Isaiah Washington, Patrick Dempsey

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Did you hear about the scuffle between Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey on Grey’s Anatomy? Well, I have some inside details from sources--one of whom was there on set when it all went down.

According to my spies, the male stars of Grey’s Anatomy were in Seattle filming several outdoor scenes for an upcoming episode in which the boys go camping. (I hear it’s a great episode, actually, and some really funny stuff happens with the guys out in the wilderness.)

Anyway, it seems the guys spent a little too much time together, because--according to sources--the tension escalated during last week’s location shoot and by the time they got back to L.A., things were a little uncomfortable.

On Monday, according to an eyewitness on set, Isaiah was ready to shoot a scene and was frustrated when others weren’t ready to go. At that point, he made an unfriendly remark to T.R. Knight, and when Patrick stepped in to defend T.R., that's when things escalated between Isaiah and Patrick. "It was definitely a fight," the witness tells me.

Sources tell me that yesterday Isaiah and Patrick were sent to the principal's office (executive producer Shonda Rhimes') to try and work things out. Now, both Patrick and Isaiah’s reps are saying this is behind them and both actors are moving on.  

Meanwhile, an interesting side note. I happened to interview Patrick (and the Grey's cast) at a charity event on Sunday, right after he’d gotten back from the Seattle-wilderness shoot and the day before this altercation. (The event was a benefit brunch for the UCLA Rape Treatment Center, which the Grey’s cast hosted.)

Patrick was sporting a scruffy beard, which prompted the following exchange that I now find interesting: 

KV: Is this the Sunday look, Mr. Patrick Dempsey? Did you have a week off? I like it.

PD: We were on location in Seattle. The episode is the men are out bonding in the wilderness, and we didn’t have to shave, so it was nice. It was great to be in Seattle. It was good to be away with the guys.

KV: A lot of testosterone on set during that week, I can imagine.

PD: [Laughs] It was controlled. It was fine. It was good. We have a good time together. And it’s sort of nice to be out of Los Angeles and to be away and to open up the show a little bit. People get a chance to spend more time together outside of the studio, which is fun. We bonded a little bit, in a good way.

So, it seems for the most part (at least, according to Patrick), most of the boys got along just fine.

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