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robitaille_kevin asks: How do I get tickets to watch a taping of The Soup?
As any frequent reader of The Soup Blog knows, we always open up our Q&A session with this same question. Since we manage to keep receiving this same question over and over again we can therefore deduce that there are no frequent readers of The Soup Blog. Which is in equal parts disheartening and unsurprising. So, again, here is the answer. Oh, and here. And here. And here. And here. But not here. That's something else entirely.

girlfury10 asks: hey why don't you guys like make a robot joel and him and the real joel can have a joel off !!!!!
Robot Joel? Ha ha ha! What a crazy idea! (Abort mission! Abort mission!)

Joel McHale, Justin Wood, ABC

celee14 asks: Has anyone noticed that Justin from "I Survived a Japanese Game Show" looks just like Joel McHale?
You know, we've actually received quite a few letters about this, and, yes, we must admit that there is a distinct resemblance. However, the one obvious thing separating them is that this guy Justin seems to have a career ahead of him.

Samantha_D88 asks: Take the soup off the air! Joel is sooo annoying and I change the channel every time I hear his voice come on. It is the most pointless show EVER and I don't know one person who actually likes it.
Finally! The voice of reason. Thank you. You think it's bad having to see and hear him on your TV? You should try sitting across the table from him while he eats ribs. It's enough to make you vomit.

g.enrietti asks: me and my friend meghan watch the show everyweek and download it to our ipods. we memorized almost everyshow and quoting it is a part of our everyday life. we say that we want to become famous and do something stupid just so we can be on the show one day. thats our main goal in life... be made fun of by joel mchale.
It's a common misconception that you need to be famous or "do something stupid" in order for Joel McHale to insult you. Not true! Just ask his golf caddy, au pair, clergyman, grocer, infant son, writing staff, gasoline pump, nail clippers, mirror, invisible jet, empty gin bottle or squandered talent. (Jeez, we're really mean toward Joel this week! What's our problem? He's actually not that bad. Really! Sorry!)


coffeeluver24 asks: Will Lou ever host the show with Joel as the cohost? I was just wondering.
You know, late last year while Joel was away "visiting his aunt" we tried to do several shows with Lou as host but, ultimately, we had to admit it wasn't working. Lou just doesn't have the necessary comedic timing or ability to speak.

Marleyo321 asks: Is Lou Joel's dog?
Who owns the sun?

cjfolsom asks: Where on the website can I find Joel's touring schedule?
Thanks for asking, cjfolsom. Wouldn't you like to see Joel deliver his funny-funs and crack-'em-ups right into your face? If so, then please check this recently updated blog post which clearly relays his stand-up itinerary. If not, then you're probably a grade-A turkey. Yeah. We said it.

Dina Lohan


lilbobby12 asks: Okay, Lately The Soup hasnt been coming on E! like as common as I thought it would. Can you ask E! to cancel that crap of a show "Denise Richards: It's Complicated & Living Lohan" because these shows are turning me off so i can watch more of the soup.
lilbobby12, you must realize that those shows are as vital to the survival of The Soup as an infected intestinal canal is to a tapeworm. We're the tapeworm in that scenario, BTW. Not totally awesome, but it sure beats being an infected intestinal canal.

crazy-superstar asks: hey joel. love the soup! it's the best show on e! and its also the funniest. I just wanted to know if you'll make a stop in Trinidad. peace and love, Risa
Thank you for watching in Trinidad! We had no idea that we were aired anywhere outside of Orange County. (Trinidad's not in Orange County, is it?)

Xulong asks:
Oh, it's a cup. That is clever.

John Stossel

ABC/Steve Fenn

mamanelle5 asks: I don't have a question..........just to say I enjoy this show more than any on TV. It conflicts with 20/20, and now I don't have an extra TV, with which to record it, and I just noticed that I can catch it on another day............something I had not known. Anyway, I love it.
Curse you 20/20! The Soup is a fairly powerful force, but there's just no way that we'll ever escape the magnet-like allure of John Stossel's thick moustache. It's been proven scientifically impossible by several reputable laboratories. Thanks for trying anyway, mamanelle5. We hold no grudge.

m0bell000 asks: So John, I have to ask if you saw the gay man in neon green on Design Star (HGTV) uncontrollably crying when he lost. Although it was difficult to hear through the sobbing, he managed to cry out for his mommy.
John? Who's John? Oh no...Stossel! Curses again!

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