Tess Rafferty returns with an update on our beloved Cheaters clip.

It’s been four days since I ventured into the clip meeting with only a Cheaters clip and a dream. So far, both clips are still in the show. But it’s early. And there’s a lot more TV to cover. Anything can happen in this crazy business. Maybe I’ll lose one, maybe both. Maybe I’ll never get to see my wife and children’s faces again...

After a clip is given the go-ahead to become a part of the show, we write what is known as a “wrap.” This intro includes a brief setup of the show and context of the clip. For Cheaters this is easy. It is always blank thinks blank is cheating...and blank is. There’s actually a macro in Word that I’ve created just for this situation. It’s like a mad lib about the emotional unraveling of someone’s relationship. The other part of the wrap is the “punch line.” There isn't a Word macro that can help you here. It’s just you, your wits and whatever alcohol is left in your bottom drawer.

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