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The mysteries of Tom Cruise! Really cold feet! And...perfume you can share with your b-f? Sarah Jessica Parker dished on so many things over the weekend—during the action-packed press day for Sex and the City—that we're not sure where to begin.

OK, the stinky stuff.

With two fragrances already on the market, SJP revealed to E! News that another is on the way. "I have a genderless one that I've been working on for about six months," she said, "and wore it a lot when I was shooting the movie."

Genderless? But what if Matthew Broderick uses it all? Anyway, fragrance, as you might imagine, is important to her. More important, she says, than clothes.

"If I walk out without wearing fragrance, it's my version of being completely nude," she said. "Which, as you know, I never am."

Perhaps the screaming audience during the Sex cast's visit with Oprah last week caught a whiff. That very intense show, packed with hand-picked fans, taught Parker a little about Carrie Bradshaw's devotees—and also Cruise.

See, the famous couch-jumping incident totally makes sense—if you've been in that amped-up Oprah spotlight. "Yeah," she said, "because it's the environment that allows for that."

Beyond that, she wants you to know she put a lot into this movie. So you better like it, people.

"I would rather be cold and look good," she told us. "I would rather wear heels and run down the block for 14 hours, and in six months see it on screen and think, 'Yeah, I should have been in heels running down the street after that cab.' You have to be a thoroughbred about it if you care."

All that, and smelling good, too.

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