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Did Rihanna write that song "Take a Bow" about Chris Brown? Did they break up?

Love that song. Just love it. Love that someone sat there, quite possibly for days, thinking of every word that rhymes with go, and then made a whole single out of it. It's like listening to Dr. Seuss crying about a breakup.

Thing is, it wasn't Rihanna who penned "Take a Bow." It was Ne-Yo. In fact, Rihanna didn't have anything to do with the lyrics at all. They were all written and done by the time she was pitched the song. "When she heard the lyrics," a Def Jam flack tells me, "she loved it."

And as late as yesterday, Chris Brown's people were making it very clear that any media questions about Rihanna were off-limits. Which means they're totally doing it.

Any more Burning Q's? Let's see what you got...

The movie studios' sniveling blurb providers, oops, I mean critics, make a big deal over Kung Fu Panda not being loaded with pop culture references. Isn't the real reason there aren't any refs is to make sure the movie plays well in China, the home of our future overlords?

So I guess I won't be seeing you at the Olympic torch relay in Tibet?

Any word on when the FX series Rescue Me is coming back?

Spring of next year. Writers' strike and all this.

Now that Angelina is going to have more babies, are we going to have to hear how she and Brad actually do the work themselves? We all know the truth: They have an entire staff devoted to doing the work. Which leaves the celebs free to pose for staged parental photo ops.
—J. W.

I love readers who answer their own questions. They're like self-cleaning ovens.

What's the deal with Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson? For being big-time actors, how do they stay off magazines and TV? Or are they always being followed by paparazzi but are just too boring?

Who? Sorry. I fell asleep as soon as you said Hayden Christensen.

Got a question about Hollywood? ASK IT!

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