Did you feel that? You know, that gust of chilly wind carrying the scent of roses and singed fur that just went by? I’ll tell you what it was: Time, my friends, and it’s making Miley Cyrus get all growed up. And as she grows, so does her unstoppable fame. So if you want a piece of innocent Miley before she’s in rehab and flicking butts at maître d's, go to the jump. Before that, you might want to indulge in the grab above of classic Miley through the disturbing lens of Sims2.

Beginning tomorrow on eBay, you can bid on “Wardrobe from Miley’s Closet” or “Miley’s Favorite Things,” like her cell phone and Juicy Couture track suits, which may or may not have been washed, before time changes our sweet teen forever. Wait—it's happening! “I do wanna, like, showcase a little more of what I can do, and also some different situations. I would like to do something that was a little more deep.” Deep? Like what, Last Train to Brooklyn? “There's some things that I want to reinvent with her look,” revealed Miley of Hannah, “and not make it all sparkles and butterflies, you know? Some stars and some black rock 'n' roll stuff.”

We won't touch that one.

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