Niki and Matt and Mohinder and Sylar and Claire's Mommy and Daddy all meet up in one episode?! Holy Heroic collision! That was almost too much togetherness to bear!

Clearly, all these superfreaktastic separate parts are hurdling toward one another at lightning speed, and it's only a matter of time (the season finale) before they're all in one place (NYC, baby) with one mission: to stop Peter from exploding.

Anyway, another incredible ep of Heroes tonight! Let's digest.

What We Learned

Sylar Is Hooking Up with Mohinder:  Poor Mo fell for Sylar's act (and, oh, it was a good act) hook, line and sinker, and Sylar will indeed follow Mohinder back to his mapified lair. (Heroes, ruuun! Run for your liiives!!!)

The Star Trek Shout-Outs Are Running Amok:  Last week it was Hiro's daddy (Star Trek alum George Takei) and his limo's license plate number (the number of the Enterprise) and this week it was Hope calling Hiro "Sulu" and adding that spread-finger hand sign? Er, wait. Was that one Mork from Ork?

Claire's Mommy Is Shady:  Stealing blackmail money from your long-lost biological daughter ranks right up there with what Daddy Bauer was doing to his kin over on 24 tonight. Not to mention Claire's adoptive father lobotomizing her adoptive mom. What is with these parents? Dr. Phil, we need you!

Ali Is So Ali-as!  Did you not see her channeling Sydney Bristow in that black suit with gun in hand, looking all badass? That whole Matt and Niki/Jessica encounter gave me flashbacks of the episode where Sydney fought herself (when Lauren had morphed into Syd). Ahhh, happy place. I only wish Jessica had had the sense to wear sleeves—seems a far simpler fix than full-body makeup to cover up her telling tat!

What Lies Ahead

Matt Can Help Niki:
 You picked up on how Matt is the only one who can hear Niki's and Jessica's thoughts, right? Well, that definitely comes into play later on, as Matt grows even more of a backbone and once again encounters Linderman's new hit man (Jessica).

HRG's Intentions Are True:
 Sure, his actions seem about as well intended as Sylar's, but from what I hear, HRG is nowhere near the level of hair-raising evil that our boy Sylar is. He thinks he's doing the right thing. (Think Ben from Lost or Donald Trump's hairstylist.)

I'm going to the Heroes set! I've scheduled a hot date with Sylar and his prey for later this week, and I'd love to ask the cast your questions, so feel free to paste your questions below, or email them to me at tvdiva@eonline.com. I am here to serve. And if what you need is for me to hang with the cute boys of Heroes, well, I'm not complaining.

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