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Note: Do not read this if you haven't seen last night's Lost and want to stay spoiler free.

Two words: Awe. Some

As I recently revealed to those of you who follow the chat, Christian Shephard (John Terry) is father to both the good Doctor Jack and Claire Littleton. The mind boggles. (Do not mistake coincidence for fate? Really, Eko? Because these are some darn big coinkidinks!)

For those of you who haven't suspected it, the appearance of this connection might be shocking, but astoundingly, this relationship has been hinted at since almost the beginning of the show!

Don't believe me? Well, listen to our Lost expert, Dr. Anna Graham, who points out the following:

  • Jack's mom knew that if Christian Shephard was missing, he was probably in Australia, suggesting he'd gone there before. (1.5, "White Rabbit")
  • Thomas, Aaron's biological father, accused Claire of having "daddy abandonment" issues. (1.10, "Raised by Another")
  • Claire only knew her father when she was very young. Him singing "Catch a Falling Star" to her as a baby was one of her few memories of him. (1.10, "Raised by Another")
  • Jack's dad had a history of affairs. (2. 11, "The Hunting Party")
  • Christian visited Australia (with Ana-Lucia in tow; 2.20, "Two for the Road") and after getting insanely drunk (on Sawyer's dime, no less; 1.16, "Outlaws"), finally got up the 4 a.m. courage to demand an audience with his daughter.
  • Jack's dad paid the mortgage on the house where he believed his daughter lived. (Gotta love crazy Aunt Lindsey, though!) (2.20, "Two for the Road").

I don't know about you, but I think this reveal is amazing, and it's definitely a worthy payoff for all those Jackbacks!

Maybe They're on Sylar's List? According to poor brainsploded Patchy (remind me never to take Alka Seltzer), Sayid Jarrah and Kate Austen are not on the list. It seems pretty certain to me that the lists divide survivors into "good" and "bad" people, but the question remains: good and bad for what? (Better not be eating. Back off, Others—the Losties are not delicious!)

Penelope Waits, Alone: Thank you very much, Lost, for destroying my dream that at least one Lostaway has a loving family member keeping vigil for him or her at home. But no, even our sweet Claire is, in the end, an orphan. HUG!

Fan Theory of the Week: Billy in Williamson, West Virginia, writes: "On Lost I have noticed a recurring theme with Charlie's 'deaths.' Each time he 'dies' it is due to helping Claire. The lightning, the drowning, the bashed against the rocks—all due to helping Claire. What if he isn't necessarily destined to die but instead destined to stay away from Claire in order for fate to be satisfied?" Mmmm...now I'm seeing Fate as a cranky old man from Scooby-Doo, "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for that meddling Desmond!"

Next Week on Lost: We finally (thank you!) find out why John Locke was in that wheelchair. (We might also find out if he's still in control or if he's gone totally Col. Kurtz bonkers!)

Mystery of the Week: Who were those tiny midgets in spandex dancing across the bottom of the screen after every commercial break? So. Annoying. 

Now feel free to comment away below! I wanna know what you think of Billy's theory. And don't forget—as I've told you before, the original premise of Lost was all about the "baby being tied to the history of the island." Hmmm... 

Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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