton branch who are vying for that job in New York." I'm told Karen and Jim are two of the three people who want that position, which is why Rashida (Karen) was spotted shooting scenes in New York with John (Jim) just last week.

Gustavo in Provo, Utah: Do you know if Jan is pregnant on The Office? I think she's pregnant by Michael.
There are big developments coming on the Man front. Angela Kinsey tells us, "There's a big new twist for Michael and Jan. It's really funny. They just keep getting a little more bent. I love that storyline, actually."

Dani in Great Neck, New York: Any Office romance news?
Dwangela is dwiiirrrty. Angela Kinsey says this of her recent make-out scene with the Schruter: "One of the writers, Mike Schur, told me that after he watched that scene being filmed, he realized that Dwight and Angela have probably made out all over the office at different times, after hours, and it sort of makes us all look at the office in a new way. So, I think they're gonna have some more rendezvous moments—absolutely!"

Douglas in Fairbanks, Alaska: What's next on VM? Are the next eps good? Please say yes!
Yes! At the risk of overselling it, this week's episode is actually one of my all-time VM favorites. Paul Rudd (love) guest stars as a burnt-out rocker who has lost his spunk (figuratively speaking, thank you very much) and also the backup tapes necessary to perform for Hearst College. And Piz recruits this certain sassy little blonde he knows to help. But the most amusing part of the ep? The fact that Rob Thomas told me Paul Rudd is an old friend who was thisclose to playing Vinne Van Lowe! How funny is that?! P.S.: Vinnie makes a surprising comeback at the end of the ep, when Keith finds out he's not running unopposed for sheriff.

John from Naperville, Illinois: Any news on the new season of Kyle XY?
It starts June 11. Sources tell me many of your questions are answered—and let me tell you, the origin of Kyle will make your mouth drop.

Ginger in Argentina: I love Heroes. Any scoops?
I just caught up with Masi Oka (who also will be our special guest in the very next Vine show that airs next Monday, hurrah!), and he gave me some dish on tonight's ep: "It's going to be a lot about Sylar and his origins, and it's very surprising. And with Hiro, you're going to see a lot of badass sword fighting." Um, could it get any better?! Masi told me that choreographing the sword-fight scene was a blast—more on that in tonight's Heroes Redux.

Lauren in Palm Desert, California: Oh, my! I love Heroes! I just can't believe how good this show is. I am still drooling over Peter's sexy scar. What can you tell us about the finale? I can't wait!
I have it on good authority that season one of Heroes ends with a "bang." And I don't think they're talking a sex scene.

GGfan4ever: Will the season finale of Medium end on a cliffhanger?
Great question. Allow me to put that query to Medium creator Glenn Gordon Caron. What say you, sir? "There will be some hanging," says he, and I hear from other sources that the season ends with a bang for Patricia Arquette's character in particular, and that the drama has a lot to do with her new BFF, as played by Neve Campbell.

Amanda in Miami: Medium! I love Jake Weber!
Don't we all, don't we all...Now, how do you feel about Howie Mandel? Medium is doing a segment that takes place on Deal or No Deal, and Howie is there in all his glory. Also, the show was picked up for next season.

Travis in Sacramento: Do you have any scoop on Ghost Whisperer?
I gots ya a war between the living and the dead—and a disaster that involves the leads of the show. I hear the outcome might look something like last season's Andrea (Aisha Tyler) fatality...

Steve in Spanaway, Washington: I know it's not in season right now, but can you give me any scoop on the upcoming season of Battlestar?
I'm hearing we see a young Admiral Adama in flashbacks when the show comes back.

Kristin from Kristin's Office: What are the two things you can tell us about the Lost finale on May 23?
Excellent question, Kristin! Here they are:
1. The game-changer involves Jack and someone else.
2. A fan favorite will sacrifice himself for the good of the rest of the Losties.

Dana in Philadelphia: Please tell me that we get to see some Jack and Juliet nooky before the end of the season! P.S. If Juliet dies, I'm no longer watching the show. P.P.S. That was probably a lie.
HA! Right there with ya! I'm already giddy with anticipation for season-three DVDs of Lost, much less season four. Anyway, I don't know about no nooky, but I do believe Dr. Juliet Burke is sticking around for the foreseeable future. Yay!...Please don't throw garbage at me. I like her.

That's it for today, tuberinos. Now, don't forget to check into this section all next week for scoop from the TV upfronts in New York City. And in the meantime, you know, we'll be doing that thing we do all this week from Hell-Ay.

Happy Tubing!


—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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