Men in Trees

Bob D?Amico/ABC

ABC: Fridays, 9-10 p.m.
Premiere: Sept. 15
Starring: Anne Heche, John Amos, Abraham Benrubi, Emily Bergl, Seana Kofoed, Suleka Mathew, Derek Richardson, Sarah Strange, James Tupper
Review: If you're missing NBC's Ed or HBO's Sex and the City, ABC has just the thing for you: a sorta, kinda hybrid of the two (well, at least in premise anyway). Heche stars as a Carrie Bradshaw-esque relationship expert, Marin Frist, who thinks she has it all--until she finds out, à la Ed Stevens, that her relationship is a sham and she chucks her fancy career to move to a quirky small town. This time, it's Elmo, Alaska, not Stuckeyville, Ohio, but Carrie, er, Marin still has the shoe fetish and the ridiculously hot man (Tupper) who seems wrong for her in every way. Of course, it's okay that Men's main character borrows a few traits from Carrie, since SATC writer Jennie Bicks is the one pulling all the strings on this new show. Her heroine, in town for a speaking engagement, decides to stay in Elmo indefinitely--where, with ten men to every female, "the goods are odd, but the odds are good." The only downside is that Heche might not be warm enough to really sell this concept. Even still, Men in Trees is charming, quirky and might even choke you up in a few key moments.
Bottom Line: Destined to win over a few Trees-huggers.

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