A rumor initially marred Miley Cyrus' opinion of Liam Hemsworth before they met and soon fell in love.

The two wed just before Christmas in an intimate ceremony at their Tennessee home with friends and family, amid a decade-long relationship. Cyrus, 26, and Hemsworth, 28, met just before filming the romance film The Last Song in 2009.

"So I heard a rumor that he didn't really want the role, and so when he came in to audition for the role, I'm thinking, here's this guy, he's amazingly good-looking, super-confident, and he doesn't realize how blessed he is to be in this room, because I know how blessed I am. This is such a big opportunity for both of us," Cyrus told Seventeen in late 2019. "And I was thinking, 'Ugh, gross,' you know?"

"Then I started talking with him, and he was just the most genuinely precious, sweet person," she continued. "And the second audition comes around, and the chemistry was instant. From the time he walked in that door and we saw each other again, we [both] lit up, and we were excited to get work and learn together."

Miley and Liam confirmed their marriage on Instagram on Wednesday. Nicholas Sparks, who wrote the Last Song novel on which the film is based, took to Twitter to express his best wishes for the happy newlyweds.

Miley Cyrus, Wrecking Ball Meme, The Last Song

"This makes me so happy," he wrote. "Congratulations @MileyCyrus and @LiamHemsworth. #TheLastSong."

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