John Mayer

Dimitrios Kambouris/

This is going to be a Jennifer Aniston-free John Mayer post, because sometimes it’s just better that way.

Over on the Mayer blog, John & Co. are helping raise awareness for a little boy with MPS. There are some really sweet pictures of John hanging out with his 4-year-old superfan backstage at a concert that actually made us awww out loud.

Any time John has an effect on us like this, we gotta let people know. He's not all hookups and cheesy acoustic music.

Well, except, of course, when he is—like now in the following, more gossipy portion of this post...

In a moment of honesty with radio station Z100, John let the most shocking of secrets spill. You ready for it?

He admits he has hooked up with a fan from a performance before! Can you believe a musician would do something like that?

However, he says this was "before camera phones"—meaning before Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson and all those other famous pretty ladies were into him. So, don't get your hopes up too high, ladies.

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